One, Two, Three…Wait, what? 123 Top Influencers in the Project Management Industry in 2016


What exactly is project management? Well, we can always ask aunt Wikipedia and learn that it is “the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria”. However, while these activities are and will probably always be the same when it comes to project management, the circumstances and environment are constantly changing. Not only thanks to the development of technology, the appearance of the network but also thanks to the people – those, who have shown the way for the others, the brave pioneers, who designed their own systems, introduced brilliant ideas into their teams, those who shaped the project management into its current form.

Today we have the honor to present a list of one hundred and twenty-three people, who in our opinion, made a significant influence on the project management that we know now. Please bear in mind that this is only a list, not a competition. There is no first place, no podium and the order is random. Ready? So off we go!

1. Brad Egeland 

An expert in PM with 20 years of experience and plenty of accomplishments. Brad runs his website, where you can learn a little bit more about him and A LOT about project management.

2. Thomas Kennedy


A certified project manager, who now shares his experience with others, teaching them how to be better at their job. Thomas is writing a blog, where you can find many valuable articles about project management.

3. Bill Mabry


With almost 30 years of experience gathered while working in many different companies (and for the past couple of years on a director position), Bill is an undeniable expert in project management. Check out his LinkedIn profile and see for yourself!

4. Andy Jordan

The author of Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations, Andy runs Roffensian Consulting providing program and project management. He also teaches project management.

5. Ivo Michalick

Coach, speaker, author, teacher and consultant on project managing. Ivo runs his blog. However, if you are not familiar with Portuguese, there is more in English on his Twitter 🙂

6. Robert Sutton


Professor of Management Science and researcher in the field of Evidence-based management. Robert is also a best-selling author and speaker. Learn more about this extraordinary individual and his brilliant ideas on his blog.

7. Steve McConell

Steve is CEO and Chief Software Engineer at Construx Software, as well as an author and keynote speaker with decades of experience as a consultant to a broad range of industries. He runs his blog and a company.

8. Ryan Endres


Ryan is a project management professional with more than 18 years of experience in the healthcare /pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He is a skilled writer and presenter in the project management field. You can visit his blog to learn more about him.

9. Sherri Smith


Sherri is a certified project management professional, coach and consultant at CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. She has virtual team, remote team, and global resource team experience. You can visit her Twitter, where she shares knowledge in the field of project management and more.

10. Lynda Bourne



CEO and founder of Stakeholder Management, training and consulting in the Stakeholder Circle, author of books and papers on stakeholder management.

11. Carol Bell


A senior project manager Royal Halloway, University of London. Carol is an award-winning specialist in project delivery for the property sector with a speciality in the fields like project turnaround/recovery, risk management & value management.

12. Terri Bauman


Entrepreneur and business owner. Terri specializes in social media and internet marketing and teaches how to make money through social media.

13. Michael Kaplan

Michael helps organizations apply project management to improve efficiency and business performance. He directs and facilitates collaboration among diverse teams of clients and sponsors, software developers, and network and data center engineers.

14. Carlos Pampliega


Keynote listener, architect and project manager professional, running his website.

15. Lindsay Scott


Lindsay is the Director of Project Management Recruitment business – Arras People and co-editor of “Handbook of People in Project Management”.

16. Pawel Brodzinski


Pawel is a manager, coach, blogger, public speaker with years of experience in team leading. On his blog, he shares ideas on methods to run software projects effectively.

17. Falk Schmidt


Project manager & PM Coach. A leader in business innovations, directing business events and change management with more than 18 years of professional experience at the interface of innovation and realization projects. Falk runs his website.

18. Bart Vermijlen


Bart is an Executive Digital Producer at Duval Guillaume. The author of The Agile Agency: “How Lean and Agile Will Transform Your Creative Agency”. He writes a blog on project management.

19. Johanna Rothman


Founder of Rothman Consulting Group. A management consultant for software managers and leaders, author of many books. An authority in the field of agile methodology, Johanna teaches how to achieve better results at work.

