3 Best Time Tracking Apps For the Law Company

3 Best Time Tracking Apps For the Law Company

Awareness of which activities are missing in our timesheets is just the first step to solve a problem of missing billable hours. A company which charges its clients for the time spent on specific projects requires perceptible resolution that will increase the flow of funds. Therefore, implementing the right software for time tracking would be desired.

The larger the company the greatest the issue of burdensome, missing billable minutes. Similarly the need to provide lawyers relevant tools is becoming more urgent. There is a number of solutions, procedures and steps we can take into consideration. However, buying an online time tracking software which will optimize the whole bunch of those solutions would probably be more beneficial.

Be on the horns of a dilemma

Every purchase decision comes under the difficult one, especially when it’s a matter of expensive products. Regarding company’s budget it becomes even more complicated as we talk about big money and a huge responsibility for the outcome. That is why buying a software which will help the team to solve their biggest problems should be well-thought-out.

There are plenty of apps for recording time spent on specific cases. Once we start looking for the most appropriate system, it may occur that it is too challenging as they provide many different features. The question is what are the company’s requirements. An absolute basis is that the time tracking software:
• should be easy to use and accurate,
• should be accessible from every place,
• the data must be exportable.

We thought that preparing a comparison of three tools that in our opinion are the most useful might ease the evaluation. Take a look at Harvest, Chrometa and TimeCamp.

Why Harvest?

At the moment Harvest is one of the most popular time tracking applications, in general. With its simple timesheets, desktop version and invoicing it helps easily and effectively manage and estimate time spent on specific projects. It is integrated with a substantial number of tools for project management and team collaboration. The most popular integrations are Jira, Trello, as well as Xero, Zendesk or Quickbooks.

Its mobile version enables to log hours straight from each place. It makes time recording easier and more comfortable, especially, when the job requires being mobile almost the whole day. It is enough to run the timer every time a new task is being started and pause it when it is finished.

There is one more thing that differs Harvest from other time keepers. The budgeting feature enables to project when the budgeted time or cost will be exceeded so they can be changed in advance.

Why Chrometa?

Chrometa is one of the tools very willingly deployed by attorneys who are its biggest target. It is quite obvious as they do not have time for filling their timesheets regularly being at the meetings or in a court most of their work day. Chrometa provides them an important feature that Harvest is missing – automatic time tracking.

It records the hours spent on a particular task noting what file, email, application, program the attorneys are working on and creates for this a new time entry. Thanks to that the company doesn’t miss precious minutes assigned to small, very often simultaneous activities. What is more, those log entries can be later on easily transformed into accurate reports and invoices. But this is just for computer work. What about time spent away from it?

With activities timesheets Chrometa enables to capture meetings, a court appearance and phone calls and assign them to the appropriate case and client. It can be done only manually but is easy and quick to do.

Why TimeCamp?

TimeCamp goes further with the provided features. It doesn’t allow for budgeting like Harvest and do not have a mobile version yet (but it will be released soon), however, delivers some extras which can be not found in two previous applications.

With the automatic time tracking mode, which is based on keywords assigned to the specific task or project, TimeCamp supplies more accurate and precise reports. Thanks to the unlimited tree structure we can add as many tasks and subtasks as needed to display.

Time recording is additionally supported by activities and graphical timesheets which helps to fill the blanks in the timesheets and more accurately bill company’s clients. What is more, TimeCamp has a GPS tracking and enables admins to track members work attendance. All their absences, holidays or sick leaves are logged in the system so it becomes easier to account for the employees. If more data and proves of time worked are needed there is also screenshots recording available optionally.

Using accurate time tracking software helps to elude spending company’s money on unproductive and ineffective activities. It makes the firm more transparent to its workers and clients. This way we attain measurable benefits in the form of revenues increase. The perfect tools should meet organization’s needs and so the decision should be reasonable.

See the full comparison: TimeCamp vs Harvest

Price$9$19 – $49$12

Features TimeCamp Chrometa Harvest
Mobile Version Soon Yes Yes
Budgeting Yes
Project Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Client Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Billing Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Basecamp Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Freshbooks and activeCollab Yes Yes
Integration with Jira Yes Yes
Track Applications and Websites Visited Yes Yes
Proof of Time Worked Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
Graphic Timesheets Yes
Automatic Time Tracking Yes Yes
Desktop Version Yes Yes Yes
Activities Timesheet Yes Yes
Unlimited Tree Structure Yes
Reporting & ExportiTD Yes Yes Yes
Attendance Tracking Yes
Optional Screenshots Recording


3 Best Time Tracking Apps For the Law Company

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