100 Best Tools for Marketing Industry


What Are The Best 100 Tools for Marketing Industry?

Today, marketing industry offers a wide range of tools essential to work of every marketer. It’s quite difficult to choose the finest from such an abundant offer. To make it easier, today we’re introducing 100 best tools for the marketing industry, taking into account different categories and areas of use.


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Project Management and Team Communication

1. Trello

trello app board

Trello is a software which allows you to set the tasks for you and your entire team. You can share them with your friends or keep them for yourself. Trello has a friendly interface and is easy to use.

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You can also effectively measure time spent on tasks allocated to Trello cards with the TimeCamp + Trello Power-Up to increase your productivity.

2. Asana

time tracking software

Asana is one of the most popular platforms for communication in project management. Thanks to Asana you can track projects from start to finish, cooperate with your co-workers, and share files and other important information.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Asana

3. Slack


This application helps to stay in touch with your team, as it sends notifications about new messages to your e-mail or mobile phone. You can take it wherever you are and never miss a thing. Easy to use and accessible, Slack supports most platforms.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Slack

4. Podio


If you want to improve your team’s communication, Podio is a good tool. It allows to always stay connected to your work. You can also store and share files, personalize dashboards, and manage tasks.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Podio

5. Todoist


Thanks to Todoist you can create task lists and have control over every action. It’s easy in use with friendly interface and supports most platforms.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Todoist

6. Evernote


With Evernote, you have control over everything you do. All your tasks and projects stay in one place and you always have access to them.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Evernote

7. Harvest


Thanks to Harvest you don’t have to worry about managing your time. Harvest will do it for you while you’re working. On Harvest’s dashboard, you can see how much time you spend on a certain task.

8. HipChat

HipChat is a chat good for conversations between you and your employees. Especially if you work remotely. You can create groups or private chats and also share files.

9. Wunderlist

time tracking software

Wunderlist is a place where you can not only manage your team but also create tasks and assign them to a specific person or group. It has many useful features, such as setting reminders, adding notes or hashtags.


Time Management

10. TimeCamp

tools for your ad agency

TimeCamp is a great software for tracking hours you spend on work. You can see how much of your working time is productive, and which activities lower your efficiency. Thanks to TimeCamp you can stay motivated and exclude those activities which make you inefficient.

Looking for the best price time tracking? Check out TimeCamp!

You can check TimeCamp integrations for other software here!



Toggl is an accessible online timer with a timesheet and calculator. It monitors your tasks and projects. Toggl is easy in use and integrates your work with a cloud on the server.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Toggl

12. Remember The Milk


If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use app, Remember The Milk is great. You can create your list of things to do and manage every task in one place.

13. Rescue Time


Similarly to TimeCamp, this software allows you to watch your working time. You can see how much of your time is productive and unproductive. Rescue Time helps to manage your tasks and become more efficient.

14. Timesheets

timesheets screen


Timesheets provides the list of all your timesheets and actions you do when you work. It tracks your time and shows results of your work.

15. My Minutes

time tracking software

With this app you can easily set goals for tasks. It has a personal time tracker which shows how much time you spend on your projects.


Email Marketing

16. Sendinblue


Sendinblue helps to optimize the audience of your company. Thanks to this app you can grow and enhance your business and reach out to more potential customers.

17. GetResponse


An online marketing platform which helps to obtain new clients through effective marketing strategies. It has many useful integrations and is easy to use.

18. Active Campaign

time tracking software

This software is useful in gaining new clients. It uses marketing in addressing the audience based on their preferences. Use it if you need to reach to a particular group of people and be more direct in your actions.

19. FreshMail



FreshMail is great in optimizing your mass email communication. It will help you save a lot of time and increase the effectiveness of your work. Thanks to FreshMail you can target the audience and personalize content.

20. MailChimp

time tracking software

MailChimp has all the most important features for automating your marketing. It is useful in creating a good strategy and gaining new contacts.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

21. Google Keyword Planner


Most popular and easy in use, Google Keyword Planner helps to work with keywords and optimize the search of your website on the Internet.

22. SEMRush


SEMRush is an analysis tool allowing you to see the highest volume keywords. It also shows how your site ranks compared to competitors.

23. Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool is a free software thanks to which you can get google keyword suggestions. It helps to learn what potential customers are searching for on Google and to create content on your website dedicated to these topics.

24. Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is a spider, a software which checks websites for useful keywords and SEO information and analyzes websites’ SEO for you.

25. Yoast


yoast screen

Yoast takes care of your tags when you’re publishing on WordPress. The website also offers a wide range of information on SEO and many practical courses.

26. UberSuggest


Uber Suggest searches Google for keywords for you. You can get more ideas and optimize your marketing.


marketing industry

Seomator crawls the entire content of a website and provides comprehensive analytics and How-to-fix tips regarding SEO elements such as Content Quality, internal links, and backlinks, as well as many others.


Monitoring Keywords

27. Alexa


Alexa is a software created by Amazon. It helps to find tools necessary to make your SEO better and gives you new ideas for a bigger traffic. Alexa is especially useful when working with Amazon.

28. Google Search Console

time tracking software

This tool allows you to download all data and diagnostic tools needed for creating and maintaining your website. It also supports mobile apps adjusted for Google.

29. AccuRanker

time tracking software

AccuRanker tracks Google and Bing results. Your history of rankings is always available for you and you have access to analytics data per keyword.

30. SEO Monitor

time tracking software

If you need a variety of features while monitoring SEO, this software is perfect! With this keyword research and management tool, your marketing will become much better.

31. Agency Analytics


Agency Analytics also offers a wide range of functions in monitoring keywords. Here you can personalize dashboard and have everything under control in one place.

32. WordTail

With its many features, WordTail is a good tool for taking a good care of your website’s SEO.

33. Rank Watch


This is another useful tool for managing keywords. It not only has all the main features but also tracks hidden keywords, this is a that secretly boosts your marketing.

34. Sistrix

time tracking software

Sistrix is a great solution if you don’t want to spend hours on other websites’ SEO information. This software does it for you! And you can also learn about your competitors’ position in the ranking.

35. AMZ Tracker

AMZ tracker screen

If your business is aimed at Amazon, AMZ Tracker will be the right software. It effectively increases your marketing on Amazon and optimises keywords for that platform.

Writing and Content Creation

36. WordPress


Today WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating web content. WordPress servers are known to be fast and reliable all around the globe. It is easy in use, free, and has all the features you need to publish your own blog.

37. Google Docs

time tracking software

Google Docs is the best solution for keeping all your documents in one place. With its large storage space and easy access, you can always take a look at your files.

38. Grammarly


time tracking software

Everybody makes mistakes. After all, we’re only humans. Grammarly will help you avoid errors while you write.

39. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

time tracking software

Check out what your readers and clients feel when they read your articles! With this tool, you can improve your writing and aim at a wider audience taking into consideration their emotional state.

40. Portent Idea Generator for Writer’s Block

portent screen

We all get into writer’s block sometimes and it’s hard to get out. Portent Idea Generator for Writer’s Block comes in handy in bad moments and inspires with new ideas.


Social Media

41. Twitter
time tracking software

Twitter is great for sharing fast information. Reposting content of other members allows your word to get to many people and boost your marketing results.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Twitter

42. Studio for Instagram

studio for instagram screen

With its popularity, Instagram reaches to a wide audience and potential clients. And to appeal to them even more, it is good to use this app to edit your photos and make them look stunning.

43. Discover.ly

discoverly screen

Discover.ly is a browser extension for Chrome. Thaks to it you can see what is shared on the social media websites.

44. Nuzzel
nuzzel screen

Thanks to Nuzzel you can now collect all links from Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, it ranks them based on a number of views and shares.

45. Buffer

buffer screen

Buffer works great for bigger companies, as well as for individuals. It supports all major social media platforms.  Through Buffer, you can share anything you want with anyone you want.

Web Analytics

46. Dasheroo

dasheroo screen

Dasheroo provides visualizations and reports giving the insight that is needed to run the business. On Dasheroo you can share your dashboard, collaborate with your team and get alerts when the metrics change.

47. Google Analytics

time tracking software

Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website’s statistics. It provides an insight into who, when, and how often visits your page.

time tracking software 48. Cyfe

time tracking software

Thanks to Cyfe, you can easily monitor all aspects of your business, beginning from social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support to infrastructure.

49. Geckoboard

time tracking software

Similar to Cyfe, Geckoboard monitors statistics of your website. It has a friendly and easily accessible interface and a clear structure.

