5 Apps for Boosting Productivity

1. Hemingway App

Do you need to streamline your writing and make sure you are engaging your audience? Hemingway is a desktop app for both Mac and PC that assists with writing. Using your own writing, it will make suggestions for more simple and powerful wording. For $9.99 it can be downloaded and used whether or not you have internet connection. This app uses a color coded system to easily identify what it is helping you to do. For example, sentences highlighted in yellow are considered too wordy. The app also gives you an idea of what grade level your writing is as far as readability by your intended audience.


Make your mobile device do all the work for you! If This Then That allows you to make custom “recipes” in order to simplify everyday tasks. If you want every picture taken on your phone posted to Instagram and Twitter, the app will develop a recipe to do that for you each time you use the camera. IFTTT connects apps and services to allow for thousands of your own personal recipes to be created. The app is free and the possibilities are endless, allowing you to spend less time on your mobile device and more time on what is important.

3. HootSuite

Do you only have a certain amount of time each day to spend updating social media? HootSuite allows you schedule posts for accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have a block of time where you are able to draft your posts for the day, you can then tell HootSuite what time and where to publish those posts. This social media account manager is free for up to three social networking accounts.

4. Slack

The Slack app is a team management and communication tool that allows team members to keep everything in one place. This free app allows real time messaging, file sharing, and archiving. Communication is instantly synced across devices and notifications are available to appear on your desktop, mobile device, and email. Slack is a great communication app if you and your team members are on the go or working from different locations. It puts everything you need all in one easily searchable place.

5. ToDoist

Do you need one app where you can put your entire schedule and to do list together? ToDoist does just that. The free app (with available premium upgrade for $28.99) gives you the simplicity of the old pen and paper and puts your organizational needs on your mobile device so that you can keep up with the demands of modern life. From keeping track of your bills to assignment deadlines to making a grocery list, everything comes together seamlessly in this app. Color coding helps you see your progress on weekly and monthly goals and projects. ToDoist easily syncs across devices and can be used offline and also works with other apps, including IFTTT.

5 Apps for Boosting Productivity

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