10 TOP Time Recording Software for Architects


Time Recording Software for Architects

What would our world look like without architects? Thanks to them and their work the surrounding world looks different, better. Their work is of enormous importance, yet it tends to be forgotten. The job itself plays a tremendous role in our daily lives. We don’t give much of a thought when passing neighboring buildings, skyscrapers, or bridges. But they would not exist if it wasn’t for architects. And they also need a time registration app to work efficiently.

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Software developers, project managers, or even regular employees use a variety of tools which improve their performance. Architects are in the group of people whose work, and endeavors very often go by without a little celebration.

Architects make our world better, but to do that, they also need special tools. Particularly when it comes to such aspects of their work as making individual adjustments for clients, designing new constructions, or monitoring the building process. All of that is exhausting an requires using lots of resources, information, and data. To manage all that as an architect, you may want to find using special software helpful.

Today, we present top 10 time recording software for architects. If you’re an architect, keep reading to find out the best software for you. In the following list, we included all the important areas of architect’s work.

#1 TimeCamp

TimeCamp is time tracking software for constructions which will work exceptionally well for both individuals and organizations, no matter the size. Because architects’ work is difficult and comprises of many long and complicates stages, it is extremely important to keep track of all activities.

Here’s how TimeCamp can help:

  • TimeCamp is a time recording software which does not only track your time. It tracks all your activities, no matter what they are – designing a new building, gathering information necessary for reports or delegating tasks to co-workers.
  • Since as an architect you may work on multiple projects, the tool has a feature of creating projects and then separating them into smaller tasks or creating individual tasks not depending on any project.
  • Invoicing feature makes it possible to create invoices based on reports and send them to your clients right away.
  • TimeCamp gathers all data in one place and gives you detailed reports on your work, your project’s stages, budget, and other numbers which you may find necessary in your work.
  • The software also works as a project management tool to enhance the communication and co-operation between you, the clients, and other engineers engaged in the project.
  • An extensive list of integrations helps you to operate between different apps and software to smoothen your work.
  • Mobile app allows tracking time even when you are on the construction site or in the field without the internet access. The app will automatically synchronize all the information after you regain the connection.
  • GPS tracking

To conclude, TimeCamp is a great time recording software for architects who are too busy to collect all the reports and manage projects manually. The tool tremendously advances and automizes work. Also, you can easily report back on project’s progress to the client thanks to extensive database information.

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Improve your architectural result and become the best in your business with TimeCamp! Register for free today and take your projects to another level!

#2 ClickTime

ClikcTime, in its offer, is aimed at architectures to enhance their work. And that’s something not many companies creating time recording software takes into consideration. ClickTime, on the other hand, was created to help architects in their work by managing their project based on time tracking. The software tracks time of all activities, projects, and tasks so that you can forecast more accurately and create your designs withing correct timeline to always be on time. You receive comprehensive reports on all activities. You can then adjust all numbers and resources to predicted schedule, according to your preferences. Reports and timesheets allow you to analyze every detail of your project so that you don’t have to guess.

Moreover, you can assign clients to your projects to never get lost among them all and keep a hand on each of your design. The tool is there to help you hire the right people and monitor their work. That can be particularly useful if you own a larger organization and work with various people from the field of architecture.


See the comparison between ClickTime & TimeCamp

#3 TallyPro 

TallyPro is another time recording software for architects. Its time tracking feature serves as an analyzer of your activities. And with its reports, you get an insight into all your work. The tool gives you control over your workstyle. Either you work on an hourly-basis, milestone, or a fixed fee, TallyPro enables you to adjust features according to your needs so that you can be flexible. Here are its main features:

  • Billable and non-billable categories for projects.
  • You can manage your time most convenient to you: based on project, time recorded, by reports or billing.
  • It’s a web-based platform easily accessible from anywhere.
  • The tool gathers all the data for you, so you don’t have to enter it manually and waste your time on that.
  • You can automatically create invoices.
  • Has all your data encrypted and backed-up.

It is important to mention that TallyPro also allows you to manage all resources and control every aspect of the project as well as analyze staff performance and report back to your clients.

