1… 2… 3… Wow! 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management

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If you are looking for most brillant and inspiring ideas about project management, to whom will you go? Obviously, to the Gurus, people for whom PM is much more than just a work. They love it, they learn it and they improve it all the time. We give you a list of 100 people who really have some say in this topic.

1. Brad Egeland


Business Solution Designer. Brad currently works as an independent consultant. He runs bradegeland.com.

2. Thomas Kennedy

time tracking software

PMP certified project manager and a lifelong learner. Thomas runs thepmcoach.blogspot.com where helps project managers grow.

3. Louise Hardy


Louise specialises in complex infrastructure projects. She works for CLM that is working with the Olympic Delivery Authority on the insfrastructure for Olympics.

4. Bill Mabry


Expert in Project and Program Management. Founder of High-End PM. Bill works at Salesforce.

5. Andy Jordan


President of Roffensian Consulting . Author of “Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations”.

6. Ivo Michalick Vasconcelos


Coach, consultant and trainer. Ivo runs ivomichalick.blogspot.com.

7. Laura Fraser


Project Management Professional. Passionate about project management, business solutions, finance and investing. Experienced in project business operations in media, advertising and financial services industries.

8. Robert Sutton


Managment Science and Engineering And Professor. Co-founder of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design and Center for Work, Technology and Organization. Robert runs bobsutton.typepad.com.

9. Steve McConnell


Founder of Construx. Author of many books on software development and task estimation. Steve is an authority in the field of software engineering and the impact of latest methodologies for work of development teams.

10. Ryan Endres


Operations Manager with a passion for process improvement. Writer and presenter on a variety of project management topics. Ryan is also an active member of Madison’s Next Generation of Leaders.

11. Sherri Smith


Project manager, Coach and Consultant at CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. Sherri specializes in MS Office tools, verbal and written communication, organization and administration.

12. Lynda Bourne


CEO and founder of Stakeholder Management. Trainer, Consultant and author of “Advising Upwards: A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders”.

13. Carol Bell


Carol is the Senior Project Manager at Robinson Low Francis – consultancy about property and construction. She specialises in risk and value management.

14. Bas de Baar


Bas runs a Project Shrink blog where he tries to figure out how Project Managers deal with deadlines, remote workers, virtual communication and limited authority in their daily work.

15. Terri Bauman


Entrepreneur and business owner. Terri specializes in social media and internet marketing.

16. Michael Kaplan


Program Leader with a strong track record in leading large-scale programs and projects to drive organizational productivity and performance across diverse industries. Michael helps organizations apply project management to improve efficiency and business performance.

17. Carlos J. Pampliega


Architect and Project Manager Professional. Carlos runs salineropampliega.com.

18. Lindsay Scott


Lindsay is the director of Project Management Recruitment business – Arras People and co-editor of “Handbook of People in Project Management”.

19. Pawel Brodzinski


Pawel runs the Software Project Management blog. He writes about the principals of running a successful team, effectiveness of project managers, and tips for software teams to create better products.

20. Falk Schmidt


Project Manager & PM Coach. Leader in business innovations, directing business events and change management.

21. Susanne Madsen


Susanne is the Project Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She is also an author of two must-reads: “The Project Management Coaching Workbook” and “The Power of Project Leadership”.

22. Bart Vermijlen


Bart is an Executive Digital Producer at Duval Guillaume. Author of The Agile Agency: “How Lean and Agile Will Transform Your Creative Agency”.

23. Johanna Rothman


Founder of Rothman Consulting Group. Johanna runs two popular blogs: Managing Product Development and the Hiring Technical People. As an authority in the field of agile methodology, Johanna supports teams in realizing their agile ambitions.

24. Hala Saleh


Hala is an experienced enterprise-level project and program manager. She’s focused on creating effective and satisfied teams. She helps various organizations achieve real, palpable results.

25. Elizabeth Harrin


Elizabeth is a Busieness Writer, an author of “Social Media for Project Managers” and “Customer-Centric Project Management”.

26. Anne Gabrillagues


Agile Coach and organizer of the ScrumDay event in France.

27. Daniel Echeverria


Specialist in Strategic Management and Project Management.

