5 Most Inspiring TED Talks about Productivity

Do you know that success is a derivative of productivity, which is most achievable through a retrospective examination of the past and present circumstances, diligence, commitment and adequate time management? The feeling of success is wonderful, everyone wants to have. But the reality is that it is not everyone that would go an extra mile to be successful.

For those who ask, “What does it take to be productive so that I can achieve success?” we have studied and analyzed different TED Talks on productivity and have come up with a list of 5 Most Inspiring TED Talks about Productivity, which we believe would gear you towards the direction of unlimited productivity.

5 Most Inspiring TED Talks about Productivity

Dan Pink – The Puzzle Of Motivation

The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink is anchored on the premises that money is not the essential motivating factor, which enhances the performance of your employee or yours as an employer. He said:

 True productivity boils down to how intrinsically motivated you are in your job.

He went further to argue that the more autonomy, mastery and purpose you have in your job, the more motivated you will become.

Paolo Cardini – Forget Multitasking, Try Monotasking

Paolo Cardini tried to explain how to find your monotasking part in a world of multitasking for greater productivity.

He explained this by applying his idea of monotasking to some selected product design.

One of the product designs is a mono phone. Cardini downgraded the high-tech mobile devices in use today into a phone that can only carryout one task, which can only call one user. He claims that the user can have better calling experience with the other user at the end of the call. Therefore, monotasking is a good way of reaching higher productivity.

Jason Fried; Why Work Does Not Happen At Work

Jason Fried who is a renowned entrepreneur focused his talk on time management, elimination of distractions and productivity. He encouraged organizations and business institutions to strive to eliminate distractions and interruptions during work hours if they need higher rate of productivity amongst their labor force.

He gave three tips on how to achieve this, which include:

  • He urged companies to use means of communications such as IM, FAX, email, etc. as opposed to one-to-one conversations.
  • Business institutions should implement no-talk Thursdays.
  • Establishments should cancel all unnecessary meetings.

Richard St. John; “Success Is A Continuous Journey”

At the beginning of this TED talk, St. John asked a question “Why do so many people reach success and then fail?”

He explained that the way to success is a continuous road and not a one-way street.

He pointed out that why people fail after recording a huge success is that they actually stopped those things that made them successful because they are now sitting back and enjoying the comfort zone of success.

David Grady; How To Save The World (Or At Least Yourself) From Bad Meetings

Grady is an information security manager who tried to make people understand the basic preparations that can lead to a productive meeting, which is not in conformity to the ideal way people see meetings.

He said that with the right approach, people will be mindful on how they put meeting invitations, who they invite and what those invited can contribute.

From all that we have discussed so far, it is clear that everything about productivity boils down to proper time management.

To be efficient in time management, you can employ some time management tools to help keep you in check. With the right effort, smart reasoning, strategic planning, time management, and diligence, I believe that success will not be any more far from your grip.

5 Most Inspiring TED Talks about Productivity

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