TallyPro website


#4 Chrometa

Chrometa is one of the most popular time tracking software available on the market. It is also aimed at architects who are too busy creating reports manually while working with many contractors and coordinating work on different levels. Chrometa tracks time and creates time sheets which you can convert into billable entries.

This time recording software is also suitable for architects who work with teams and have to keep all members updated on the project and its progress. With the mobile app, you can easily track time spent on work while being on the construction site.

However, Chrometa has a 30-day trial. Then, you have to pay to be able to use the software.



#5 actiTime

ActiTime points out to the importance of being able to bill your clients and employees correctly and to organize all ongoing tasks. All that to help ensure that projects are performed smoothly and precisely.

actiTime does not require much description as the tool is easy-to-use, intuitive, and automatic. You can easily customize the preferences of the project, track all activities, get comprehensible reports, and keep projects on track.

It is a perfect time recording software for architects who are beginners in the world of time tracking software.


#6 Bill4Time

This tool was built with the aim to reduce the efforts of time and cost management for architects. It is recommended to use the software if you are struggling with calculating time spent on particular tasks and projects, at the same time taking into consideration the budget you have to allocate to each project. With Bill4Time you can accurately measure and assign time and money that is needed for finishing a certain design or building.

Of course, as any other time recording software for architects, this tool tracks your work hours and creates reports based on your activities. Bill4Time is easy and intuitive in use.



#7 Core

Core time recording software for architects is relatively simple. Architects have to deal with daily problems of their job such as participating in developing the requirements the client wants, coordinating a team, designing, and administrating the contract with all its aspects. Core comes with aid and enhances architect’s time and team management.

With Core, you can reduce the stress related to accounting, team and project management but also tracking time spent on projects. This helps in creating reports for your clients to let them know about the project’s progress.



#8 BigTime

BigTime is one of the most popular tools for invoicing and time tracking. And it also works great for architects. Since finances are an inseparable part of an architect’s work, this tool makes it possible to have them all under control.

With Big Time you can track time of every project and its phase. You can see the percentage completed, hours spent, and budget used. Everything is updated in the real-time. Thus, you can follow the current status of the project. You can also review the staff and their progress, which is particularly useful when coordinating a larger team.


See the comparison between BigTime & TimeCamp


#9 Basecamp

Basecamp is a great work enhancement tool. It works a little bit different than a typical time recording software, but it may work out as an excellent tool for architects. Especially for those whose job includes working with people and managing and allocating resources.

With Basecamp you can easily track every single project and its progress while actively engaging people in the process. Here’s how Basecamp works:

  • It replaces e-mail, Slack, or any other group chat. The chat is already in the tool. That incredibly enhances communication in your team.
  • You can create to-do lists and assign people to them, add files or notes.
  • Every project has its deadline. You can schedule the tasks and projects to know how much time they are all going to take. This helps to keep track of hours spent on work.
  • The checklist is there to monitor team’s progress so that you can see if everything is on track.
  • Reports allow you to see which part of your work has been accomplished, what is due and what is left to be done.


#10 Knowify

This time recording software for architects serves to organize your work and make payments effortless. The tool works somewhat like a project management software and keeps track of all your projects. You can easily track how much time, money, and other resources are being spent on ongoing tasks. You can either use it on a computer or on your mobile device. Moreover, it integrates with Quickbooks which makes it a great accounting software for architects with lots of expenses.

The software is user-friendly and does not require any specialized knowledge of how to use it. All you have to do is register and start using it to get most out of your work as an architect.


10 TOP Time Recording Software for Architects

2 thoughts on “10 TOP Time Recording Software for Architects

  1. I recently found a business and project management app designed for architects and engineers. The app is called Synergy and they’re based here in Australia but manage billing and invoicing for multiple currencies. It’s worth a look and I’d say definitely worth a mention in your top 10. totalsynergy.com

    1. I recently found a business and project management app designed for architects and engineers. The app is called Synergy and they’re based here in Australia but manage billing and invoicing for multiple currencies. It’s worth a look and I’d say definitely worth a mention in your top 10.

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