8 Ways To Avoid Interruptions While Working

When it comes to interruptions in the workplace it may be hard to avoid many but with a little bit of effort you can rid a lot of interruptions from at least a few hours of you day. Whether you are being bombard with emails and telephone calls or just have too many coworkers stopping by to fill you in on the gossip and drama around the office these 8 tips can help you avoid many interruption scenarios. By limiting the interruptions you face in the day you can better use your time management skills to increase your productivity.

1. Find A Quiet Place

Many times it can be easier to just search out a remote world where you can focus on the work you need to get done. Though for some tasks this is a good way to avoid any work interruptions it is not the best solution for everyday or even for prolonged periods of time.

2. Let Others Know Not To Disturb You

One way to avoid interruptions from colleagues is to let them know that you would like to be left undisturbed for the next few hours.

Let them know when you are trying to finish a project to meet a deadline and they will be more willing to cooperate and let you finish the work you need to do.

3. Shut Off Distractions

Turn your phone settings on do not disturb, stay off the internet unless necessary or if possible shut your phones and other electronics off. By turning off the distractions you will limit the interruptions that others may cause or that you may be tempted by.

8 ways to avoid interruptions while working
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4. Use Your Technology Wisely

On the other hand if you need to leave your phone or computer on to do your work than you should use them wisely and get a few time management apps or blockers that will cut out interruptions.

For your phone you can find a number of apps that will help you set time limits to certain task, you can make a full day’s worth of lists and projects (including lunch breaks) and set a length of time you want to dedicate to each task.

When one task is suppose to be completed an alarm sounds to let you know that you should move onto the next item.

On you computer if you need to use the internet but want to reduce the mindless social media distractions you can instal a software that will block you from visiting these sight for set periods of time.

5. Get Management on Board

One of the most effective ways for the entire office to be more productive is if there is a dedicated time where employees and staff can just focus. Try to get management on board with an all office ‘quiet time’ to help improve everyone’s productivity.

6. Create A Schedule

When you are on a deadline you need to manage your time wisely not just to get the project done but to also ensure none of your other work suffers as well. Be sure to write out a daily schedule and task list to help you visualize what you need to do through the day. Often times you may find yourself finishing one task but then not knowing what you should be moving on to next.

8 ways to avoid interruptions while working
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7. Use A Productivity Technique

There are a number of various methods that you can use to help you more efficiently get more done. The Pomodoro technique is one such method that allows you to fully focus on one task, take a brief break, work on the task and so on. It is a highly effective way to manage your time and increase your productivity with little interruptions.

8. Stay Focused

Everyone has their only routines and rituals to keep them focus through the work day.

Whether you need to turn on the music, meditate or go for a short walk the better you are able to regain your focus the less likely you will be willing to let other little things distract you.

Whether it is getting into a remote world setting or simply turning off your devices avoiding interruptions to increase your productivity can be easily accomplished. Stay focused on the tasks at hand and let others know you are on a deadline to get more done in your work day without the added stress.

8 Ways To Avoid Interruptions While Working

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