5 Ways to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity

When you are exposed to a new environment, you can’t help but feel a heightened level of stress; for instance, if you are starting in a new working environment or if it is your first day at your new school.  This stressful event can compromise your productivity thus affecting the other aspects of your life. 

You need to address this issue at once since prolonged level of stress can lead to certain health conditions such as a headache, digestive issues, insomnia, cardiovascular illness, weight gain, immune deficiency and anxiety disorder.  To help you manage your stress and increase your efficiency, here are some of the tools that can help you.

Increase Productivity and Manage Stress With Those 5 Ways!

Tapping Technique

Also known as Meridian-Tapping Technique, which incorporates the random tapping of your fingertips on a distinct meridian at the same time resonating positive statements.

This technique is derived from the same principle as the traditional Chinese Acupuncture medicine that is known for curing physical ailments and balancing your emotional aspects.

You are basically incorporating the theory of physiological acupressure.  By using this technique, you will be relieving your mind with negative thoughts thus achieving an emotional balance which is helpful when we want to increase productivity.

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This method has always been used since time immemorial. The aim of this practice is to get rid of stress, negativity and promote emotional balance and increase productivity.

So how does meditation help you manage stress?  Simple, by getting rid of the overload of information that is constantly crossing your mind, your pulse rate and breathing will begin to slow down.

Relaxing of the muscle will immediately follow and then a comfortable mind with no worries. Experts have uncovered that Meditation is more than just a stress-reliever; it can also improve your focus and attention span.

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Your time-having a schedule of everything you will do from the most important to the least can help you address the things that need to be fulfilled based on your priority. ‘

Time management is pretty crucial to avoid stressing over the things that are not done.

If you want a time management tool, time Camp can help you achieve this.  It is a time tracking tool that is perfect for sorting out your itineraries, task, chores, project, and others.

Time for the Family

Having the time for your family should be anyone’s priority. It will serve as your sanctuary, away from all that stress.  It is also the time that you can give to yourself.  And once you go back to the corporate life, you are sure that you are ready to give your 100 percent of productivity.

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Consider Having a Pet

Experts said that having a pet can add extra years to one’s life and improve productivity. It has been recommended for people with heart’s ailment. It can also massively reduce the stress and anxiety that you are feeling.

Stress can have a significant negative impact in our life specifically in our productivity.  One needs to know how to manage it, to avoid certain repercussions.

5 Ways to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity

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