7 Weird Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity


Are you in need of some motivation to become more productive? I always am. Even though I love what I do each day, I can always use a boost.  Here are seven unusual and creative ways to get your energy flowing.

1. Put butter and coconut oil in your morning coffee

Are you a morning (or even all day coffee drinker)?  Adding coconut oil and unsalted grass fed butter instead of cream and sugar not only gives your coffee a creamy and delicious flavor, but it is good for your brain and gives you a kick of energy.

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which essentially is healthy fat for your brain.

Rather than caffeine jitters and sugar highs and lows, coconut oil and butter will give a long lasting energy to get you through your day.  Give it a try, and you may never go back to your old coffee habits again!

2. Try a standing desk

Have you ever noticed that sitting all day can actually make you more tired than being up and moving around?  It also can lead to bad posture which in turn can lead to backaches and headaches.

By using a standing desk, you are constantly using small movements to shift your body weight around, so you are therefore already less sedentary.

If you have a correctly adjusted desk for your height, you will be standing in a way that is comfortable for you as opposed to slouching or tensing your shoulders and neck.  When you are already standing up, it is easier to pace around a few steps while thinking and to take a moment or two to stretch and take deep breaths.  This all can improve your productivity because you are activating your brain cells and keeping your body energized.

3. Bring your pet to office

Source: https://adventuringtoday.files.wordpress.com
Source: https://adventuringtoday.files.wordpress.com

Warning: this approach should be consulted with your boss and co-workers before trying!  Most people tend to relax around animals so what could be a more natural productivity booster than bringing your beloved dog or cat to work with you?  You may feel calmer, the atmosphere at work may become more sociable as co-workers take an interest in your pet  and a relaxed workplace in general will lead to a more productive workplace.

4. Give a smile to your reflection in the mirror

Smiling in general can give you a boost of energy because you can’t help but feel happy when you genuinely smile.  Smiling at yourself can give you a boost of confidence.

Looking at yourself in the mirror while smiling says, “I am confident, I am strong, I am ready, and I feel good.”

Smile more when walking past your co-workers or other people that you encounter throughout your day.  It may seem silly to smile at yourself in the mirror, but try it while no one else is watching!  Do a funny dance or make funny faces until you are laughing at yourself.  Turn up some music if you are alone and sing loudly to it.  You will feel lighter and more motivated and ready to start the day or to get back to whatever it is that you were already working on.

5. Turn up the heat

Are you freezing at your desk?  Are you concentrating more on staying warm than being productive?  Turning up the heat may help.  Being comfortable in your environment will help you to relax which is turn will boost your motivation and productivity.  Of course you don’t want to turn it so high that you become sleepy!

6. Eat  a chocolate bar

Source: http://www.piercepioneer.com

We have all heard of the benefits of dark chocolate.  It gives a small caffeine and sugar boost, but has good antioxidants to help regulate blood sugar to prevent the sometimes inevitable afternoon crash.  When the munchies hit or the post lunch slump, pull out your stash and enjoy.  The treat itself will help brighten your mood and motivate you to finish out the day.

7. Add more yellow in your office.

Yellow is my favorite color because it automatically makes me feel warm and gets me thinking about sunshine.  Is your office bright and cheery or is it dark and gloomy?  Try to lighten it up with warm colors that promote wakefulness and energy.

If you can’t change the general colors of your workspace, add accents of yellow through desk objects, wall art, your go to coffee mug, books, file folders, your screensaver, or even a cushion on your chair.

7 Weird Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity

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