“Do this and avoid that!” – Boosting Productivity at The Office!


Do you want more from your job?

Many of us treat their daily job as nothing more but a source of income. We wake up in the morning, get into the car or catch a bus (some walk or ride a bike, good for those!) Then we go to the office to do some (the same) stuff for eight hours, checking the clock from time to time and noticing with irritation that time is not going any faster.

That’s the worst possible approach (apart from riding a bike. 😉 that one can have towards his/her work. We tend to dislike it because we often feel like we are not doing much like there’s always something more – more tasks, more duties, more tedious work…

However, there are steps that we can take, to get rid of this type of thinking. And they are quite easy! Let’s discuss some dos and don’ts of work – of course, try to follow the “dos” and avoid the “don’ts.” You should notice after some time that your approach to work will change. It will become more enjoyable, easy to do, maybe even entertaining. Why? Because your productivity will significantly increase, and once you notice the results of it – how much work per day you will be able to do, how much time you will save, how you will grow in the eyes of the management as an employee, well, you will find pleasure in your job 😉

A lot of important information concerning the tips below can be found in our other posts. If you haven’t already, take a look at them in your free time 🙂

What you should do:

  • Plan! The vital part of a productive person. You should know what to do when you wake up in the morning AT LEAST a before you go to bed. So once you get out of bed, you immediately follow the schedule prepared beforehand. This can save you literally HOURS.
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    So it happens, that we know a perfect tool that can aid you in following your schedule! TimeCamp – our time tracking software that monitors and analyzes the time you spend at your computer. It will display a graph of your productive and unproductive activities, so you will know what takes too much of your time and should be avoided, but you will also know what’s your working progress. You can try it out for free

  • Healthy Lifestyle! You have no idea how energetic and productive a person who keeps to a healthy lifestyle can be. Try, on every cost, to avoid sugar – sugar is a liar. Gives you a small boost of energy in exchange for taking the most of it from you 30 minutes later. This may be a bit controversial to some, but coffee is also not good for you (sorry, but you know that’s true;p.) Human organism quickly adapts to caffeine, and too much of it has a bad influence on our health. Ever tried yerba mate? It is a pretty nice beverage, to be honest. A strong green tea is also great for you. The same goes with food! Check our article about a healthy lifestyle in the related posts section.
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  • Get yourself a dopamine source. Sounds peculiar, perhaps complicated, right? But it’s the easiest thing to do. For real. Do you have a dream? Or someone very important in your life? It can be your wife, son, and baby daughter, but, on the other hand, it can be a new Porsche 😀 Just have a picture of whatever it is nearby, and dedicate a few minutes once in a while to focus on it. This will give you a shot of motivation, a reason to try harder, better.
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What should be avoided:

  • Getting frustrated. Sometimes there’s just too much on your shoulders. Boss expects too much, you are ill, or didn’t sleep well because you have a small kid, you name it. You may not even be aware of this, but it eats you up. Even the smallest failure may push you to the limit, and you will take it out on your family or coworkers. Whenever you feel like exploding, take a knee – think thoroughly about the situation, and you will find a solution to the problem. One small step at the time.
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  • Trying to do everything on your own. Okay, you may be a freelancer and pretty much have to do everything by yourself, but whether you are one, or you work in the office, you must have full control over your tasks. Our brains have the tendency to get lazy – if they have to choose from, let’s say, three different exercises, they will most like choose the one, that either the easiest or most enjoyable to do. But what if it’s the last of the list of our priorities? It’s important that we make the right decisions and put away the tasks that are not urgent or simply delegate them.
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  • Being unsatisfied. Don’t let the light of your life diminish. Find pleasure and joy in it – a goal to pursuit, people to spend time with, a hobby that completes you, and work that you like.
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Summing Up

Yes, the work that you like, because it has to be said – sometimes whatever techniques, tips, and ideas you try, you may not find pleasure in your work. It means that it simply doesn’t fit you. Be sure that you don’t spend the rest of your life doing it. Chase the dream!

“Do this and avoid that!” – Boosting Productivity at The Office!

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