5 Top iPhone Time Management Apps

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 It is absolutely necessary that you stay motivated throughout your work week. But for this, you will have to stay organized and get maximum tasks done from your to-do list. And what’s better than having time management apps in your smartphone only because these are what can help you stay organized and accomplish more on the go.

So here is a list of 5 best time management apps of all time designed especially for your iPhone/ iOS device!

5 Time Management Apps for iPhone


This is one automatic time tracking software that will set everything straight for you. TimeCamp allows you to track time you spend on various applications and websites.

This is one tool that is great for both teams and personal productivity.

Using TimeCamp you can allocate time to various activities and spend it accordingly which will ensure you get the maximum amount of tasks done in a day. The best thing about TimeCamp; you can integrate it with a number of apps as well.

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Just as its name suggests, Things is what you need to organize all your things.

This is a dedicated iOS app and allows you to combine your to-do lists, your inbox and appointments in one place

Thanks to that you can make them  easier to complete your projects and mark them on a priority basis. The events or tasks from your inbox can sync automatically with your device’s calendar through Things and you will be reminded of what needs to be done when, as per the time you choose.

Fantastical 2

This app has a very minimalist design that is similar to the iPhone’s calendar.

Fantastical 2 offers features which allow you to combine the reminders set on your phone with a calendar and a to-do list.

This particular app also understands the natural language well allowing you to add events to your calendar and to-do lists in the same way you’d speak about them. You don’t have to adjust details manually instead just type in what’s needed and the app will understand it.


When you need to put in a quick note, this green elephant is what will get you going.

Evernote is used by more than 100 million users today.

This little app for taking notes is a very feature enriched platform that doesn’t only lets you take notes but also serves as a platform where you can record all your to-do lists, collaborative projects and also business cards. Evernote is compatible with just so many platforms like Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote and also the inbuilt iPhone app, Apple Notes.

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👉 Check also the best note taking apps for Android.


Although you’ll find time management apps dozen for a dime but none of them would offer you such a user-friendly interface like Clear does.

This is a very powerful to-do app that allows you to set reminders as well in a very crisp and simple interface.

It has a flat design language that is interesting to use but isn’t at all burdening. A lot of multinational companies actually have Clear pre-installed in their employee iPhones to record and mark projects as done. A simple swipe will declare the task completed; the not state of the art but certainly very easy to use.

Using those apps will definitely improve your time management skills. Use them both at home and at work – you will be definitely inspired by the results. It’s an easy way to declutter your mind, because a small tool just do everything for you. Test them and find out which one suits you!

5 Top iPhone Time Management Apps

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  1. I’ve recently moved from Samsung to iPhone and have started looking for the new time management app. Thank God I came across your article, PERFECT RECOMMENDATIONS!

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