Do You Hate Filling Out the Invoices? Start Doing it With Joy Using the Right Software!

Why do we hate it?

Invoicing is probably the biggest nightmare of any employer or freelancer. No matter if you are a leader of a big company or just manage your own small business – the activity of generating invoices always involves stress and pressure. You have to be very focused on it and make sure that it is done before a deadline.

There are still companies (most likely the small ones) where owners use hand written invoices or generate an excel template. The latter method at least does the math for us (if we can use Excel correctly), it is time-consuming, though. The first one is simply a relic from the Stone Age. That is because creating invoices is a complicated task – it is challenging to keep the documents in a single source and well organized, not to mention generating the statistical data and reports.

Why do we have to do it?

The problem is, proper invoicing is essential in every business, it is the most official and yet the strongest connection between our clients and us. Usually, they are sent to a customer along with a complete product. That is the main reason why we have to make sure that they are accurate. After all, a success of a company in large part depends on precision and attention to details when it comes to every-day operations.

Where can we look for help?

Fortunately, the modern technology comes in handy here. Though it is still quite fresh on the market, the online invoicing software is becoming popular at lightning speed. Corporations that need to send out a huge number of invoices and financial statements frequently very quickly implemented this software. It offers great value for money and streamlines many of our processes. Tracking company expenses and sending invoices to the client becomes the piece of cake.

The benefits of using invoicing software.

If you are still not entirely convinced, we have prepared a list of five amazing benefits that come from using the invoicing software. Check it out:

  1. Personalized invoices – You can choose from a variety of templates and add our company’s details and logo into the system to have our own, customized invoices to present to our customers.
  2. Saving time and money – You will save hundreds of hours thanks to the automation of business processes. There will be no need to manually enter the data because the program synchronizes and imports/exports data from other software and apps. And the digitalization of business operations means that you no longer have to worry about spending money on different resources and resolutions to transfer the invoices to your clients.
  3. Improved work organization – Not only will you be able to send invoices from anywhere on the planet (anywhere, where an internet connection exists), but also you will have all information about your clients at hand. Tracking and managing invoices will get much easier which should result in your company receiving money faster and without any obstacles.
  4. Security – The sophisticated technology used in online invoicing software guarantees that all your data is encrypted, secured and backed up now and then. It works pretty much in the same way as online banking software.
  5. No more paperwork! – When everything is in the cloud, it won’t make a mess on your desk. Also, you will never again search in panic for a missing sheet with some critical information. What is more, when everything is digitalized, the use of paper in a company is reduced to a minimum. Imagine how tremendous impact could it make on the environment if all the biggest corporations stopped using paper.

What can TimeCamp do for you?

To put it simply – a lot! Invoicing is one of the main features of TimeCamp. This feature lets you set hourly rates for every user or project and generate invoices by the data gathered by our time tracking app. Everything is done automatically.

PayPal integration

Another great convenience that you can find in our software is the possibility to integrate it with PayPal. That way, you can track and make the payments for the issued invoices on an ongoing basis. Once you integrate TimeCamp with Quickbooks or Xero, you will be able to export the invoices to the accounting software of your choice.

Easy sharing

The process of sending invoices to your clients becomes unbelievably simple. You can do this straight from the software, from your email, or by generating a public link for easy sharing and downloading the invoices in the PDF format. Every time a client opens your invoice, you will receive a notification.

Estimating the budget

Setting hourly rates for your invoices will help you in the evaluation of your projects costs and profitability. Invoices can be issued straightaway from the app and sent directly to your clients.

Summing Up

Those were just a few of the features that TimeCamp has in the offer when it comes to invoicing, for the full list along with the introduction and detailed tutorial, visit this page.

We do not believe that nowadays anyone must be convinced to use the invoicing software, the facts speak for themselves. It is safe, simple, and, of course, profitable. There are practically no bad sides! The once tedious process of invoicing became something that anyone can do effortlessly. And when we work with the time tracking software that includes invoicing system, we can just sit back and watch with smile as the money flows =]


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Do You Hate Filling Out the Invoices? Start Doing it With Joy Using the Right Software!

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