5 Time Tracking Utility Scenarios


When a specific project is assigned to an employee, it is necessary to monitor the amount of time he consumes to complete the same. Apart from that the employee activity as well as the ideal time also can be monitored in order to increase efficiency. The time tracking software is now widely used to monitor the various aspects of business projects. The time tracking utility can also be used to check the correctness of billable hours and also to manage the weekly or monthly payment to employees who are located at different places or countries.

By way of using the software for time recording, the working hours of the freelance workers can be effectively monitored and the expenses for freelance projects can be controlled.

The greatest advantage of the time tracking software is that it helps to improve the overall efficiency of the project.

When the project is made more efficient, the user of the utility of time tracking can make his business more profitable.

Moreover the time tracking utility makes the tasks easier and it can be used as a management tool to improve efficiency and thereby achieve better results. The time tracking software is used in different scenarios. In business the time tracking utility is commonly used for:

  • employee monitoring,
  • time tracking of the project,
  • tracking computer usage,
  • monitoring leave time,
  • monitoring workload
  • performance evaluation of the employee.
5 Time Tracking Utility Scenarios
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1. Computer usage scenario

The time recording software will monitor the usage of computer by the employees and if it is found that it is over used by someone, that employee can be questioned. As a result, he will reduce using the computer for personal use and will use the computer more for his work. This will ensure improved efficiency and better output. The utility of time tracking thus becomes a very powerful tool to check use of computer by employees.

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2. Employee activity scenario

The time tracking software is an excellent tool for business administrators to monitor as well as analyze the performance of each employee. This will enable them to find out the productivity of each employee so as to identify the most productive one. This process also helps to find out the idle or unproductive employees.

5 Time Tracking Utility scenarios

3. Project tracking scenario

Apart from employee evaluation, the time tracking software is also an excellent tool for project tracking. With the utility of time tracking, the user can work out the time required to execute the project and total cost of the project. The software is also used to analyze the process of the project.

4. Leave time scenario

The time recording software will promptly register the time worked by the employee as well the time when he was off. Apart from providing details of time worked, the software registers sick leave, casual leave, long leave, etc.

5. Workload scenario

Those who make use of the time tracking utility are able to monitor the work load of each employee. The software automatically calculates the overtime worked by employees. This will enable the administrators to find out the cost of overtime work and also to control paid holidays.

5 Time Tracking Utility Scenarios

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