28. Jon Terry


Strategic thinker with a great knowledge of business tools, technologies and scenarios. As he describes himself: “Dynamic IT Executive with proven success in conceptualizing, developing and implementing outstanding information technology solutions through traditional and Lean/Agile project management”.

29. Bert Heymans


Bert runs a journeymanpm.com, where he shares his experience of saving time, building a successful PM track record and making better choices.

30. Rick Kathuria


National Director, Project Management Office and Legal Logistics at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.

31. Joelle A Godfrey


Joelle is the Project Management Professional and PMBOK geek.

32. Muzzamil Hussain


A Software Engineer and Project Manager. Muzzamil is a specialist in providing leading edge IT solutions to companies worldwide. Author of “Mastering JavaScript Promises”.

33. Martin Webster


Martin is devoted to finding an effective solutions for complex projects. He’s an author of many articles about Project Management, Business and Leadership.

34. Ron Rosenhead


Project management consultant & speaker. Co-author of the book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship – Practical project management!”.

35. Derek Huether


PMO Advisor, Start-up Founder and Project Manager. He writes about project management on thecriticalpart.info.

36. Donnie MacNicol


Project Development and Programme Leadership Specialist. Donnie is passionate about personal development, change , strategy and training services.

37. Deanne Earle


Executive level Project Delivery Specialist. Deanne has a great experience in managing business technology projects and services globally within a variety of sectors.

38. Mario Henrique Trentim


Project Management guru, author and professor.

39. Helen Rittersporn


Holder of PMI’s Project Management Professional certification. “Helen uses her Project Management skills to manage blogging daily – having posted over 200 blog posts since launching her site at the end of February 2015. Her focus is on balancing new technology communication with old-style corresponding encouraging letter writing, and includes personal organization, scrapbooking, and other life interests and observations.”

40. Lew Sauder


Author of “Consulting 101”, “Project Management 101”, and co-author of “The Reluctant Mentor”. He has over twenty years of experience in top consulting firms.

41. Alex Wied


International Program Manager and Technology Architect. Alex is specialist in implementing business applications and IT architectures.

42. Ricardo Viana Vargas


Director, Project Management Practice at UNOPS. Author of fourteen books about project management. Holder of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award.

43. Peter Taylor


Speaker and author writing about project management. Author of ‘Productive Laziness’ – ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager’.

44. Cornelius Fichtner


He is passionate about Agile, Project Management methodologies and PMOs. President of OSP International LLC, a PMI Registered Education Provider. Cornelius provides training for Project Managers who are on the go.

45. Dawn Reid


Project Management Professional. Bridging the worlds of project management and social media.

46. Jose Barato


Training, tools and consulting on project management. CEO at PMPeople. Author of the blog “The Habits of an Effective Project Manager” and the book “El Director de Proyectos a Examen”. Regarding projects, he believes in practice: “In project management knowing and not doing is not knowing”.

47. Tony Adams


Tony is passionate about Social Project Leadership. Consultant, Speaker, Mentor and Writer.

48. Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina


Taralyn specializes in the most important parts of business: people, projects, culture and capital.

49. Henrik Mårtensson


Business Strategy Expert and Project Manager. Passionate about agile and strategic navigation.

50. Jim Highsmith


Executive consultant with ThoughtWorks, Inc. Product and Project Manager, Software Developer, Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Blogger.

51. Erika Flora


Erica is experienced in Process Improvement, Technology Implementation, and Training. She is a skilled writer and presenter. Author of “Demystifying Agile, Scrum, and IT Service Management” and “(More Than) 101 Ways to Add Value to Your PMI Chapter – A Guidebook for Volunteer Leaders”.

52. Vincent Birlouez


Project and Programme Manager. With the great knowledge about software development and industry combined with leadership skills, Vincent helps companies deliver consumer the best products and services.

53.Victor Alonso Lion


Senior Manager, Specialist in Marketing, Project Management Business Development, Team Management, Risk Management and many many more. Victor helps companies of all sizes and kinds improve their performance.