20. Hala Saleh

Hala is an experienced coach and a technologist who offers help in transforming organizations to escalate their business results. She is a founder and president of 27Sprints.

21. Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth is an author of social media for project managers and customer-centric project management. Also a business writer and successful blogger. She focuses on presenting the female perspective of the project management world.

22. Anne Gabrillagues


Agile Coach and organizer of the ScrumDay event in France.

23. Daniel Echeverria


Specialist in Strategic Management and Project Management. Daniel runs a website (but please bear in mind that it is in Spanish!:)

24. Jon Terry

Strategic thinker with an excellent knowledge of business tools, technologies and scenarios, co-founder of  Leankit. He helps its customers to increase effectiveness, he also actively seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of Kanban and visual project management.

25. Bert Heymans

Senior project manager and business analyst, Bert runs a, where he shares his experience and helps people to become better project managers.

26. Joelle A Godfrey


Joelle is the project management with more than 15 years of experience in multiple domains. On her blog, you can learn some tips and trick on how to implement project management to address business problems (and also check some book reviews:)

27. Muzzamil Hussain


A software engineer, project manager and an author. Last year he published his first book. He also writes a blog. Muzzamil is a specialist in providing leading edge IT solutions to companies worldwide.

28. Martin Webster


An engineer and IT professional with years of experience as a team member and leader. Martin runs a blog, where he publishes tens of articles on project management, business, and leadership. He teaches people how to better communicate to achieve greater results.

29. Ron Rosenhead


Project management consultant & speaker. Co-author of Strategies for Project Sponsorship – For more than 15 years he has been involved in project management, working as a coach, trainer, speaker and more. He also runs a blog, where he shares his knowledge with others.

30. Derek Huether


Start-Up founder, project manager, and Federal Agency PMO Advisor. Certified by both the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance. Derek provides coaching, strategic enterprise transformation consulting, and project and portfolio management services. He shares his experience on a blog.

31. Donnie MacNicol


Director and founder of TeamAnimation. He specializes in developing an organization’s project leadership capability. His team offers expertise, support and training for any bussiness.

32. Deanne Earle


A consultant and project fixer with over 20 years of IT project experience. Founder of Unlike Before Ltd. Her company helps clients accept the changes in their business and keep a positive approach toward any difficulty.

33. Mario Henrique Trentim


Mario is an experienced PMO Manager with more than 15 years of experience.  He published five project management books in three different languages.  As a professor of project management, strategy and innovation, he teaches undergrad and MBA students.

34. Helen Rittersporn


Project Manager on assignment at Fortune 500 company. Helen holds PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification credential through theProject Management Institute (PMI). Currently, she is working on her blog.

35. Lew Sauder


Lew has over twenty years of experience in top consulting firms. He is a coach and a mentor on the field of project management. You can find some very reliable information on this topic on his blog.

36. Ricardo Viana Vargas


Project management expert, director, author of fourteen books about project management. He is the first Latin American to be elected Chairman of the Board for the Project Management Institute. With the 20+ years of experience and portfolio with more than 80 major projects worth over 20 billion dollars, he is a big shot. More about him at his website.

37. Peter Taylor


Speaker and author writing about project management. He is the author of the two best-selling books on Productive Laziness – “The Lazy Winner” and “The Lazy Project Manager”. His mission is to teach people to work more efficient, not harder.

38. Cornelius Fichtner


Project Manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, public speaker. He has led projects for a management consulting company, a national retailer, an internet startup company, and for one of the oldest financial service providers in the USA. Since 2006 he has been coaching project managers to prepare them for their PMP exam.

39. Jose Barato


He has more than 20 years of experience in Project Management and IT Consulting. CEO at PMPeople. He runs the blog “The Habits of an Effective Project Manager” which has more than 15000 visits per month. He is also the author of 4 books on project management. Regarding projects, he believes in practice: “In project management knowing and not doing is not knowing.”

40. Tony Adams


Tony is a man of many talents – leadership project consultant, speaker, blogger and also an actor. He is passionate about social project leadership.

