10 Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader – Number 5 Will Surprise You!

Being a leader, either a Product or Project Manager, head of the department, or a company’s CEO requires specific and strong skills. Not everybody can be a leader. So before you start aspiring to become a person dominating over everyone else in the company, make sure you possess certain qualities. There is nothing worse than a leader who doesn’t know how to lead.

Today TimeCamp present 10 qualities that will make you a great leader. And yes, number five may be surprising. Let’s take a look!

#1 Transparency


A great leader is always transparent. Employees or team won’t put trust in hands of a person who wears a mask and is not clear in communicating the real intentions or priorities when it comes to the team. People don’t like surprises so remember to always tell them everything. What are the real reasons behind this project? Why are we doing this way and not the other? Let your subordinates fully understand your motives.

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#2 Passion


How can you be a great leader without being passionate? You will only lead people in the right direction if they see that your actions are filled with dedication. People won’t feel motivated to work with a leader who does not put an effort into what he does. If there’s something you don’t like doing, for example, managing a project that doesn’t interest you or meet your need, don’t take it no matter what. It’s better to let go but always have that inner spark about your job.

#3 Innovation


A great leader always stays updated with the latest news. Especially, when it comes to technology and managing a team. Implementing innovative equipment and techniques helps to build success and enhance team’s productivity.

#4 Empowerment


People like to surround themselves with inspiring folks who empower them and encourage to take challenging actions. And a great leader knows it and challenges his/her team. (S)he evokes creativity and motivates to go further.

#5 Wonkiness!


Yes! Wonkiness is one of the qualities a great leader should have! But only when it comes to priorities and… numbers. A good leader understands the numbers governing the company’s rules, and vice versa. Being wonky in figures is good because with this quality you’ll know when to change the arrangement of things. This can helps in reaching a larger number of customers.

#6 Stay Positive


A leader should always keep up the team’s spirits. It’s a person who employees look at. A person who is a major push factor in keeping the team motivated and energized. If the leader is not positive, the entire team will feel it and the negativity will fill the office and people won’t be comfortable with such a person.

It’s good to say a joke or two to loosen the atmosphere.


#7 Authenticity


People don’t like fake personalities. Especially in the workplace. Employees like when their leader is authentic. They want to see the real personality, the real face, the real him or her. That makes them feel cozy and safe. When a team is led by someone who hides the true colors, they don’t feel certain and don’t trust the leader.

#8 Generosity


Offering the finest of yourself is the best thing you can do. Not only for yourself but also for your employees. Your team will feel appreciated and will know that they can always have someone to talk to and you will strengthen the bond between you and them.  We grow when we help other people and they grow with us.

#9 Persistence


A great leader never gives up. Sometimes things and projects take time but, eventually, they’ll work out. And some tasks may require you to go in the direction which other people wouldn’t go. And mistakes happen, it’s important to stay determined and don’t back down but keep doing the good work. As Napoleon Bonaparte said:

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.”

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It’s one of the most important qualities of a good leader. There are two aspects of communication which have to be considered:

  • communication in everyday conversations: every leader should be able to talk to the employees as a team but also as individuals who have various characters. People are different and assuming that everyone speaks the same language and likes talking about the same things is wrong and may only bring confusion.
  • communicating ideas and objectives: this kind of communication is crucial to every project. Wrongly communicated ideas concerning the project may result in misunderstanding its main assumptions and lead to its failure.

Remember to always communicate in a clear way and make sure people understand you.

To Sum Up

If you combine these 10 qualities, you will definitely become a great leader. Remember that it is all about how you treat your employees and how much you value their work in the company.

10 Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader – Number 5 Will Surprise You!

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