4 Main Benefits of Computer Time Tracking Software


When you are bidding for a job, you are basically making a promise to deliver it within a specific deadline. Time-bound delivery becomes a top priority in such cases.

Computer-tracking software proves to be an effective application for people who need to deliver projects within strict deadlines. It can help in sales and lead generation, tracking of projects and issues, managing people, projects and activities as well as coordinating them. Find out 4 main benefits of this type of app.

It works as click tracking software

With this type of software, you can see the exact sequence of all that your employees are doing on their PCs. These are able to keep a record of every click that is made and every keystroke from the end of an employee. It can record chats, emails, IMs, screen snapshots, files transferred, programs run, web searches and visited websites. It can also alert you when specific phrases or words are typed.

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It lets you track employee time on computers

As an owner, and the person answerable to the client, you need to schedule the job and track every minute that your employees spend on the task, so that it gets completed within the least amount of time. With a time tracker freeware, you can also block access to the internet and Chat facility to ensure that workers are not whiling away time in these pursuits.

It allows you to measure employee productivity

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There is also the added benefit that this software allows you to measure the productivity of employees. You can find out which employee is spending the most amount of time in internet surfing, the things that he or she is looking for the most online, whether he is the one who is sending the most emails and chats and leaving early or coming in late. This helps you to take important decisions about retaining and firing specific employees, giving the productive ones a raise or performance bonus, change company rules and regulations and more.

It can add company revenues

Computer time tracking software can also boost the company revenue via automated billing (and what is the best billing software for lawyers? TimeCamp, of course!. It will help you to bill your calls, arrange all the notes, charge for FedEX and other associated expenses on the basis of the task that you are handling. When you need, you can also access your files easily and get a view of all billing slips associated to searches.

4 Main Benefits of Computer Time Tracking Software

5 thoughts on “4 Main Benefits of Computer Time Tracking Software

  1. We do need tracking software at times when we are working for a remote cleint. This is the most beneficial and useful software that has been developed for freelancers who work for remote clients.

  2. I liked that you said that computer software can improve the productivity and success of your business by helping you get projects completed more efficiently. I would imagine that getting products shipped out on time would be crucial to the happiness and return of your customers. I would be sure to use good computer software programs within my business to help become more successful.

  3. Time tracking will only help to track the time of overall work, instead of that accounting and billing software helps you to track the transaction an make your business process transaction automate.

  4. Time tracking is other aspect of tracking the system, but either automation or Tracking a Business person should choose, An then he/ she can choose any of them. I can guess that Automating the Transaction system is more efficient.

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