41. Henrik Mårtensson


Business strategy expert, process expert, project manager, writer and photographer. Passionate about agile and strategic navigation. Henrik is a  business advisor, helping people to develop business strategies and improve processes. He also leads projects. He writes a blog on project management and leadership.

42. Jim Highsmith


An executive consultant with ThoughtWorks Inc., having spent 30-plus years’ as an IT manager, product manager, project manager, consultant, and software developer he is one of the most experienced people on this list. And he shares his experience through a blog.

43. Erika Flora

Erica is experienced in process improvement, technology implementation, and coaching. She is a skilled writer, blogger, and presenter on a variety of technical and business topics. In 2006, she started BEYOND20, a consulting and training firm built on expertise in IT Service Management, Cloud Services, and Project Management.

44. Vincent Birlouez


Project and program manager. Working as a principal consultant at Wei Square, project management consultancy in London. Vincent helps companies deliver consumer the best products and services. In the free time, he writes on his blog.

45. Victor Alonso Lion


Business consultant and internationalization specialist. Victor is a man of many talents. His experience covers localization engineering, international project management, account management, localization training, and globalization consultancy. His passion is a game industry.

46. Rick A. Morris


Rick is an accomplished project manager,  public speaker, and author. Also a consultant, mentor, and evangelist for project management.  He wrote three inspiring books about project management. Rick is the owner of R2 Consulting.

47. Mike Clayton


Mike is an author and speaker specializing in project and change management, risk, communication and influence, and leadership. He is an author of 13 business books. Find more about Mike on his website.

48. Dino Butorac


Dino is a project management mentor and professional – management consultant and business leader with broad international experience in project management, consulting and IT. He shares his experience and knowledge on his website.

49. Americo Pinto

Americo Pinto is a Professor, an author, project management specialist and researcher consultant with a strong experience in large projects in Brazil and Europe. He has more than 20 years of experience in portfolio and project management.

50. Nicola Caswell-Thorp

Nicola has a background in project management, Authorspecializing in project consultation and sharing information. She is an owner of PPM professional CV writing service The CV Righter.

51. Rajeev Ahooja


Mr. Rajeev has a gigantic experience on the field of project management. He is a Professor teaching project management, global business environments, risk and issue management, people management, budgeting, resource allocation, vendor management, design, development, implementation, change control, management, reporting in diverse information technology environments and consulting in international settings.

52. Michael Greer


Michael is interested in Development and New Technology. For over three decades, he has helped new project managers become more effective. He is an author of project management books and runs his blog.

53. Ricardo Triana

International recognized speaker in leadership and strategic alignment. PMI Global Chairman 2014. Ricardo has 20 years of international experience for multinational companies in the strategic solutions management lifecycle (design, development, sales, delivery, and support).

54. Margaret Meloni


Founder of Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. Mentor in the field of Conflict Resolution strategies, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. She treats her work as a hobby and is great in doing it. More about Margaret you may find on her website.

55. Yogesh Kumar


Agile enthusiast. The engineering director at Oracle responsible for team development, agile coaching, and program/portfolio management for a set of tools for Advanced Customer Services business. Yogesh shares his knowledge on

56. Jill Hart


Certified Project Manager, educator and customer experience professional. Jill supports people, projects and businesses to succeed. She says that her passion is designing innovative technology, products, and processes that deliver optimal customer experiences.

57. Jan Van den Nieuwenhof


An experienced, pragmatic, agile project manager and consultant. Currently working as Products Unit Manager at TenForce. He is responsible for managing the sales, marketing, services and engineering departments.

58. Alexandre Paiva


Project Manager and Microsoft Project enthusiastic. Member of Project Management Institute. Alexandre runs blog.

59. John Gough


Working with major organizations in both the public and a private sector. Currently, John works for Wise Social Media. He is a web entrepreneur and projects manager. He runs a very solid website full of interesting articles on the topic of project management.

60. James M Shaffer


Project Management Professional, Blogger, LearnerProject leader. James has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a certificate in project management from Colorado Christian University. He runs his blog.

