10 Great Tips That Will Help You Become a Successful Manager


Being in charge is not an easy task. We know that people expect us to lead them, to provide help and advice whenever it’s needed. We have to ease the tensions in the team, make everyone cooperate with each other without flaws, and, what is probably the most important, we must be the authority. Our team members have to look up to us. A manager is a role model to his or her team.

The skills a good manager needs are those related to planning and management. Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are also essential. There is this saying, that an excellent specialist does not make a good boss. That is definitely true. However, if an excellent specialist knows how to manage people well, there are many more career opportunities ahead of him or her.

If you’re not sure how to start, try setting up some goals. Read our article about career goals examples.

The ability to organize work of your team, set goals, coach your employees, solve team conflicts, and make sure that all projects are finished on time – this is what a manager should know how to execute. Some people simply have it, others have to learn it. But nobody is irreformable. With a proper attitude, anyone can become a professional project manager.

We can help you with that a little, as we have prepared a list of 10 important rules that a manager should follow, in order to manage a team more efficiently. Have a read and try to memorize them!

All these tips are extremely important -becoming an excellent manager takes some hard work. But who said you couldn’t cheat a little? With the right PM Software, you will be able to organize the work of your team smoothly and quickly. and ease the work in your office!

1. Proper organization of  work

The ability to quickly organize work at your office means that you are familiar with the environment of the company, the skills of your employees, and the client’s demands. You can quickly analyze the tasks and forward to those team members, who have best qualifications for the particular job.

2. Precision in setting goals

You control the time and progress of your and others’ work. You can properly divide the work among individual employees, and you make sure that everything is going smoothly from the beginning to the end.

3. Skillful plan making

Ability to come up with working plans is necessary. The whole workflow of your team is based on your ideas. You have to carefully plan in order to have the project finished on time.

4. Appropriate division of tasks

Was mentioned already but it definitely deserves a separate rubric. You have to know exactly how capable are your employees. What skills they have, what type of character. Without this knowledge, your company may be in trouble.

5. Motivate employees effectively

A great manager is also a coach, who knows how to reach his or her employees. Ability to motivate your subordinates has a direct influence on the process of project implementation. Also, they are more efficient, knowing that they can ask you for an advice.

6. Execution

A proper execution of team’s task is directly connected to our authority. We have to clearly define our rules and the consequences of their violation. A good manager must be understanding but strict at the same time.

7. Presence

Communicating your message in a direct way is associated with authority and self-esteem. What is most important, is your confidence. But apart from that, you should keep a straight posture, control your voice, be well dressed, and assertive. Just remember that your “presence of a boss” does not include impoliteness!

8. Maintaining self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of the basic characteristics of a team leader, it also shows internalized assertiveness, a sense of competence, and many other features, without which the manager cannot be a manager.

9. Using empathy

Empathy is an important feature,  opening many individualized ways of managing the team. Facilitating the creation of a good working environment, and solving problems. All thanks to the ability to put ourselves in the situation of another person. However, having an empathy does not mean that we ignore the bad performance of our team.

10. Effective conflict resolution

The ability to resolve conflicts requires a bit of empathy and a lot of determination and emotional intelligence.  Conflicts should be – if possible – solved in a way, that both sides benefit from it.  It may be hard to keep everyone satisfied, but it is not impossible. Unfortunately, sometimes the solution to the conflict requires tough decisions – including the dismissal.

Summing Up

Those are just some tips that you may find helpful. The key factor is to constantly develop. There are hundreds of books concerning management. The more you know, the better for you. We only provided the basics =] We wish you all the best possible career in management, we believe in you! And, once you are on top, remember TimeCamp!

10 Great Tips That Will Help You Become a Successful Manager

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