7 Essential Tools for Freelancers


Text expander


As a freelancer the TextExpander app is great for getting the job completed faster. This app is available for both the Mac and the iPhone allowing you to work from your Smartphone! Sending greetings and signatures is easy as the app expands abbreviations into pre set greetings.

Users can take advantage of the fill in the blank function making it easier to make customised forms faster than ever before! All of the usual document and email functions are also available including Autocorrect, CSS and even Emoji’ s.

Snippets allow you to insert the menu in seconds so that the date and time are automatically included. The app can be used with both iCloud and Dropbox, giving access from multiple devices which is great for those that don’t work from a static computer on a day to day basis.
Employers valuing work that is completed without typo’s and grammatical errors so the automatic correction function automatically proof reading and correcting saves time; you can even create your own autocorrect so that deliberate typo’s are omitted. The app reminds you to use abbreviations when you find yourself typing the whole word or phrases so that it soon becomes second nature.
Company logos and digital signatures for emails can also be included so that users don’t need extract them separately from pre saved files. As a programmer you can use the Text expander app to edit code templates and with Javascript automate scripts with little effort.



The intuit Mint app is excellent for managing money and ensuring that bills are paid on time. As well as being able to access your credit report free of charge you will receive alerts to let you know that bills are due and even customized tips to help you to make savings without trawling different sites online. Being able to view and even pay for all of your bills in one place takes the fuss out of going through paperwork, emails and signing into separate accounts making it easier for you to improve your credit rating and finances all in one place.



When freelancing its often the case that you will be working for more than one client. In doing so it is easy for timelines to be overlooked, this is not great for feedback; and of course future potential jobs. The TimeCamp time tracking software helps freelancers to keep track of their jobs, clients, earnings and even any employees under them. In addition to this the app allows their users to see their productivity so that they can easily find ways to make their time more valuable. Rather than waiting until the end of the week/month to check up on work, earnings and status of projects everything can be checked in one place (especially useful when working for multiple clients/sites).



Social networking has become commonplace in finding like minded people for business purposes and of course creating new clients and income. There are so many different platforms that keeping track of them all can be a job all in itself, which is where Social Oomph app is ideal.

The app automatically saves passwords securely so you do not have to use the same password for multiple accounts or remember different ones. Saving keywords can help with SEO and drafts can be saved and reused at a later date (much better than having to type from scratch.

Private messages are automatically sent to new followers to keep them abreast of changes, offers and other updates. To keep the quality level high and avoid spammers using your page for their own business ventures bot detectors and profile filters are also available. Multiple accounts and scheduled updates as well as automatic scheduled photograph uploads mean that users can update their profiles without even being near a computer! Control blogs, Twitter, facebook and much more without the stress of keeping up with the accounts yourself or paying another person or people to do it for you.


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Nowadays people tend to have employees all over the country/world making it difficult to arrange meetings that include all significant people. The GoTo app is a way to communicate with clients and employees without having to travel due to camera technology and audio through VoIP. Its simple and instant because viewers do not have to download the software to view, it can even be used on Smartphone devices making meetings on the go easier than ever.



Gaining interest from potential customers is only part of the process to closing a deal or new recruitment. With the Followup app it’s easy to see whether emails have been opened and read and it even reminds you to reply to mail to avoid unprofessional apologies through oversight. Emails can be scheduled for sending in advance so that users don’t need to log on for each and every message.



Designing an email so that it grabs the attention of its audience and looks professional used to be a lengthy process. Mailchimp app takes the hard work out of creating captivating emails by offering its users templates. The multiuser option allows all member of the users workforce to add and edit emails without needing separate accounts. The editor allows for comments to instruct multiple users as to which task they need to start and it works both ways so that the app owner is aware of changes made and status of projects.

7 Essential Tools for Freelancers

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