61. Samad Aidane


Project management consultant and coach. Researcher, also a consultant and a trainer. With over eighteen years of international experience consulting in the telecom, finance, and healthcare industries with companies such as HP, Cap Gemini, Time Warner Telecom, and Telefonica. He runs his website.

62. Kai Gilb


Teacher, consultant, coach, speaker, author of Evo project management. Kai Gilb was teaching Agile project management long before the term existed. You can learn more about his project on his website.

63. Shoaib Ahmed


Professional Services Practice Manager at Eagle Technology Group in Wellington, Prince2, MSP, MoP Practitioner, P3M expert. Writing some fascinating articles not only about project management on his blog.

64. Carlos Freitas


Project Manager and Consultant. Carlos Augusto is one of the first in Latin America who received a Certified Associate in Project Management. Certified as a CAPM and PMP by the PMI and as the PRINCE2 Practitioner and ITIL by the UK. His work is focused on management using project, program, portfolio and governance practices for micro, small and medium enterprise.

65. Michael Krigsman


Strategy Advisor, Enterprise Advocate, Industry Commentator, and a frequent conference speaker. Michael has written over 1,000 articles on enterprise software, cloud, CRM, ERP, collaboration, and alignment between IT and lines of business. You can learn more about him on his website.

66. Kiron Bondale


Kiron Bondale is a senior project portfolio and change management professional. An active member of the Project Management Institute. Kiron has managed multiple mid-to-large-sized change management projects and has worked in both internal and professional services project management capacities. He runs his blog.

67. Scott Berkun


Scott Berkun is the author of six bestselling books on creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. He is also a popular speaker on creativity, philosophy, culture, business and many other subjects. Last but no least, Scott runs a very successful blog.

68. Pablo Lledó


Entrepreneur, Trainer, and Consultant. Pablo has published eight project management books, some of them published by Pearson, including his bestseller “Project Manager”. He has given training and consulting all over the world, and he has spoken at seven PMI global congresses. The owner of

69. Marc Ouellette


Specialized in project management consulting, KPI & IT Process Improvement. The owner of Protrain Canada, a business specialized in Advanced Project Management.

70. Lisa Sieverts


Lisa is an Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a former board member of the Greater Monadnock Region Chapter of the Project Management Institute. She teaches practical project management. Visit her website to learn more.

71. Rick Freedman


Founder and Consultant at Consulting Strategies. The author of “”The Agile Consultant”. Rick engages with IT consulting firms, organizations, and professional service divisions to help IT teams develop consulting and relationship skills.

72. Carole L Evans

Currently, Director of Education for Solutions Cube Group, who has managed business and technology departments including Customer Education, Customer Satisfaction, Software Assurance, Testing Services, External Conversions, etc. She is responsible for working with her team to develop and implement strategic and tactical plans that focus on the growth of the training line of businesses.

73. Sean Hull

Sean is responsible for transformation projects. During the last 15 years, he has been working with Fortune 50 firms, Big Four Consulting, and non-profit organizations. He had a broad range of responsibilities- from opportunity/business development to business case development, RFPs, due diligence, technical / data assessments, project / budget planning, and international delivery. Learn more about his work from his website.

74. Glen B Alleman

Now, we are pretty sure that Glen is not a Philosoraptor, but this is the only available picture of him… He offers an evidence-based project performance management for software intensive programs in Aerospace, Defense, Federal, Enterprise IT using Agile at Scale. Glen shares his considerable knowledge via his blog.

75. Emad E. Aziz


Strategy Execution, Organizational Change, Portfolio, Program and Project Management Advocate, Speaker, Consultant, Practitioner, & Coach with experiences in managing programs and projects worth over 10 billion USD in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Business, IT, Construction, Banking, Politics, Government, Healthcare, and Economic Development. President and CEO at BRISK Business Inc.

76. Diane Dromgold

Diane is a founder and managing director at RNC Global, a project turnaround services to fix and deliver failing or troubled projects. RNC closes the gap between what people want from projects and what project managers want to do.

77. Wendy Burrows

Project management consultant at Source – the recruitment agency of choice for Creative Communications people, offering a comprehensive recruitment solution to the communications industry.

