How To Become a Better Product Manager?

We are writing so much about project management while not paying much attention to those, who have to make sure, that the project developed by a company gets the customers’ attention. That’s right – product managers!

Thus today we will focus on this particular group of people. If you are one of them, you may find our tips helpful. Especially, if you feel like you are missing something! Product managers are usually very open and talkative – after all, they have to convince the potential customer to buy the product they are advertising. But it doesn’t mean that a more calm, distanced person won’t make a career in this business. We shall provide ideas that will not only help those, who are already product managers, but also those, who want to try their luck and become one.

The Demanding Work

All the meetings, the necessity to engage in a friendly conversation with tens of very different people each and every day – this can be pretty exhausting.  Fortunately, some quite simple techniques can help product managers reach their clients more efficiently, come up with better marketing ideas, inspire their teammates, and, what’s most important gain the confidence to sell with success.

Let’s discuss those:

1. Thorough preparation

As a product manager, you have to accept the fact that you will meet tons of people. From one meeting to another, answering one phone call while the next is waiting on the line. Those are the things that you have to get used to. But you can make it easier for you by preparing in advance.

  • Try to write an accurate journal of all your clients and update it on a daily basis. Thanks to that, you will always know what the progress of your negotiations is, what’s your client’s behavior, what he/she likes, etc. You may think this is silly if you are working with 2-5 customers but take under consideration that their number may grow, and one day you may find yourself in trouble because you won’t be sure what are you supposed to talk about during the upcoming meeting. Also, by writing such journal, you are learning a positive habit that will help you during your career.

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  • Always know what’s going on – if you were invited to the meeting, ask exactly what it will be about before you go. This will give you more time to prepare. If you are the one who is organizing the meeting, make a rehearsal – you can do it with friends or even alone, but you pretty much have to. Have a list of all the issues that you are planning to discuss and practice your presentation a few times. Also, try to predict the questions that may appear.


There is also a great software that can help you stay organized – TimeCamp! Have all your time under control, just track it via computer or mobile device and receive detailed graphs picturing your daily(or weekly or monthly) work. Also, don’t miss the .

2. Believing in Yourself

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but it takes a lot of practice to master. Even people with huge self-esteem and a lot of charisma tend to get anxious. There are some easy ways to get into the right mindset.

  • Mirror self-motivation – that people tend to laugh at sometimes. Before they actually try it! You may be very surprised but spending a few minutes each morning in front of the mirror, talking to ourselves, can help us significantly boost our self-esteem. Just make sure that you are complimenting yourself 😀
  • Mental exercise – another cool trick that may help. Spend 5-10 minutes every day whenever you have time and just sit down, relaxed. Close your eyes and think of your life – what lessons you’ve managed to learn and what they gave you. You have knowledge and experience, and you’ve been through a lot. There is nothing that you can’t handle!

3. Delegating

There will be times when you can get a bit overwhelmed (but that means that business is doing great, and that’s all we wish for you!) However if those times happen, you may not be able to cope will all your duties. This is where you should swallow your pride and share the tasks with your colleagues. Always put your health in front of the money. Also, remember, that if you take too much on your shoulders, the results will not be as good, as they were, when you were not burdened by work.

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4. Be Honest With Your Clients

Because you don’t have to be the social butterfly to convince your clients to purchase a good product. You just have to be friendly and honest with them. Build strong relationships, care about the people you meet with. Don’t just talk but listen to them, and you will find a way to everyone’s (well, not everyone’s but to many) hearts (or, in this case, wallets, right?)

If you don’t know how to start, try setting up some goals. Read more in our article with career goals examples.

Summing Up

You are the man! Or…the woman! But you are the person capable of achieving great heights. All you need is a little self-confidence. We hope that the described techniques will help you boost it. So, off you go, tiger(ess)!  Try those and become better product manager. And if you come up with some more ideas how to enhance your self-esteem, share them with us! 😉

How To Become a Better Product Manager?

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