Automate Business Workflow with Clickup Integrations!

Remote work trends and COVID-19 situation have made the online task management tools more popular recently. Managers wanted to gain full control over the work distribution, the projects’ workflow, and the team’s availability. But it’s not about the lack of trust (yes, the “control” word has negative connotations), we all know a healthy employer-employee relationship makes a business successful. Working remotely brings just a different perspective of communication – you’re no more allowed to discuss the work-related issues with teammates directly, sitting face to face at your desks. And when it comes to the task managers, Clickup is a real game-changer. Today let us recommend some of the best Clickup integrations that will skyrocket the productivity of your team and significantly improve the project management procedures.

But first, what’s Clickup?

As it states on the website, Clickup is an ultimate suite for team collaboration. With a wide range of features, it replaces almost every tool that effective team communication requires: task management, to-do lists, chats, docs & wikis, spreadsheets, goals tracking, etc. It’s a perfect solution for everyone who’s tired of jumping between two or more tools to manage workflow. And what can be important for many users, Clickup seems to be the most colorful task manager on the market ;).

Clickup offers two pricing plans:

  • Free – including 100MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited users,
  • Unlimited – including unlimited storage, views, integrations, dashboards, guests, and permissions, goals, portfolios, and custom fields.

As the Clickup team promises on their website, they will build one new integration per week. Quite impressive! Of course, we’ll not publish a full list here, let us just recommend the most useful ones listed and how they can affect your business and teamwork. Clickup shares its API, encouraging tool owners to build their own integrations and Clickup apps.


Automate Business Workflow with these Clickup Integrations!

Time tracking: TimeCamp

Time is our precious resource, so it’s reasonable to know how we usually spend it, especially when it comes to working. Implementing proper time management habits at your business will generate long-term profits, such as higher employee productivity. But that doesn’t mean making them hounded by the over-the-shoulder management. Rather than basic time measuring, it’s for pointing out the most time-consuming activities to eliminate them. What is more, time tracking is essential for payroll, especially when hiring employees on an hourly rate or billing contractors.

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Here TimeCamp comes with the helping hand! It integrates with Clickup as an easy to use Google Chrome plugin. Once you set up the integration, the “start timer” button appears in the card view – one you have to do is a single click. If you prefer tracking time straight from the TimeCamp app, it imports all the Clickup data and creates similar tasks structure in TimeCamp. Once someone creates a new task in Clickup, it also appears in TimeCamp immediately. Just choose the item you’re working on in desktop app or start web timer and enjoy distraction-free, automatic time tracking for your Clickup projects.

Check more about ClickUp Time Tracking!

clickup integration

What is more, TimeCamp also serves your company as an attendance tool, offering a separate module for this feature. It shows the clock in/clock out hours, total productive/paid hours for the chosen time period, allows to mark vacations, leaves, days when working remotely, etc.

Click here to register for a trial and try TimeCamp for 14 days for free…

Or take a look at other time trackers that offer Clickup integrations:

  • Everhour
  • Toggl
  • Harvest
  • Clockify
  • Timely
  • TMetric
  • Timeneye
  • PomodoneApp
  • TimeDoctor


In Clickup, you can set a due date for each task, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Especially for control freaks who want to stay up-to-date perfectly with their responsibilities ;). That’s why Clickup offers integrations with the three most popular Calendar service on the market:

  • Google Calendar,
  • Outlook,
  • Apple Calendar.

While Apple Calendar integration is one-way (the changes made in Clickup appear in Apple Calendar, but won’t sync back), Google Calendar and Outlook one is two-way. Once the project in Clickup is updated, you can see the changes in both calendar clients and vice versa. using this integration, you won’t waste time entering data manually anymore.

clickup integrations

Single Sign-On

In times when cloud storage becomes more and more popular, knowing that the company’s data are safely stored is a must. Clickup SSO integration allows users to sign up and log in with Google or Microsoft account. Sounds quite refined and maybe some of you consider it as an unnecessary gadget but believe me – knowing that you don’t have to remember the credentials each time you log in to your favorite software is a huge relief.