78. Cecilia Boggi


Certified PMP and Certified SDI leadership facilitator. Cecilla is a consultant, trainer, and speaker in project management and leadership. She is also a Professor at Universidad Católica Argentina and  Executive Director at activePMO.

79. Soma Bhattacharya

An ex-Project Manager who currently moved on to Agile Consulting and focuses on running her blog, which combines her passion for project management as well as looking into the agile way of transformation and undergoing changes.

80. Erik Van Hurck


MS Project, Project Server, EPM/PPM enthusiast, consultant, and trainer. Erik runs a blog, where he discusses the project management, Microsoft Project products, and reviews books on project management.

81. Susanne Madsen


Project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. Author of ‘The Project Management Coaching Workbook’ and ‘The Power of Project Leadership’. She has over 18 years experience in leading large change programs for global companies. Susanne runs her website.

82. Andy Murray

Project management author and consultant. The co-lead author of P3M3 v3, the lead author of PRINCE2 2009, a contributing author to the IUK’s Project Initiation Routemap, a contributor to APM BoK v6 and Directing Change, also a partner at RSM UK.

83. Ivan Rivera


Computer Engineer with wide experience as business processes manager. Managerial background developed through directive positions in companies of services. Innovative, solutions-oriented and with teamwork coordination abilities. Ivan writes a blog on the topic of project management.

84. TL Frasqueri-Molina

Responsible for business’s most critical investments: people, projects and capital. She calls herself “the anchor between wildly aspirational teams and the realities of project budgets, schedules, and business politics.”

85. Michal Raczka


Michal is highly organized leader and expert in new technologies, digital business & project management fields. Always keeps Team in the center. Value and results focused with the lean and agile approach. Active in IT and PM Communities, his current position is IT Strategy and Project Management Vice Director at mBank S.A.

86. Dave Gordon


Dave is an experienced portfolio, program, and project manager.  Lately, he has been managing human capital management transformation projects for global firms.  Over the last 30 years, he has worked in nearly every IT discipline, for a variety of organizations. He shares his exceptional knowledge and experience on his blog.

87. Edward Wallington


Project management, geospatial and GIS discussions. Senior Project Manager, Health & Social Care Lead at Esri UK. Founder of Geocognita.

88. Simon Moore

Award-winning investment forecaster and researcher, frequent financial media contributor, seasoned financial management consultant. CIO at FutureAdvisor. The author of Digital Wealth and Strategic Project Portfolio Management.

89. Randy Tangco


Project Management Professional in IT and Software service provider. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Currently working as Senior Engagement Manager at ServiceNow.

90. Elaine Jackson


Project Manager Instructor With a 95% success rate. She offers coaching and training on project management at her website. An expert in her knowledge area, Elaine provides a breakdown of the Project Management Professional Exam.

91. Patrick Mayfield

Director of pearcemayfield, author, blogger, project management consultant, writer and trainer. Patrick is a respected contributor to best practice literature He has helped author universally adopted frameworks like MSP and PRINCE2. Learn more about him on his website.

92. Sanjivv Ssharma

Over 20 years of extensive experience of managing IT Teams and IT Projects / Delivery Management. Has a strong background in delivering projects & developing products in various domains. Sanjivv is a founder member of Infotiate.

93. Daniel Hemhauser


Daniel Hemhauser is a Project Management Professional with a superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale projects on time and under budget. He has extensive experience in the management, engineering, administration and support of information systems.

94. Ani Møller

Her specialty is project-designing and managing large-scale digital projects. She has a background in corporate IT and understands the complex and political dynamics that often come into play in large projects for big clients. Currently working as Project Director at Isobar.

95. Andrew Lindsay

Strategic business partner is delivering innovative IT solutions to international companies. With specialties in stakeholder management, business process improvement, program management, information management strategies. Andrew holds the position of Business Relationship Manager at Wood Group.

96. Elyse Nielsen


Healthcare IT enthusiast and an outcomes driven information technology leader with over 15 years of healthcare experience focused upon organizational culture change, staff development, and strategy execution. Elyse shares her knowledge via a blog.

