5 Ways To Improve Sales Productivity


There are many ways to improve sales productivity as well as time management and time tracking, and this article will give you the five best ways to do so. From your strategy to your implementation throughout the team and process, you’ll need these five tips to help guide you to the finish line.

The following productivity improvement tips have been proven to work for companies who want to focus on their growth and help implement new strategies with their top sales leaders.

Make sure you’re putting the customer first

No matter the type of experience, the customer is usually going to say something about it on social media. Whether they’re texting, making a simple “I’ve just bought one!’ post on Facebook or a tweet with a mini-review, customers have become much more hyper-connected than ever.

More than 85% of senior business-to-business buyers actually use social media websites like the ones mentioned to read peer reviews to help make their purchase decision.

In order for a company to be successful against the competitors, you must invest in insights and analytical tools in order to keep up to date with the needs of the buyer. Without, you may see a decline in sales.

Pinpoint distinct CRM objectives

The only time a sales team wants to incorporate CRM is when they know if can help them in some way shape or form.

While this may not be true for all sales teams, it is for most.

Usually teams are able to accomplish more when they focus on customers rather than CRM, so being able to pinpoint and establish clear objectives with CRM can allow them to be efficient throughout the selling process.

Be able to identify influencers easier and faster

Customers like to hear about products through others on a personable level, so when they see a top Instagram guru or Facebook famous person talking highly about a product, they’re going to be more inclined to buy instead of being approached by a sales rep.

When sales teams are able to take data from CRM and help apply it to who is able to help the brand engage in customer retention, sales teams can dominate their competition.

 Fight through App Creeping

App creep” is when taking on too many apps creates a cloud of mess and decreases the productivity in sales.

Too many apps that aren’t appropriately managed can cause inefficiency, which decreases sales.

This can all be eliminated through determining which resources, tools, and apps are most used, and which ones are used the best, as well as determining which apps can be beneficial to the growth of the company. Less is more when it comes to sales productivity.

This also means that sales team leaders are required to regularly monitor the technology their team uses. If there are any apps that aren’t updated, of use, or underused, they must be eliminated to increase sales productivity.

Taking up an electronic signature

Did you know that adopting an electronic signature actually boosts the business-to-business sales?

After this was surveyed, it was concluded that companies who used this type of signature sent 22.6 sales documents per representative per month, while those who didn’t adopt the electronic signature only sent 10.4; that’s crazy! Small things matter when it comes to sales productivity. 

ways to improve sales productivity


5 Ways To Improve Sales Productivity

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