What Benefits Does The Program To Monitor Work At The Computer Bring?

We spend most of our time trying to make the most of it, complaining that we have too little of it.

Nowadays, the measurement of time spent on activities has become an important part of our lives and managers compete with each other in using specialized tools such as computer monitoring applications. Since 1880, working time monitoring has evolved into what can be called the working time culture.

Entrepreneurs and HR must take into account the applicable labor regulations, using an adequate number of breaks and free time available to the employee. That is why a need for precise measurement of working hours has arisen. The former mechanism, a book of presence in the company, has been replaced by work registration systems. Monitoring computer work time has become a useful mechanism to be applied in every business. And automation of this process has made it easier to manage working time and project accounting.

What Is Computer Time Monitoring?

The activity of turning on a computer automatically activates the program that tracks time spent on specific applications, documents, and websites (in the case of Polish TimeCamp, the title of web pages, the name of the application and the titles of documents are read out).

With the use of such programs, you can, among others:

  • Check how much time you waste at work.
  • Learn which activities take most of your time.
  • Check how much time you spent on the implementation of individual projects.
  • Measure the efficiency of your work.

You can also check out this video below showing you how to start a time tracking journey with TimeCamp!

Freelancers can use time monitoring tools to assess the profitability of their work for their customers. But similar solutions are also dedicated to companies that care for their work and wish to enhance their effectiveness.

The following case studies justify the application of such programs in companies:

  • How does the creative agency Zensite account for their work with their customers?
  • How did PROGEA Consulting replace the boring Excel with automated TimeCamp?
  • With TimeCamp, the design office Jakosta keeps their budget under control
  • The accounting office Trames  evaluates the profitability of cooperation with customers using TimeCamp

The Implementation Of Time Tracking Software In The Company

While it is clear that the business owners agree to use such software, employees can feel a certain discomfort when it comes to monitoring their work. Therefore, it is important that the implementation of such tools should follow the principles of proper implementation, as it has been shown in the infographic below:

Summing Up

Time monitoring at a company can bring many benefits if implemented in the proper way. It is worth remembering that benefits of time monitoring can only be seen if the process is adjusted to the business’ needs.

time tracking infographics

What Benefits Does The Program To Monitor Work At The Computer Bring?

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