Best Attendance Tracker

Best Attendance Tracker

The internet is filled with varied applications and software which are there to enhance our daily work. Attendance trackers are one of them. But how to choose from such a wide offer? Which is the most suitable? Precise time and attendance management, and collecting accurate time data are the crucial factors for compliance with the company’s rules on attendance and time off. And this can be done only with the proper software. Today we present 6 best attendance trackers. Take a look and choose the right one for your company.

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#1 TimeCamp

How does it work? TimeCamp is a time tracking software (of course, we couldn’t miss this one here) but not only. So why use such a software as an attendance app? Because thanks to the accurate measurement of work hours (up-to-the-second), it is easy to find out how many hours per day your employees work = what is the exact time of their attendance. TimeCamp was also awarded by as one of the best attendance tracking softwares of 2021.

Pros: the software tracks time automatically so you don’t have to worry about spending hours on figuring out how to do it. The software has features such as billing, invoicing, reporting. Smooth and easy switching between different tasks and projects, a wide range of platforms the tool is available for Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux). TimeCamp attendance and employee time tracker is also available as the mobile version, which is especially useful in tracking attendance of remote workers who often work outside the office with the use of their phone. The app is also packed with GPS tracker.

Cons: If you need a software which will only measure employees’ attendance, the set of features in TimeCamp may be too excessive for you.

#2 Getspot


How does it work? Getspot gives a detailed insight into employee’s work hours (when they log in and out of the system) as well as other activities connected strictly to work with the reports on how much time they took, for example, moving on from point A to point B as part of work assignment. As the tool’s name suggests, Getspot provides the information on employees’ location.

Pros: Getspot is a good GPS tool for employers who need to have detailed information on their employees’ work progress during travel. The app has many useful additional features, such as task management, real time location tracking, distance traveled, geo-location mapping, custom visited location, and integrations.

Cons: According to users’ opinion, the software has little deficiencies which can take a lot of time to solve, so be ready for that while using the app. Additionally, Getspot may seem like a system which is used to spy on employees since their exact location is visible when they log in. Not everyone may be happy about it as it invades their privacy. Also,  if you’re looking for something more than GPS attendance tracker, you may not be satisfied with this one.

#3 Time Doctor

time doctor2

How does it work? Time Doctor is a typical attendance tracker with the most necessary functions. The tool not only measures time spent on work but also helps to increase productivity by showing which activities disturb employees’ work. Although the software has other features, its main focus is on tracking attendance and carrying out assigned duties.

Pros: Easy-in-use, with a simple interface, Time Doctor is a great tool for people who don’t need any extra features. It has all the basic features and functions needed for attendance tracking:

  • Absence Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking

Cons: The price for entrepreneurs beginning their business may be a little bit over the level of a considerable amount.

See the comparison between TimeCamp & Time Doctor

#4 Kronos Workforce Ready


How does it work? Kronos Workforce Ready is a tool which helps in managing a team. It is a human capital management suite of tools on a unified cloud platform. Kronos is the best solution for easy and simple people management.

Pros: The tools are unified into one on a cloud so it’s easy to switch between different cards. Also available on mobile.

Cons: Kronos may not be the best solution for people looking for an excessive set of features.

#5 Replicon


How does it work? Replicon is a software which helps you get control over your team’s attendance. If a simple and modern attendance tracker is what you need, then you may find this one useful. With this tool, you can manage all aspects connected with attendance, such as absence, log/work hours, holidays, etc.

Pros: Replicon is intuitive, easy, and simple. It has all the basic functions which every attendance tracker should have.

#6 Calamari


How does it work? Calamari is the perfect tool for managing people. You can not only have control over your team but also over their work hours. The tool helps you plan work hours, holidays, an offers timesheets, reporting, payroll export among other. And it’s hard to point out any cons of this app!

Pros:  Comprehensive with basic features which make work smooth and productive. A large number of integrations with other tools.

Best Attendance Tracker

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  1. I can recommend TimeCam to every user who’s looking for perfect attendance software. It has many features like automatic time tracking, that helps our company better use our time.

  2. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m using to track my staff and keep an eye on the attendance. On Zistemo there are a lot of integrations (Asana, Trello, etc.) and the reporting is superb. You staff can use to log-in easy via the app on the go. And your data is super safe, because the company/servers are located in switzerland! Perfect solution for us! In case someone is interested:

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