5 Best Podcasts for Project Managers

Project management podcasts can be a great source of knowledge and inspiration both for professionals and those who make the first steps in the project management world. You can learn from experts and get to know the best strategies and interesting concepts.

Project management is one of the key factors of success in any field of work. It is important for every company that deals with many tasks and projects. Project leaders actively help in leading the brand to victory and are an invaluable asset for the company, whether it is a small business or large corporation.

Many project managers have their own project management podcast where they share important lessons learned, talk to famous personas, and discuss various topics. Currently, project management podcast is one of the most popular categories in podcasting.

Why You Should Listen to Project Management Podcasts

A project manager is one of the most important roles in the business world. But in order to perform their duties at the highest level, every project manager needs to learn, develop their skills, and always get inspired to bring new initiatives to the company.

There is some project management software, which will help you work more productively and achieve the best outcomes in project management. Such a tool will help you in all stages of project management.

Improve your project management skills.

Besides that, there are many other ways of gaining new skills and expanding knowledge, such as podcasts. You can listen to them wherever you are, at whatever time. They are widely available and accessible from any location.

What’s more, project management podcasts offer many ways of learning:

  • Different people offer various perspectives on the most common issues in project management
  • Famous project managers share their experience so you can learn from them
  • You can hear about the advantages and disadvantages of certain approaches
  • You learn new strategies, methodologies, and techniques of managing projects and people
  • When hearing other people’s stories, it’s possible to gain insight into the main obstacles and how to overcome problems
  • People often share their commentary on interesting books and resources

You can then use learned things in project management at work to bring out the best in your team.

5 Top Project Management Podcasts

In today’s article, we present the 5 best podcasts which every Project Manager should listen to. Tune in and check them out!

1. The Project Management Podcast

It is one of the main podcasts concerned with project management. It is aimed at both beginners and experts. Basically, anyone who wants to expand his knowledge of project management. Cornelius Fichtner is the host of the podcast and he invites guests from the PM world to talk on how to achieve success in project management. The topics covered are leadership, ways of managing project management, managing risks, managing a team, workflow, etc.

2. 5′ PM Podcast

The 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast is hosted by Ricardo Vargas. The series has been published since 2007 and covers topics such as project, portfolio and risk management. The podcast is only 5 minutes long so it can be listened to anywhere. In his podcast, Ricardo Vargas summarizes important topics and presents them in a quick and practical way.

5’PM Podcast is one of the most popular project management podcast so make sure to tune in and get the best tips from the expert.

3. People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast

Hosted by Andy Kaufman, People and Projects Podcast focuses on interviewing the most popular people from the world of management. Andy Kaufman invites experienced and highly-skilled coaches, speakers, trainers who talk about professional techniques and methods of project management. Every person has a different approach, different methods for project management and from that, you can get inspired and create your methods of managing.

But the podcast is not only about managing a project but also about how to be a good leader. Andy Kaufman is a positive person whose energy is highly contagious.

4. PDU Podcast

Although this project management podcast requires a paid subscription, it is fantastic if you want to get your PM certificate. Now you can do it by listening to this digital project for project managers. In every e-mail, you will receive another episode of the podcast and will learn new things. This solution works great even if you don’t need to get a PM certificate. You will casually listen to it but still get your certificate. There are also webinars and worksheets. Thus, this podcast works just like a normal class for PM. The only difference is that it’s less conventional.

You can learn more about PDU project management podcast HERE.

5. PMI Washington DC

Created in February 2016 by Washington Project Management Institute,  PM Soundbites are short audio clips that provide useful information on topics pertaining to the PMIWDC Chapter and the Project Management Profession as a whole.

PM Soundbites serve as an efficient way to learn the key takeaways from some of our past presentations, provide more information about our chapter offerings, and much more.” PMI’s podcasts provide short, condensed and reach source of information for every project manager.

Stay on Top of Work With Project Management Podcasts

Project management podcasts

Turn on your phone, put on your headphones and listen to these 5 best podcasts for project managers. You will not only expand your knowledge but also learn from the best project managers. Don’t forget to subscribe to them or add them to your list to always stay updated with the latest episodes and news from the world of project management.

And if you want to know how to stay on top of your work, make sure to listen to TimeCamp’s podcast in which we talk with project managers on project management, leadership, and many more!

What is your favorite of all the listed project management podcasts? Maybe you enjoy other podcasts we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Last updated February 2020

5 Best Podcasts for Project Managers

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