5 Biggest Time Wasters At Work

When we want to get our first job, all of us want to work at the office. However, office life does come with many things that can hamper productivity,,, and that’s why you always need to focus on getting some time management tools that will help optimize your workflow.

But in order to do that, you need to understand which are the biggest time wasters at work, and here is the list with the 5 most troublesome ones.

5 Biggest Time Wasters At Work


Yes, mails are by far the worst time waster at the office, because there are many situations in which you have to check and reply dozens or hundreds of them.

That’s why you have to work hard in order to acquire a good time tracking and time management technique which will help get rid of such issues efficiently.

Try to opt for either face to face or phone conversations or mails. Also, avoid checking mails first thing in the morning, instead try to work on the important stuff, mails can be replied at some point in the afternoon.

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Yes, meetings do hamper time management because they take away from the overall productivity that you might have. It’s a good idea to either keep them after the normal schedule or, if possible, create an online system that will allow people to be in a meeting while also working and they can stop working only when they have something to say.

Online distractions

This is one of the situations where a time tracking solution is essential because it’s clear that people are easily distracted when they work online.

Studies show that around 60% or more of the time that the employees spend online has nothing to do with their job.

The idea here is to block sites and applications such as Facebook or social, chat apps. This way you can increase your productivity! Another solution would to be perform all those distracting activities during the lunch break, around 30 minutes or so will suffice.

Colleague interactions

Interacting with others can hamper productivity. Wearing headphones while you work shows that you are busy and focused so the colleagues will not disturb you. Also, try to maintain the chat purely professional at work, otherwise the productivity can be affected.


If you aren’t a person that’s organized, then this will definitely hamper your time management at all times. You will waste time trying to find the items you are looking for and it’s just a very bad thing overall, which is why you have to find solution.

Stay a few days after your regular schedule to organize your items, be it on the desk or inside your work computer.

Add a time tracking app to track how much time you spend organizing your items per day as well.

In conclusion, office life does come with its fair share of time wasters. It’s always a good idea to check them out and focus on the results because that’s what matters the most. Keep that in mind that good time management and time tracking solution can improve your productivity, but you should also fight against the time-wasters at work and just focus on what needs to be done fast. If you do so, the results can be more than impressive!

5 Biggest Time Wasters At Work

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