54. Rick A. Morris


Project Manager, Speaker and Author. Member of Project Management Institute. Rick wrote two inspiring books about project management: “The Everything Project Management Book”, and “Project Management That Works!”.

55. Mike Clayton


Guru of Project and Change Management. Speaker, Trainer, Writer, Coach and Mentor. Author of “How to Manage a Great Project”, “The Yes/No Book”, “How to Speak so people Listen”, “The Influence Agenda” and “Powerhouse”.

56. Dino Butorac


Business Leader and Project Management Professional. Dino helps firms and organizations improve their agile and lean projects. Author of “Mentoring for Successful OPM Implementation”.

57. Americo Pinto


Project Management Expert, Researcher, Speaker and Writer. Director of Global Research at Noorden Group. Author of “Benchmarking in Project Management” and “Brazilian Projects: Real Cases of Management”.

58. Sumudu Siriwardana


Associate Business Solutions Engineer at Informatics International Limited. Enthusiast of Project Management and Business Analysis. Sumudu is experienced in analyzing the requirements for business processes and information systems.

59. Nicola Caswell-Thorp


Project Management CV & Careers Specialist. Owner of PPM professional CV writing service The CV Righter.

60. Rajeev Ahooja


Professor, Project Manager and founder of Vyzible Solutions. An expert in the field of Project Management, Budgeting, Desing, Change Control, Implementation and many others. Holder of PMP Certification in Systems & Management and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

61. Michael Greer


Michael is interested in Development and New Technology. Author of Project Management books and two blogs: Simplifying Project Management for Newbies and PM Veterans.

62. Sue Kershaw


Sue Kershaw is Director of Project Management for the Grosvenor property group. She was made an Honorary Fellow of the Association for Project Management in October 2011.

63. Dame Sue Ion


Dame Sue Ion is a non-Executive Director of the Laboratory of the UK Health and Safety Executive. Sue is responsible for entire technology portfolio. She is experienced in project sponsorship in nuclear research and development projects.

64. Rebecca Winston


Rebecca is an active member of Project Management Institute and founding member of Government Specific Interest Groups. She has been working in project environment (mainly in the public sector) for 28 years.

65. Ricardo Triana


Adviser and Trainer of Advanced Project Management. For more than two decades Ricardo has been supporting private and government organizations in US with his great knowledge and experience in Project Managament.

66. Margaret Meloni


Founder of Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. Mentor in the field of Conflict resolution strategies, emotional intelligence and effective communication. She strives to create project managers who have the abilty to efficiently navigate the human side of the project world.

67. Yogesh Kumar


The Engineering Director of Oracle. Agile enthusiast. Team developer, agile coach and program/portfolio manager. Yogesh shares his knowledge on agilehelpline.com.

68. Jill Hart


Certified Project Manager, Educator and Customer Experience Pro. Jill supports people, projects and businesses to succeed.

69. Ralf Finchett


Executive Director of PMO and Program Delivery. With an outstanding experience in Leadership and Project Management, Ralf helps organisations improve performance of projects.

70. Jan Van den Nieuwenhof


Business Unit Manager at TenForce. His speciality? Using his own words: “Getting things done in companies, teams and projects”.

71. Jeff Franz-Lien


Enterprise Architect at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation. Project manager, Agile Specialsit, Writer and Speaker.

72. Alexandre Paiva


Project Manager, member of Project Management Institute. Alexandre runs gerentedeprojeto.net.br blog.

73. Andrew Lindsay


Program Manager, Business Process Analyst. Leader and problem solver. Andrew supports energy companies by delivering systems solutions and innovative business process.

74. Regula Brunies


Regula has been a very active member of Project Management Institute.She is a founding member of the PMI Montreal Chapter5.

75. John Gough


John works for Wise Social Media. Web Entrepreneur and Projects Manager. He spicializes in The Project Management of Change.

76. James M Shaffer


Project Management Professional, Blogger, Learner. James has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and certificate in project management from Colorado Christian University. He runs www.jamesmshaffer.com.

77. José Luis Fernández


José specializes in Consultancy, Project Management and Software Development. Owner of www.jlfr-prince2.blogspot.com.

