5 Effective Time Management Tips

It’s been 8 years since TimeCamp has started tracking the topic of time management. Of course, we haven’t (yet) read the entire internet’s content. But we have definitely read a lot. Our knowledge on the topic comes from many resources, beginning from the articles available online, to books, and experts’ opinions, and researches. But most importantly, we managed to collect the tips which we present in this article. And we are not even able to cite sources, we are not certain these are all our exact words or maybe someone else’s. We just made a brainstorm and that’s how it all came into existence. So let’s take a look at 5 effective time management tips.

5 Effective Time Management Tips

#1 Work Hard When You Feel Best

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Every one of us has a ‘best’ time of the day – the part of the day when you are at your peak. Identify when this time is for you and save the toughest work for that period. The opposite is also true: if you have a time of the day when you’re not at your best, that’s when you should do the drudge work.

#2 Cut Out The Distractions

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Close the messaging app on your computer, switch off the email alerts and shut the door. Check your emails at set times; twice a day is fine. Have a chat on messenger in the five minute ‘room change’ between periods; tell people you’re free for visits or queries at set times.

#3 Plan in Advance


Set out your objectives for the day in advance. Know when in the day you’re doing each task, and what the end result will be when those tasks are completed. It is good to use a checklist or to-do list and have everything written down to keep all goals clear.

#4 Prioritize Your Work


Whenever time management comes to mind, prioritization follows. It takes more time to work in a mess than sorting through a mess. That’s the principle for this strategy to work. The worker, instead of focusing on the bundle of work (s)he has, should take a minute to prioritize his/her set of tasks. The little time that the worker will spend on prioritizing will be paid off in working on the tasks. Prioritizing tasks will help build awareness and flexibility in a worker regarding his/her task. (S)he will also be more thorough and productive in the task performance.

#5 Take Breaks


Taking breaks will help to rewire the brain and come back to work with new and fresh ideas. It is important to get enough sleep, take naps during the busy day, or go for a walk in nature. Employees should also be able to spend their weekends away from work and get days off when needed.

#Extra Tip – Measure Time


Time management, or time tracking software not only ensures you get paid properly for your time, it also lets you know what you’re doing with all those hours, so you can see what you wasted time on. Seeing it is the first step to fixing it!

A great software to do it is TimeCamp. It’s a time tracking software which helps to see how many hours are spent on work and whether they are productive or nonproductive. With TimeCamp you can follow all your activities and learn how effective you are in your work. The app enables easy time tracking and has many other useful features.

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5 Effective Time Management Tips

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