Those apps are fully customizable – users with admin privileges can control who needs to authenticate yourself while signing in. They also see who linked their Microsoft or Google account to Clickup. What is more, the new GSuite or Microsoft user in your team will be automatically invited to Clickup when signing up.

Meetings – Zoom

Not only project management tools have become more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, but online conferencing software as well. Both ensure the remote teams with effective communication substitute and workflow management. Among all integrations, Clickup also provides its users with the one with the most popular online meeting tools on the market – Zoom.

This integration allows you to start meeting from any task in Clickup, which is really handy – the participants immediately know what’s the meeting about and they’re provided with all essential details. If the meeting has already started, other Clickup users can easily join just by clicking the link in the comments. Tasks are automatically updated after the meeting ends and with an additional link to the recording. In a nutshell – you don’t have to leave Clickup to conduct a meeting anymore, the integration allows you to do it IN Clickup! 😉

Ticketing – Zendesk

Online ticketing tools are a huge help for the customer service departments these days. Especially for you, Clickup users, they’re perfect if you integrate Clickup with them! One of these tools that offer Clickup integration os Zendesk, a customer support platform that offers various ways of communicating with clients: phone, chat, email, social media, or any other channel you require. Thanks to this connection, each new ticket in Zendesk create a new task in Clickup.

Each task can be customized by assigning them, adding start and due dates, and any other detail important for the ticket. The integration works also the other way, you’re allowed to create and add each task to a ticket in Zendesk for easier status tracking.

Alternative ticketing integration for Clickup: Intercom

File Storage – Box

Clickup promises 100 MB file storage in its free plan and offers unlimited storage for paid users. But in case you use the external file storage platform, Box integration is ready to use. It allows users to quickly access all types of files that are stored in the cloud offered by Box and attach them to Clickup tasks. What is more, if you want to add something from Box in the comments section, go ahead! Multiple accounts can use the same Box account, which makes it unique for each team.

Scheduling – Calendly

Busy people require solutions they can rely on. Instead of creating tasks in Clickup for each meeting manually, you can use Calendly integration! It creates a new task each time the new meeting appears in your favorite scheduling software. What is more, it won’t be an empty task, because it will be filled with the meeting’s details already!

PS. This integration is quite different than others – it uses Clickup Automation, which is a Clickup native feature for performing repetitive actions in this tool. The trigger here is a Calendly event, and as an action, it creates a new task with an event’s details.

clickup calendly

Error tracking – Sentry

Coding is a tough job, so any help would be a huge relief there. That’s why Sentry was made, to help coders deliver better work results much faster. Sentry tracks code errors in real-time and helps developers diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Connect Clickup with Sentry and you’ll be allowed to create a new task from each error Sentry diagnoses and send it to the selected Clickup list. Link to an issue will immediately appear as a message in the task view. Then assign the team members responsible for solving the issue, set start and due dates, and do whatever you do with tasks in Clickup. Smart and manageable!

Automation – Zapier

Already decided to implement Clickup in your team, but realized it doesn’t offer your favorite integration? Don’t worry, it’s likely that you can create it thanks to Zapier! It gives the users access to 1000+ apps and allows them to integrate them on the “trigger-action” principle. And what’s the best, it doesn’t require any coding skills! Just a few clicks and the integration is made, without any headache.

One of the most useful Clickup integrations offered by Zapier are:

  • Google Forms – creates new tasks from new submissions,
  • Salesforce – turns new opportunities into new Clickup tasks,
  • RightCentral – each missed call can be tracked in a task in Clickup,
  • JIRA – turns every JIRA issue into a task in Clickup,
  • Google Sheets – adds new tasks in Clickup into a sheet row.

clickup integrations zapier

As an end, it’s worth mentioning that Clickup offers integrations with other task management tools like Asana, Trello, Monday, or Basecamp. These are especially helpful if you want to change the tool, they migrate your data safely and in no time.

Is there any integration missed here? Tell us in the comment if you want us to cover it!

Automate Business Workflow with Clickup Integrations!

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