5 Major Work Trends – What to Expect in 2019

What to Expect in 2019?

As December 2018 comes to an end, so do people’s annual goals and plans. Some enter the new year with new plans, while others decide to see what time brings. Some of the changes may take a moment but most of them take time. The same happens in the business world. There are various phenomena occurring over the years and those most important are remembered by the year they happened in. What will 2019 be like for the business world?

Of course, the changes in the business world don’t happen in a snap of a finger. They take time and some are prevalent throughout many years. So unlike our new year’s goals, trends in work do not change or disappear suddenly. They tend to evolve and adjust to the current events of the world.

What can we expect in 2019? How will work change? What are the experts’ predictions? Here are the 5 work trends that will continue to grow. Make sure to study them to enter 2019 with clear goals and to always stay on top!


1. Time and work management

Another year passes reminding us of the fact that so does time. People try various methods aimed at saving time in order to squeeze as many tasks and activities into the 24 hour day. And this trend is visible in many workplaces.

Time and work management prevails to be popular due to the fact that it tremendously enhances work. It’s worth to invest in special tools such as time tracking software, project management software, planning and scheduling apps, etc. They can be adjusted to the style of work, profession, and organization type. You can modify their features and integrate them with other tools for more efficient work.

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2. Technology continues to expand

Although technological development has been happening for decades, its impact is visible now more than ever. Voice search, development of machine learning algorithms, IoT, and evolution of software enable faster work, automation of repetitive tasks, and improves many processes.

This work trend will continue to rise and influence almost every business sector. It’s worth to keep an eye on it, especially if you rely on technology in your work.

3. Remote work is on the rise

As it was in 2018, remote work will continue to be more and more common in 2019 and studies and observations clearly indicate it – around 50% of the US workforce are remote workers.

It’s no longer considered as a privilege but becomes a standard. Many organizations already rely on remote workers whose professionalism and experience are indispensable. The slight change in this work trend, however, may concern those who do not specialize. Employers prefer to hire experts dedicated to their work and reliable rather than those who tend to generalize their skills.

4. Cloud services keep growing

More and more businesses decide to use cloud services. They allow organizations to store massive information in a safe place, are easily accessible, and integrate with other tools, apps, and devices, which makes it easy to operate in various environments.

This work trend is part of the technological expansion and development and will continue to increase.

5. Data policy

Since the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law introduction, the privacy policy has reformed. Although the law has changed European policies, it has also affected other countries.

Many businesses, organizations, and startups will have to accept the GDPR policy to be able to provide services and products to customers and users in the European Union.

TimeCamp team wishes you a happy and successful New Year.
May 2019 bring you positive business changes!

5 Major Work Trends – What to Expect in 2019

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