Approach To Project Managers – How They Do It At Google?

Project Managers – How They Do It At Google?

Trust is what Alphabet Inc., giant from Mountain View in California, adheres to while implementing new employees in their company. At the first day of new programmers’ work, the company gives them almost unlimited access to the code – which, for some Project Managers, would be hard to understand.

By that, the company casts aside the fear of sharing information between co-workers or an employee and supervisor.

Many of the West companies create their own Corporate Ten Commandments. These are principles which account for the operational vision of the entire business. A universal set of points introducing ideas of functioning for the company in its all areas of management. Google also has its decalogue, which can be limited to a few points:

  • firstly – the user is most important;
  • it’s better to do one thing but good, really good;
  • fast is better than slow;
  • there’s democracy on the Internet;
  • excellently is not enough;
  • you can be a serious man even without a suit;
  • the need for accessing information doesn’t have a limit;
  • there can always be more information than already is;
  • you can earn a good money without doing wrong;
  • you don’t have to be at your desk to get the answers.

The truth is that once a year a big secret leaks out from Google. A detailed investigation is performed and employees responsible for the leak are exempted. And it doesn’t matter if they did it on purpose or accidentally.

Monitoring Employees’ Work?

Work Monitoring On The Computer

An employee is expected to have maximal effectiveness and commitment to his or her duties. Despite the changes in managing a team, employers still concentrate on the profits and effects, forgetting about how they are achieved. In every company, no matter the sector, the process is most important. At the end, the effect itself is being assessed but achieving it is conditioned by the realization of processes. Thus, the market offers solutions for monitoring employees’ work (for example, TimeCamp). The aim is to assess the accuracy of projects and tasks’ progress, the accuracy of processes with a budget, that is measuring the effectiveness of using work time.


Unfortunately, in many countries, especially in those postcommunist, there is a belief that such software is supposed to monitor whether employees work or not.  Among blocked websites, there are those on such topics as entertainment, information and news, or shopping. Such measure is performed so that these websites don’t tempt employees to take a break from work. However, the problem is not a censure and limiting employee’s freedom. It is the low effectiveness of processes in the company which doesn’t bring the expected result.

Approach To Project Managers – How They Do It At Google?

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