Autumn – Time to Reevaluate Your Work With 3 Easy Tricks!

Autumn means rainy days, cold evenings, and carpets made of leaves on the streets. But it can also be beautiful – the rays of sun play with trees illuminating like gold, hot coffee tastes better than ever, and pumpkin cake smells nice from the kitchen. Autumn is also a perfect time to reevaluate work and look back at the past year.

Swipe The Dust From Your Office!

Obviously, it’s difficult to get back to work and focus on anything after hot summer. Especially if you’ve just come back from vacation on a tropical island. The pervasive melancholy is almost overwhelming and everybody in the office is dreaming about a break.

There couldn’t be a better time than autumn to reevaluate work. It’s a perfect moment to take a step back from your daily duties and reflect on the past. Of course, not to get even deeper into the melancholic state but to analyze your actions, see what progress you’ve made, what mistakes you did and how you can fix them.

Take a look at these 3 easy steps. In fact, they are questions but of great importance. If you ask yourself all three and then reflect on them, you will get a clear picture on how your work looks like, whether your successful or there are still some things that you need to change. These questions will not only help you reevaluate your work but also create a balanced life.

Good luck!

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#1 How Do You Organize Your Work?

How have your work organization looked like over the past year? Did you manage to plan effectively? Did you even bother to plan your work in advance? Did you organize your desk and office or was it always messy?

That’s a lot of questions but if your answer to most of them was positive then you don’t have to worry, you did a great job. But if you didn’t, you have a lot of work to do. If you don’t plan and organize your tasks and projects, it will be more difficult to do your job.

Being organized helps to stay productive and take most out of your days. The same goes for a clean desk and work environment. Why? Because it helps to get rid of distractions, unnecessary work and stress.

Also, you may want to let yourself feel the back-to-school spirit, so natural for the autumn when students begin their classes, and get new stationery. It’s a fantastic way to feel like a child again when buying colorful pens, post-it-notes, and other necessary accessories. Nobody said that work can’t be fun!

#2 Do You Effectively Manage Your Time?

Do you track your time and analyze how much of it you spent on productive and unproductive activities? How are you allocating your time? Do you take breaks and vacation?

These are just some basic questions you should ask yourself. People tend to ignore the importance of monitoring their work. But it is one of the most important aspects of our work! It helps not only to stay productive, it automatizes some of the most time-consuming processes. See how a good time tracking software can help you in answering the question number two on the example of TimeCamp:

  • TimeCamp tracks all your activities automatically.
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports give you a clear picture of how your work looks like – how much time you spend on various activites including those productive and unproductive.
  • The software allows you to measure project profitbaility, forecast time and costs for future development projects.
  • Track offline activity, attendance, leaves, etc.
  • You can easily manage your team and track their time in TimeCamp.
  • Integrate TimeCamp with various apps and tools for a faster and smooth work.


#3 What Are Your Priorities?

Do you know what you want in life and work? Do you set clear goals and expectations for yourself and for your team? What is most important to you?

You have to know what you’re working for and what are your prospects. It will help you stay energized, organized, and motivated. As simple as that!

“If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Why Should You Reevaluate Work?


Now that you’ve analyzed and reevaluated your work, you may wonder, why do it at all? Well, it’s a very important activity that should be done not only once a year but on a regular basis, for example, once a month or even once a week.

It’s a fantastic way to recognize your strengths and weaknesses – what you’re good at and what is your Achilles heel. It’s also a good system of analyzing every project and task that you had. Was it performed as best as it could be? Was your team engaged? Was there anything that could be improved or mistakes avoided? That’s a lot of questions to answer but once you do it, and keep doing it repeatedly, you’ll achieve success.

And when your colleagues wait in line to warm up their soup in the microwave on this cold autumn afternoon, you can think about your achievements and plans for the next year. Just before everyone will start talking about Christmas and their New-Year goals. If you reevaluate work, you’ll always be on top of it!


Autumn – Time to Reevaluate Your Work With 3 Easy Tricks!

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