97. Antonio Volpon

E-commerce User Experience and Project Management Consultant – mainly for fashion and food and beverages brands.  Also, a digital and web project manager with more than ten years of experience in managing teams of developers and designers in complex projects. More information about Antonio you can find on his website.

98. Grandmaster PM


A mysterious individual responsible for, as ha call it: “Spinning Project Management’s Top Hits.” Judging by the number of his followers he is superb at it.

99. Max Walker

Project Manager, leading security deployments and custom development projects. He leads high-performing project teams in security programs and custom development, providing vision, coaching, and mentoring to employees and project teams to deliver world-class service and support.

100. Manoj Vadakkan


Agile Software Development Consultant. Certified Scrum Trainer. In his coaching practice, Manoj uses innovative approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean to help individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their potential. You can find more about him on his website.

101.  Daniel Kudwien

He’s a 35 years old Project Manager, Web designer, and Web developer. from Germany. He managed projects like drupal and is currently working with a team of digital experts, helping other companies to grow.

102. Eyal Sela

Project manager at the Israeli Internet Association and W3C.‎‏‎ The author of ProductiveWise: productivity, social media, and Internet blog.

103. Ryan Garver


Ryan Garver is a project manager from San Diego, he runs a blog and works on operating systems.

104. Jan Jananayagam

Janani Jananayagam is a British Tamil banking professional, activist and politician. She was an independent candidate for the London region in the 2009 European Parliamentary elections.

105. Cheryl Gray

Cheryl Gray has a background in advertising and technical writing with a master’s certification in project management. The paranormal figure heavily in her writing as her passion is psychological speculation and the universal consciousness. She has written six paranormal tales and draws on her own vast library of dreams for inspiration.

106. Dan Mezick


Daniel Mezick himself has personally delivered consulting and training to over 70,000 individuals spanning a period of almost 20 years. You can find more information about this exceptional man on his website.

107. Scott Ostby

Scott is interested in world class software projects, he works as a Senior Business Coordinator at Alt Source.

108. Mo Muthengi


Mo is project manager from Kenia, she works on projects that are supporting people in Africa. Find out more about her inspiring work on her blog.

109. Laura Chernikoff


Executive Director of the Internet Creators Guild. Laura has been working with YouTube creators since 2010 when she helped organize the first VidCon in Century City, California. She has experience working as a project manager, executive assistant, social media manager and graphic designer. Find more about Laura on her website.

110. Panagioti Tsolkas


Coordinator of HRDC’s Prison Ecology Project and organizer of the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons. A former editor on the Earth First!

111. Lori Paschall

Human Resources Leadership, Team Intelligence, and Services Training Relationship Manager with more than a decade of experience in adult learning, training, coaching, and instructional design.

112. Analisa Voces Verdes

Organizer, Campaign Manager, and Musician in Bronx, New York. Former Project Coordinator at VocesVerdes: Latino Leadership in Action. Current climate & Bronx organizer for FaithinNewYork.

113. Mike Donoghue


Mike Donoghue is a member of an information technology corporation where he collaborates on the communications guidelines, standards of compliance, and customer relationship strategies affecting the interactions with internal and external clients. He has analyzed, defined, designed and overseen processes for various engagements including product usability and customer satisfaction, best practice enterprise standardization, relationship/branding structures, and distribution effectiveness and direction. He has also established corporate library solutions to provide frameworks for sales, marketing, training, and support divisions.

114. Paul Pelletier


Paul Pelletier Consulting (PPC) is a workplace respect management consulting firm offering a full spectrum of public speaking, training, and consulting services, also an International consultant on workplace respect and diversity, project management, leadership, and ethics.

115. Jennifer Bridges


Jennifer Bridges, PMP is the Founder of and President of Optimo, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in project management and leadership development. She is also a professional speaker and author of Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential and the associated Thinking Journal and Thought Master series.

116. Joanna Newman


Joanna Newman, MBA, MCMI, PMP, is a senior program manager working for best of breed technology companies around the world to manage programs of change, projects, and people.