50. Netvibes

time tracking software

Thanks to Netvibes you can keep all information about your business in one place and see it on one dashboard.  It allows you to track clients, customers, and competitors across media sources. All that in one place.

51. Mixpanel

Mixpanel helps to understand how users engage with what you create. Thanks to Mixpanel you will create a better bond with clients and understand their needs.


Stock Photos and Image Creation

52. Canva

canva screen

Canva is a great software for creating image projects such as presentation or graphics for your blog. It has many options to choose from. Thanks to that you can design anything you need.

53. Meme Generator

time tracking software

Readers like catchy articles with a little bit of humor. You can add that to your blog by using Meme Generator. Creating a funny meme is not difficult and it takes only a few minutes.

54. Shutterstock

shutterstock screen

Shutterstock is the most popular source of images and photos.  Shutterstock offers thousand of photos from different categories so there’s a lot to choose from.

55. Adobe Stock Photo

adobe stock screen

Adobe Stock Photos is a source of high quality, good photos. However, you will need to pay for that pleasure.

56. Pexels

pexels screen

Pexels is a website with free photos. You can choose whatever category you need.

57. BeFunky

befunky screen

If you need your photo or graphic edited quickly, BeFunky is the perfect app to do it. It’s good not only for professionals but also for amateurs.

58. Tableau
tableau screen

Tableau is a great software for creating visual statistics and data on your business’ ranking. It’s easy to do and takes just one click.

59. PicMonkey
picmonkey screen

PicMonkey allows you to edit photos the way you want. It offers various visual effects and is easy to use.


60. AdEspresso

ad espresso screen

AdEspresso analyzes Facebook ads so you don’t have to waste your time on that. It creates metrics and shows the data in a clear way.

61. FastTony

time tracking software

FastTony monitors Facebook content and makes your ads more effective. It’s all automatic so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time. Additionally, FastTony has many integrations.

62. Sizmek
time tracking software

Sizmek is a platform that optimizes your marketing. It makes your ads more creative and inspiring and by that, you can gain more clients who, in effect, become more interested in your business

63. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Facebook Ads is the best tool for managing your ads directly on Facebook. You can create your own advertisements aiming at a specific group of people.

64. Needles

needles screen

Needles is a case management software. It helps to communicate and keep contacts in one place, at the same time taking care of your marketing campaigns.


Calendars and Appointments

65. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an easy and friendly solution for setting up the dates of projects and tasks. You can either use it individually or with your team. All dates are under control in just one place.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Google Calendar

66. Google Task

This application is very similar to Google Calendar. Thanks to it you can manage all your projects in one place, assign them to a specific date or people.

67. MeisterTask

Thanks to this task manager you have an easy access to all your projects. Meistertask allows you to set up a deadline and all necessary information on your projects.

68. Doodle

doodle screen

Doodle is really easy in use. A simple interface makes it possible to create events in just a few seconds. And you can keep them to yourself or share with your team.

69. Calendlycalendly screen

Calendly is another easy in use app for scheduling your projects. It’s integrated with many other apps and allows you to customize it according to your needs.


Conversion Tracking

70. Clicky
time tracking software

Clicky allows you to monitor, analyze, and react to your blog or site’s traffic. It shows you all the basic information about your site, and even more.

71. HotJar

hotjar screen

HotJar is another solution for monitoring sites’ traffic. It helps to understand users and their needs. HotJar analyzes the traffic and based on this analysis gives you feedback.

 72. Clickmeter

time tracking software

This software traces all the links, clicks and shows detailed results. Clickmeter optimizes links and increases the conversion  rate.

File Clouds

73. Dropbox


Dropbox is a great app for sharing files with other people or keeping them only for yourself. It’s a cloud which you can access from every place as it’s available also on a mobile version.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Dropbox

74. Google Drive

google drive screen

Google Drive is one of the most popular clouds for sharing files. It has many useful options such as placing documents in different categories and folders. You can store there photos, documents, audio files and basically every type of file.

75. Sync

sync screen

On Sync you can store and share files. You can keep them in a private folder or share with your team. Sync supports most platforms and is available on mobile.

76. One Drive

one drive screen

Similarly to Google Drie, One Drive allows you to store files and keep them separate in different categories.  Created by Microsoft, One Drive is a great solution for users of this software.


