To Hunt Down a Clockwork Cockroach – Best Bug Tracking Software!

What is your first association with the word ”bug”? Nature, right? At this very moment, you probably have the picture of insects of all sort in your mind, pretty like a ladybird or revolting like a flesh fly, those useful to the environment and those which are not. However, there is also a different type of bugs in our closest surroundings, probably even more annoying than abominations such as mosquitoes, ticks or cockroaches.

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That group consists of errors and issues which occur in software. Sounds familiar? Hell, it does! Who have not at least once in their lives experienced frustration when the used program just turned off out of itself or has frozen for an intolerably long time. It gets even worse if the project that we are working on with our team decides not to work and we are not able to establish the reason why it is happening. Such occurrences have damaged the reputation of many software providers and depleted the budget of many companies, discouraging customers from prolonging the use of the provided services.
Fortunately, Bug Tracking Software comes to aid of such suppliers here. Check out our list of tools that will significantly help you with tracking bugs:


Who is the platform dedicated to? Its potential purchasers are web developers. What is the app capable of? It facilitates getting an annotated screenshot of bugs and then sharing it with either the team or with third-party developers, colleagues, clients, or/and quality assurance personnel. Moreover, Usersnap gets rid of communication friction between developers, thanks to which they work more efficiently and productively in their work.

The tool is based on cloud computing and it is directly rooted in the bug reporting and feedback loop, which in turn makes it possible for users to automatically send annotated screenshots of bugs and issues complete with the details, like browser information and operating system data. Who is the receiver of those screenshots? The developer. who gets them via email or checks the inbox as they go directly to his/her system.

Key features

  • What makes bug tracking simpler and faster than ever is point and click issue reporting,
  • In-browser screenshots: one shall get a screenshot of what your users see without the necessity to install plug-ins required. Moreover, one can execute cross browser tests and see browser specific issues immediately,
  • The feedback widget grants website users and developers an opportunity to send a bug report at once  and directly from the website,
  • JavaScript error logging: what is provided by Usersnap to its user are visual bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript error recording,
  • Collaborate & communicate: one may invite their colleagues into Usersnap which will allow the team to discuss screens and find solutions together.



What is it? Planio is a Redmine-based bug tracker. Managing software projects can be done through the use of Agile methodologies, for instance, Scrum. One has the opportunity to respond to customer support tickets using the CRM tool. Linking to issues in found by Planio is possible thanks to tight integration with GIT or SVN.

Key features:

  • Being a highly configurable tool, Planio enables one to adjust the workflow to their work rate.
  • The program allows big projects to be broken down into smaller parts. It also enables one to track their progress. The preview of one’s current status is possible thanks to Gantt charts and Roadmaps.
  • Planio consists of 14 apps which can be freely switched on or off depending on one’s needs. Besides, one can create wikis, forums, blogs. They can also chat with their team, tracks time, or store documents. Alternatively, they can keep things simple, and only activate the apps needed at the moment.
  • Linking GIT or SVN commits to issues in Planio enables one to know exactly which developer did what and what they have changed. It is worth mentioning that one can host unlimited SVN or GIT repositories in Planio, and that they can integrate their repositories on GitHub.
  • Five-star rated Support is what characterizes Planio. Every customer is important and so are his or her needs.



Stryka is a powerful management tool made by Plutora, which aim is to make the high-quality software able to support multi-disciplined testing practices at an enterprise scale. It is designed to help either with single projects or hundreds of them. It supports waterfall, agile, and hybrid development approaches.

The key feature characterizing this product is a wide range of test capabilities, like the automated test execution, requirements management, defect management, test plan design, and functional test execution. Besides offering the aforementioned, the app engages stakeholders and drives collaboration between teams with the best-in-class analytics, metrics, and reporting capabilities.

Finally, Stryka is highly customizable. One can easily adapt it to individual project teams, System Integrators (SI), as well as Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) teams. It is crucial to mention that available as a stand-alone test management solution or as part of Plutora’s enterprise DevOps platform, the recommended product fixes one up with control and visibility across all the releases, test environments, and tests assets within enterprises.

