5 Content Marketing Tools That Increase Productivity

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Content Marketing is the hottest trend in this tech-savvy era. Many businesses strive hard to produce original, interesting and unique content that can help them increase the traffic on the website. The content also needs to be creative in order to stand out in this competitive scenario which will help the business to flourish as it will be able to earn greater profits.

If you are worried about making your content more productive then you need to forget the stress because here are five content marketing tools that will help you increase your content’s productivity in no time.    

Increase your productivity with the following content marketing tools!


Feedly is a very easy to use news aggregator which helps you to gather a range of certain existing online content and then arrange it according to your use and requirements.

It helps you stay in touch with the latest range of various topics and in this way you can keep a close eye on your industry and be able to produce better, improved and newer content.

 It  helps boost the productivity of your website. You can also use keywords to look for different content and then categorize them the way you like.

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Buzzsumo is a super cool tool that will help you find out which content is getting the most shares in the social media. You just need to type in some keywords and Buzzsumo will show you a range of different topics that might be of your interest. This will let you know the demand of your industry and thus, enable you to produce content that becomes trending on social media.


When you hold a brainstorm meeting for determining the ideas for the content to be produced many members of a team have brilliant ideas popping up in their minds.

These ideas are very useful and interesting but when everyone is given time to speak and forward their ideas and then comment on others’ ideas then it consumes a lot of time.

So, Stormboard has been ideally created for providing a platform for allowing all brainstorm participants to put up their ideas and comment on each other’s views without taking too much time. Thus, it is very useful in boosting the productivity of your content.


The text is the most important part of your content so it needs to be of superior quality in order to grab more audience and be more productive.

This text needs to have perfect grammar and a misspelled word can prove disastrous for your content.

Grammarly is one such tool which will help you check your content for any grammatical or spelling errors, and prove quite helpful for improving the productivity of your content by making it more interesting and easy to read.


If you are producing the content for others to view and share then it should be written a lucid and laconic manner so it can easily grab the attention of the readers. If you are uncertain about whether the writing is up to the mark or not you should definitely use one of the amazing content marketing tools called Readability to test it.  

5 Content Marketing Tools That Increase Productivity

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  1. Terrific post, Ola, but I guess you missed another excellent tool, a plagiarism checker called Unplag. It’s a well-known fact that content originality is extremely important for marketers and bloggers, so a plagiarism detector should be also used daily.

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