6 Worst Productivity Killers

In the work environment, employees are encompassed by things that kill their productivity. Have you ever asked why eight hours never is by all accounts enough time to achieve every one of your errands in a day?

Possibly this is on the grounds that you continue browsing and refreshing your newsfeed, for one. Whether it’s surfing the web, always updating your email, or noisy co-workers, there are a few ways workers can get hindered in their office and lose focus. Below are the 6 worst factors that distort our time management skills whenever we want to work.

Internet and social media

Starting 2014, there are around 861 million enlisted domains in the worldwide web—you can’t generally browse every one of them in your lifetime, right? In spite of the fact that you can continue looking down your Facebook newsfeed throughout the day and it will never quit stacking.

What’s more, YouTube videos—we spend about 40 minutes on them for each session, as indicated by studies.

The threat with the internet is it can get excessively exciting—and you just understand this when you have just around three minutes left to complete that report checked as “urgent.”


A lot of times, it seems absolutely impossible when you are trying to block an email. It looks excessively vital. In any case, it can likewise be diverting.

Truth be told, 42% of employees refer to email as the single-most prominent time-waster at work.

An email is regularly the most ideal approach to take a few to get back some composure of somebody, however in the event that you’re moving forward and backward between your email and whatever you’re doing, and it’s not updating, you’re squandering time. Besides, you can overlook most emails until later, when you’re finished with your present errand.


Does it feel like you’re scheduling more meetings consistently?

You’re not wrong: 15% of an organization’s time is spent in meetings, and it’s going up each year. The most exceedingly bad part about it is that 67% of their meetings are disappointments.

Individuals appear to be calling meetings in light of the fact that it’s the only thing they do in business, and anticipate that issues will get comprehended without readiness.

A rowdy environment

It’s not just you: A fantastic study by the British Journal of Psychology says experts are profoundly diverted when they hear discussions around them. Likewise, a UK-based Sound Agency contextual analysis found that a sound-masking technology in an office improved specialists’ capacity to focus by 46%, and their fleeting memory accuracy by 10%.

Open Office

You may think your extravagant new open office is stylish, ground breaking, and produces a society of cooperation between your laborers. What’s more, it exceptionally well could!

Yet, no matter how you look at it, open offices make workers less beneficial.

When you’re working with everybody in the same room, you’re all the more effortlessly diverted, either by chatting with employees or just listening to them.

Your day by day commute

Long journey and transport service queues, substantial traffic jams, and the incidental brushing of your skin against sweat-soaked workers are all considered as mood killers. Add to that long and unsettling hours of travel and the time you spend “catching your breath” once you get to the office, and your productivity is consequently slashed by a margin each and every day of your work.

6 Worst Productivity Killers

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