Interested? Check the link below:


Are you looking for a handy tool that would help to get rid of errors damaging reputation of your software and, consequently, your business? Bugzilla is exactly what you need. the app is considered to be a leader among bug tracking tools and has been widely used by a great number of organizations for quite long time now. Bugzilla is very simple to use, web-based interface. the app has all the features of the essence, convenience, and assurance. It is completely open sourced and is free to use.

Key facets

  • One is provided with integrated email capabilities,
  • Its database is optimized so as to increase performance and scalability,
  • It features editable user profiles and comprehensive email preferences
  • One’s confidentiality is protected by an excellent security,
  • Bugzilla is said to be am advanced query solution which is able to remember one’s searches,
  • It is believed to be a comprehensive permissions system
  • It has proven its effectiveness under fire as Mozilla’s bug tracking system



zipBoard provides bug tracking for web projects from start to finish, whether on images, HTML prototypes, or even working websites. Plus, there’s no limitation on the number of users that can be added to a project so teams of all sizes can find it effective.

Lean Testing

Have you any problems with the software you provide to your customers? Customers are dissatisfied with it and discouraged by mushrooming errors? Lean Testing, a free bug tracking and test case management software, is the answer to your prayers. It is worth recommending even more since it has been designed by testers. It is equipped with a browser extension to report bugs on websites. The system does it quickly and easily. Furthermore, it has in-app reporting tools to allow users to report errors directly from within mobile apps.

In short, Lean Testing has everything you’d expect from a bug tracker and test case manager. It seems only appropriate to mention that the software supplier made sure that everything is intuitive and easy to use. Lastly, Lean Testing is web-based and requires no installation.


Laymen may ask: what is this Jira-something? Atlassian JIRA, known mainly for being an incident management solution, serves also as a popular tool to track issues. It offers the complete set of recording, reporting, workflow and other convenience-related features. Jira integrates directly with the code development environment. This, in turn, makes it a desirable also by developers.  What is more, being able to track any and all kinds of bugs, Jira is not necessarily concentrated only on the software development industry. The tool renders itself quite efficiently to help desks, leave management systems and so on. Furthermore, it supports agile projects. Finally, the bug-tracking app is a commercially licensed product with many add-ins that support extensibility.

Key features:

  • The app has boards which give teams an instant snapshot of the project they work on. Boards provide their users with quickly review project progress, the status of individual tasks. They match the steps of a team’s workflow and adjust to how each team works.
  • Using unconventional business project templates allows one to handle simple tasks and complex workflows in a similar fashion. In addition, those can be customized to check how one’s team works.
  • Thanks to Jira and task details it supplies one with, they can see what’s happening with any project. However, not only task details are centralized thanks to the tool, those are also comments, attachments, and due dates.
  • Getting the attention of specific team members and stay informed has never been easier. All due to handy, detailed notifications.
  • How to find something about the project’s details, for instance, a due date when a task was last updated, or what a team member still needs to finish? Via the search tool. No mess, no stress, because all is in one place.
  • Do you wish to know everything about your project to know whether it shall be finished on time? Jira provides you with handy reports and dashboards to help you understand how your team is doing.

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The one who wishes to find a good app to track bugs doesn’t have to look for a long time for it. Mantis is the solution they seek. However, it is easy to be deceived. Why? Its simple exterior may discourage one from giving it a chance. It can freely be said that the tool is a king among bug tracking products, only in disguise. Mantis possesses every facet one can hope for. The tool not only comes as a web application but also has its own mobile version. Additionally, it is implemented in PHP and it is available for free. Being hosted demands money, fortunately, not too much.

Some of its key features:

  • For not hosted version – for free,
  • it is easy to install (both internally and in hosted environments).
  • it is web based
  • it supports any platform that runs PHP (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, AS400/i5, etc)
  • it is available in 68 localizations.
  • it offers multiple Projects per instance
  • users can have a different access level per project
  • it provides built-in Reporting (reports / graphs)
  • it supplies email notification



Software that does not work is a nightmare to both its suppliers and customers. Fortunately, there is a tool which can help to eliminate all sorts of mischievous errors. Do you want to know more about them? Check the list provided above.


To Hunt Down a Clockwork Cockroach – Best Bug Tracking Software!

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