5 Productivity Tools for Marketing Experts

The advancements in technology as witnessed lately have brought dozens of excellent tools for marketers. The tools have not only eased the process of marketing but also increased the effectiveness of a marketer’s plan. While consumers are receiving lots of promotional materials every day, their tastes becoming more refined, and positively responding to the change, marketing is now more important than in the recent past.

Marketers are even having difficulties choosing the best fitting online tool as virtually all tools are accurate and up to date. However, for you to make yours vibrant, satisfying, interactive and exciting to the target group, the best five as used by every marketer include the following.

5 Productivity Tools for Marketing Experts


Productivity Tools

Ranked by far as the most popular email marketing app, MailChimp is indeed revolutionizing email marketing. In fact, this app is essentially the reason email marketing is up and running today. Over eight years since when it was first launched, MailChimp has surpassed the 10 billion emails mark. Being a handy app and with lots of great features, it is every marketer’s favorite email marketing app today. Among its features, however, are:

  • A flexible design
  • Advanced analytics features
  • A mobile option
  • Marketing automation
  • Customization of the email message design
  • Can be integrated with other apps including Twitter, Facebook, Shopify


Productivity Tools

Whereas time is a limited resource, every marketer ought to have the basic time management skills. TimeCamp, an online time tracking app, is well endowed with what every online marketer needs so that they can finish their tasks in time. TimeCamp is expertly designed with lots of vital features and even comes with a desktop application (but it’s also available for mobile devices and has Chrome extension). You can keep tabs of the total spent doing each task, you can drag and drop, and you can also add some valuable notes.

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Productivity Tools

When you’re a social media manager or content designer, you know how hard is to finish your work earlier or find some time for lomger break. Logging to all the social media channels, writing posts or tweets, sharing them everywhere… It takes too many hours everyday. But there is a more clever way for your content – Buffer lets you create it and schedule for later – regardless of whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

It’s avaiable for desktop and mobile devices, as well as Chrome extension, so you can post to your social network regardless of time and location. Thanks to this app your profiles are updated more often, which is necessary when you want to increase user engagement.

Buffer lets you also create your content matching with dimensions required in each social media channels (it has his own graphic design app called Pablo). All your posts can be the same or customized for each social networking,

Facebook Ads Platform

Productivity Tools

Facebook is arguably the most popular and the most used social network today. Facebook Ads Platform is an excellent choice for every marketer as it’s equally famous.

Any Facebook user is eligible to use this app as it has superb targeting features and is driven by what people like to see on their news feeds.

It has a Call-To-Action button promo and options of a website, making it the perfect tool enhancement your crucial post’s reach. Facebook Ads Platform charges when the user’s campaign is over with the prices directly correlating with the success of the promotion.  

Google Analytics

Productivity Tools

In the past, many large firms would use Google Analytics but today, virtually every company is utilizing this app as well. It measures how the result of an online marketing promotion influences their sites. With lots of ultimate tracking tools, it is perfect for measuring conversions, achieving a firm’s goals as well as a company’s marketing goals. In fact, it has a long list of tracking features including tracking emails, e-commerce, tariffs, website traffic, and cost-per-click among others.

5 Productivity Tools for Marketing Experts

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