5 Genuine Advantages of Remote Working!

Last week we prepared a list of resources to help you find an ideal remote location job – hope you liked it. Today I want to share my thoughts about working remotely. They may sound quite subjective, but instead of other tips for remote workers, they’re coming from my heart and my experience.

Make yourself comfortable and find out why remote working makes sense!

5 Genuine Advantages of Remote Working!

Flexible working hours

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I think about is what happened in the world when I was sleeping. Then about what I would eat for breakfast and whether I would prefer coffee or tea … After some time I realize that my computer stands near and my duties are waiting.

Taking advantage of the fact that the alarm clock is usually set to an hour before I should get up, I still have a moment to stretch freely in bed, while planning my day at the same time. The next few moments are reserved only for me – dressing up, daily morning care, a decent meal, and makeup. And the funniest thing is that everything is peaceful, unhurried and stress-free. Why? Because I do not get caught up in the hard work time between the eighth and sixteenth!

Flexible hours for me are still one of the most significant advantages of remote work. Thanks to them I do not feel the pressure of planning. If I need to do something more important during the daytime, I  just quickly calculate whether I can leave what I’m doing at the moment and leave the house. However, if I’m done earlier, I have more time for myself and my daily activities.

advantages of remote working

A free morning routine

As I mentioned above, my morning is usually peaceful. It consists of several activities that together form a consistent routine. Being able to stop hurrying every day is extremely comfortable! The alarm clock lets me down rarely, and even if it happens, I just start working half an hour later than usual.

It would be tough for me to give it up! Especially because I’m mad about the punctuality. I get nervous every time I don’t feel I’m controlling my day – even the lack of five minutes is enough to discompose me. That is why I appreciate this morning’s calm when I do not have to hurry because the bus to my working corner will not miss me … Yes, this is undoubtedly the next point in the list of advantages of remote work!

I control my fatigue

This point may sound a bit enigmatically, but in fact, it is incredibly simple. Thanks to the remote work I do at home, I can react to the signs of tiredness as quickly as possible. When I have a headache, I put my computer down and walk out with the dog. If my eyes hurt, I sit in a comfortable, slightly lazy position and close my eyelids to recover the sight.

No one controls when I go to the bathroom, how long my meals are, and how much time I need to relax. My daily routine at work sets the tasks I have in front of me, but if I need a break, I can modify the time required to complete them.

advantages of remote working

I have more time for my family and friends

I attach great importance to separating work time from family time, but I do not believe in work-life balance. Working from home can’t be separated from the family rhythm, there is no way to leave your job after leaving the computer, there is no way to react when someone at home needs help. In my case, the “work time – private time balance” rule works better.

This means that the time spent with family and loved ones are only for me, it’s free from thinking about work. This is a time full of carefree, smiling and sweet laziness. Of course controlled laziness, because it is best to rest in motion. Unless you know in advance that the only thing you want is to go to bed in front of your TV or reading your favorite book.

This point is included in the list of benefits of remote work for another reason – I do not have to take leave to schedule free time. We live in a time of widespread Internet access, which allows me to travel where I want and when I want, I just take my computer under my arm and use a portable package or prepare to develop something that does not require an internet connection.

I do not have to leave my comfort zone

I know very well that going out of the comfort zone allows you to achieve goals that are higher than you have before, but in my case, radical changes have never worked out. Thanks to remote work, re-starting your studies will not be associated with a total reorganization of your daily routine. Everything will stay in place, and I will just get little more new responsibilities.

The smarter your plans are, the more you can achieve!

5 Genuine Advantages of Remote Working!

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