Is 4-Hour Work Week A Myth?

With the standard 9-hour working hours in a week, it is too deceptive to buy into the “4 hour work week”. In simple terms, it’s too good to be true. However, this concept somehow has managed to hook millions of people to it. People actually hope that it could kick off and help to improve their lifestyle.

We get to hear the common statement that in life if you wish to move ahead, you must work for long hours to accomplish your goals. That’s not an extreme thought, but it’s actually true. For any entrepreneur, it takes a lot to make a stand in the real world and this means working round the clock to make an impression. 

However, here are some quick observations that come from over the past decades that prove why the 4-hour work is a myth.

What is the 4-Hour Work Week all about?

4 hour work week idea was created by Tim Ferris, an American author, entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker. Generally, this myth revolves around three aspects. Including,

  • Defining your goals
  • Maximize your output per time, in other words practice time management and use productivity hacks
  • Ignore the standard life path and focus on an alternate reality.


The myth actually says that if you spend 20% of your efforts, there are chances that could you can achieve 80% results. Meaning if you focus on effectiveness, then you can become efficient at what you do within a short time.

Set Goals

When you set goals, you will push yourself to work harder. In some ways, it serves as a motivation and you can focus better.

However, the fact remains that this is actually a myth. If you are wondering why, then here are some quick facts you must know about the 4-hour week myth.


What You Put In Is What You Get

There are different ways of time management, working smart and ensuring productivity.

Every individual has their own scheme, their ways of doing things but at the end of the day, the fact remains that you will get what you put in the end.

You can work smart all you can and try to figure out ways to boost your productivity on work, but rest assured that there aren’t silver bullets.

4-Hour Work Week Is In fact A Myth

Whether you are an executive, engineer, business owner, manager, entrepreneur or whatever title you hold. It is a fact that no one has ever earned big money working just 4 hours in a week.

Today, whomever you see on a big post makes enough money purely because they work more than four hours.

Many people agree that when you want to fill up your moneybags, you have to put in lots of efforts, and dedicate your time. Yes, time management is something people could practice and this way there are chances they could finish their work for the day on time and sometimes sooner.

At some level, the myth could be true. It’s quite exciting to think about working just 4 hours in a week. However, the fact is that it’s not possible. The only chance you have is to implement time management, and work time tracking for better productivity.

Is 4-Hour Work Week A Myth?

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