77. Pocket

pocket app

You saw an interesting content but don’t have time to read it? Save it for later with Pocket. You can do it with just one click wherever you are and the link will appear on your Pocket list.

78. Coach.me


Coach.me helps you to build a habit you’ve been trying to achieve a long time ago or a task which is difficult to carry out. You can take it with you wherever you go and it will send you messages that will help you in personal growth.

79. Feedly

time tracking software

With Feedly, you will no longer be distracted. It places all important links, tasks, and apps in one place. Forget about procrastination and check out how Feedly helps you boost productivity!

Freelancers & consultants

80. Freelancer

remote location jobs

Freelancer is one of the most popular sites for people who want to find a job. You can find there experts on various subjects and the choice is really big.

81. UpWork

remote location jobs

UpWork works similar to Freelancer. It contains offers and bids of freelancers from all over the world. And categories of work are endless.

82. People Per Hour

remote location jobs

People Per Hour is another platform for freelancers who seek opportunities to be hired. You can either offer your work or look for people to work for you. The choice is yours!

83. LinkedIn

time tracking software

If you need to find new contacts or people working in a certain area, LinkedIn serves as a great linking tool. It provides many job opportunities and potential employees.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

84. FreshDesk

freshdesk screen

FreshDesk helps you stay connected with your team on a more professional level. As a result, you’re able to deliver to your customera the best product – a result of collaborative work.

85. Bitrix24

bitrix24 screen

Bitrix24 is a free collaborative platform. It boosts the employees’ productivity. It is a place for tasks and projects, e-mails, documents, and many other.

 86. Sellsy

time tracking software

Sellsy helps to gain new clients and manage your projects. It is useful in collaboration with your team and customers and also has integrations for many other tools.

 87. Insightly


Another tool for managing customer relationship is Insightly. It’s useful in accelerating sales, building relationships with clients, and delivering projects on time.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Insightly

88. Zoho


Zoho has all advanced features needed in CRM. With its clear interface and many options to choose from, Zoho makes it easier to run your business and maintain a professional relationship with customers.


 89. Base CRM

time tracking software

Thanks to Base CRM you will empower your team and make your business much more productive. It comprises of various tools needed for maintaining a stable relationship with customers.

Conversion Optimization

90. Crazy Egg

time tracking software

Thanks to CrazyEgg you can see what visitors of your website do while they’re here. Do you ever wonder what makes them leave or what are they interested in? If yes, check this software out and you will learn all the secrets.

91. Unbounce

time tracking software

Unbounce makes it easier to create a landing page.  You build it, convert, integrate, and optimize. It’s never been easier!

92. Optimizely

time tracking software

Optimizely is friendly in use software. It lets you experiment to create the perfect outcome and is clear and easy in use.

time tracking software

Monitoring and URL shorteners

93. Bit.Ly

time tracking software

Bit.ly makes the link shorter for you. You don’t have to wonder anymore on how to make it better. This app will do it for you.

94. Google URL Shortener

time tracking software

Google URL shortener makes links simpler. It also helps to understand your audience and track where they come from.

95. Ow.Ly

time tracking software

Ow.ly is a simple way to shorten your link in just a few seconds. And it takes only one click.

96. Snip.Ly

time tracking software

Snip.Ly is more than just URL shortener. It has many more features that come with the price such as customizing your snip or gathering data on it.

Social Media Management

97. Brand24


This software allows you to reach your customers in a fast way. You can monitor the web and get notified every single time you’re mentioned in social media.

98. Hootsuite

time tracking software

Managing several social media services at once may not be easy. Hootsuite can be of much help. Now you can manage all your accounts from one dashboard with one click.

99. SocialFlow

time tracking software

Choose SocialFlow if you want have an eye on your social media ratings. It helps in social media strategy and, as the name suggests, flow the information about your business in the Internet.

100. Social Oomph

time tracking software

Scheduling new entries, messaging and managing the content of social media is much easier with Socialoomph. You can put things in order and never worry about any delays.

Wrapping it up

Now that you know 100 best tools for the marketing industry, you can choose the most suitable for you.  It’s hard in the beginning but once you specify your goal and mission of your business, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.


100 Best Tools for Marketing Industry

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