78. Samad Aidane


Project Management Consultant & Coach. Researcher, Consultant and Trainer. Samad’s mission is to transform thinking of leaders and teams to improve their performance.

79. Kai Gilb


Independent Management Consulting Professional. Teacher, Coach, Speaker and author of “Evo – Evolutionary Project Management & Product Development”. Kai teaches people to see things from new perspective.

80. Shoaib Ahmed


Professional Services Practice Manager at Eagle Technology Group in Wellington. Member of Project Management Institute. Shoaib runs blog: prince2msp.com

81. Carlos Freitas


Project Manager and Consultant. Carlos Augusto is one of the first in Latin America who received a Certified Associate in Project Management. Author of the first book in Portuguese for CAPM certification.

82. José R. Bolognani


Project Manager, Teacher, co-founder of SCRUM Minas and founder of Agile Tour BH. Interested in risk management.

83. Susan de Sousa


Project Management Expert, Author & Speaker. Founder of My-Project-Management-Expert.com.

84. Michael Krigsman


Strategy Advisor, Enterprise Advocate, Industry Commentator and a frequent conference speaker. Michael is the author of the IT Project Failures blog where he analyzes why IT projects fall and how to prevent it.

85. Kiron Bondale


Active member of the Project Management Institute. Experienced in managing change management projects. Author of many Project and Project Portfolio Management articles. He runs kbondale.wordpress.com.

86. Scott Berkun


Scott has worked for nine years as a program manager at Microsoft. He’s an author of many inspiring books (if you haven’t read “Making Things Happen”, I suggest you to catch up!).

87. Pablo Lledó


Entrepreneur, Trainer and Consultant. Owner of www.pablolledo.com.

88. Jon Whitty


A University academic. Jon takes a natural philosophy approach to organisational studies in general and project management in particular.

89. Marc Ouellette


Project manager, Consultant and Trainer. Specialized in Project Management Consulting, KPI & IT Process Improvement.

90. Dina Garfinkel


Project Manager at Oracle. Dina runs thecriticalchain.blogspot.com.

91. Lisa Sieverts


Experienced Project Manager at Facilitated Change. Her goal is to make sure that the goals of the project are realistic and achievable.

92. Esther Abrey


Product Development Manager, Association for Project Management, Lead Language Quality Manager, Accreditation Co-ordinator.

93. Rick Freedman


Founder and consultant at Consulting Strategies. Regular contributor of TechRepublic and CIO Update. Rick has written a several books about best practices in IT consulting.

94. Amy Oguntala


Amy specializes in productivity growth, project management, relationship management and team development.

95. Jen Mincar


IT/Web Project Manager and Trainer at Mincar Consulting.

96. Manoj Vadakkan


Agile Software Development Consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer. Manoj uses Scrum, Kanban, and Lean to help individuals, teams, and organizations improve their performance.

97. Adrian Quinney


Programme Management Consultant and Cov RUFC supporter. Adrian runs technicheconsulting.com.

98. Murilo Búrigo


Murilo is the Project Management Professional. He runs cicloprojetos.com.

99. Mark Gray


Project Management Trainer and Consultant. Mark strives to improve project management practices globally. He runs sigma-pm.com.

100. David S. Lipien


Director Premier Developer Services at Microsoft. David specializes in: Technology Delivery, Project Management, Critical Thinking and Leadership.

If you know any other PM guru who should appear on this list, please let us know!

1… 2… 3… Wow! 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management

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  1. Hi guys!

    I love your post. I already follow a lot of those people on twitter, but about some of them I hadn’t any idea that they exist at all. I like reading girlsguidetopm.com , ( although I’m not a girl 😛 ) blog of Elizabeth Harrin. A lot of great ideas there.

  2. Strange this list. There is member that don´t act with project more, with blog that is not updated since 2013 … but, some of guys are so Gurus as well!

  3. Hi,

    very nice and inspriring list, thank you very much.

    I would also rute for Elizabeth and i am also thinking that Mr. Oliver F. Lehmann, President of PMI Chapter Munich, Germany is missing here.



    1. Thank you Markus, we will consider it next time! Maybe we will create a list of 200 Most Inspiring People in Project Management? Why not!

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