117. Bruce Harpham


Bruce is a Founder, A Resource for Growing IT Project Managers. He is an expert in banking industry projects and higher education leadership.

118. Dave Garrett

As president and CEO of Project, Dave Garrett is dedicated to creating value for the project management community and to the continued growth of Project’s media network (Project,, and others), which now reaches nearly 600,000 Project Managers Worldwide.

119. Beth Spriggs


A certified PMP with 17 years of project management experience,  a coach, speaker, trainer and an author of The Project Manager’s Little Book of Cheats.

120. Mark Mullaly


Mark is a project management iconoclast — love him or hate him, he still has an opinion, and he’s not afraid to express it. In many ways the quintessential ‘accidental project manager’, Mark is all about figuring out a better way to get stuff done and isn’t above inventing one when the situation calls for it. Find more about Mark on his website.

121. Gina Abudi


Gina Abudi has 20+ years of consulting experience in helping global organizations develop and implement a strategy around projects, processes, and people. She is President of Abudi Consulting Group, LLC and an adjunct faculty member at Granite State College. She blogs regularly at Gina is a member of the Global Speaker’s Federation as well as the National Speaker’s Federation. She currently serves as a Community Engagement Committee Member (Region 3) for PMI Educational Foundation.

122. Sean Whitaker


Sean has worked with some of the world’s most complex mining, IT, space exploration, defense, energy, banking, research, and telecommunications organizations helping to improve portfolio, program and project management capability for the organization and for individual practitioners.

123. Mike Frenette


Project Manager. Virtual Teams, Enterprise PMO, Agile/Scrum, hybrid methodologies, speaker, presenter, trainer. The owner of Corvo Project Management, a Canadian corporation headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, specializing in project management training and consulting. Offering PMP Preparation courses virtually and in classroom settings for corporations and in open enrollment classes. Project Manager. Virtual Teams, Enterprise PMO, Agile/Scrum, hybrid methodologies, speaker, presenter, trainer.

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One, Two, Three…Wait, what? 123 Top Influencers in the Project Management Industry in 2016

21 thoughts on “One, Two, Three…Wait, what? 123 Top Influencers in the Project Management Industry in 2016

    1. We would like to say “thank you” to all these people who were the most inspiring for us 🙂

      1. The list might be entirely subjective for sure, but we’re a time tracking software company, so it’s natural for us that we’re interested in what’s happen in project management world. The PM experts mentioned above inspire us every day. Last year our team sat together and we shared the experience of the project managers we follow. Then, for almost a year, we have watched their offline and online activity. All of them are #1 for us; it was just easier to present the results by making the list.
        Ola Rybacka, Social Media Manager at TimeCamp

  1. Great list, but id also recommend looking up Henrik Kniberg, his spotify model has inspired many such as skyscanner and myself, leading with agile and allowing the freedom to think outside the “norm”

  2. I checked all the 123 influencers and some of them are not active, their personal web page doesnt have any post since many years ago or they work for companies and you cant verify/see/admire his or her contribution. Its better to have a 50 top influencers that really bring knowledge to the project management than having 100+ where half of them do nothing (apparetly) for PM. Please be careful with this.

  3. I recognize many on this list, and love being introduced to some I was not yet aware of. As an experienced PM and blogger myself, I love learning about active and inspiring project managers to follow. Thanks for this list!

  4. Hi,

    I have visited many of these Project Managers blogs and being introduced to few new PM’s here. Surprised why Swapnil Wale is not into the list! I find his work fantastic with intense knowledge in all methodologies of Project management. His blog provides helpful free PM templates.

  5. Your article is very informative. It’s a welcome change from other supposed informational content. Your points are unique and original in my opinion. I agree with many of your points.

  6. Awesome List, But you missed BBL foods. In this, you find great information about Project management, Project Management Tool.

  7. Hey, Ola Rybacka I think you miss William Luke a senior Project Manager who is working at Markel Corporation and founder of, it’s an authentic source where numbers of free project management documentation templates are available free of cost.

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