Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity Owls (and not only)

If you’re looking for the best Chrome extensions for productivity, you’re in the right place! No doubt Chrome browser is the most popular among internet users. And the fact it goes with lots of productivity Chrome extensions that can enhance your daily experience at work.

I wouldn’t consider myself a productivity owl, but I appreciate all the hacks that help me deliver the best results at work and in private. Today I’d like to show you the best Chrome extensions I’ve ever tried that are a great support if you want to stay productive. They’ll work perfectly for both remote workers and those performing their duties from the office. 

🔌 TimeCamp

Track time straight from your favorite browser

timecamp chrome extension

We’re so proud of our tool’s high availability! As we informed you some time ago, you can now integrate TimeCamp with 70+ new tools thanks to its browser extension, available for Chrome browser and Edge right now.

With this productivity Chrome extension (that works the same as the Toggl button extension), you can track time inside the tool you use. Once you add it to your browser, activate it by clicking on an extension icon and logging in to your account. The easily recognizable green button will immediately appear in the tool view – click it to start the timer. Time logged by the browser extension will automatically appear in your timesheet.

Price: Free

🔌 Sticky Notes Tab

Go paperless and hang notes in tabs

sticky notes tab chrome extension

Why produce tons of sticky notes when you write down the ideas online? And what’s even better, inside the browser you use daily?

The Sticky Notes Tab is a Tab chrome extension that allows you to create tasks as the notes and “hang” them everywhere you want within a tab. It’s customizable; you can change each note’s color or the font you use. Just open the new tab page, create a note, and you can be sure you won’t forget all the nice ideas you can think of.

Price: Free

🔌 Todoist

Manage to-do lists and save websites

Each paper to-do list is another waste – imagine how many of them go to the waste bin during the workweek. I highly recommend getting paperless and replacing the sticky notes with a simple Chrome extension Todoist offers.

Using a Todoist extension, you can organize your daily workflow without leaving your favorite browser. It also works as a task manager, so you can save web content like blog posts or web pages or ideas as bookmark links and come back to them later.

Price: Free

Check our Todoist time tracking!

🔌 LastPass

Keep all your browser passwords secure

lastpass chrome extension for productivity

If you need a handy password manager Chrome extension, try LastPass. It stores all your passwords and usernames at your disposal, so you don’t have to remember all of them. For all those concerned about data exposure, LastPass ensures full online security.

Besides saving passwords and logging in automatically, the LastPass extension lets you save credit card and address information, so you can quickly fill the online forms, e.g., when purchasing goods.

Price: Free

🔌 Forest

Stay focused by saving the environment

forest chrome extension for productivity

Do you need extra motivation to get more focused? Plant your own forest!

Forest is a handy Chrome extension that supports users’ self-motivation by planting trees. It goes with time limits; if the focus decreases, the plant dies.

It works like a game but actually makes a huge difference to both users’ motivation and ability to focus. What’s more, it has a positive outcome for the environment. Forest’s partner foundation, Forest for Trees, plants real trees! Each time users use virtual coins to plant their trees; Forest donates the monetary equivalent to create a planting order.

Price: Free

🔌 Rofocus

Create the most productive self with background noises

rofocus chrome extension for productivity

Did you know you can increase your focus and productivity with sounds? Use Rofocus, a productivity Chrome extension, to create background noise. Being exposed to noise may seem quite strange when it comes to increasing productivity. However, a group of scientists from the University of Illinois researched to check the effect of ambient noise on creative cognition. They proved that the right amount of sufficiently high noises might positively affect our creativity.

Rofocus creates ambient background noises, e.g., the sounds of nature like rain. It also comes with a nice-looking Pomodoro timer, an extra focus booster.

Price: Free

🔌 Tab Manager

Keep all the Chrome tabs open and organized

tab manager chrome extension

We all know how it is when we hear the sound coming from one tab while multiple of them are already open. Luckily, Chrome extensions help us organize and manage open tabs, enhancing the daily usage of your favorite web browser.

It locks the high-priority open tabs and automatically closes inactive tabs that are no longer in use. What’s more, the Pin-lock feature secures the tabs that are important to users for a particular reason from data exposure.

Price: Free

🔌 Momentum

Your personalized dashboard that replaces other browser extensions

Who said a new tab should be just a blank page with a plate to enter the web pages’ address? With the Momentum Chrome extension and just a few clicks, you can turn each new open tab with a personal dashboard that combines all your favorite productivity tools: reminders, to-do list templates, task management, focus mode, and many more.

What’s more, Momentum provides a collection of breathtaking new tab background nature photos to enhance the daily refreshment between the assignments.

Price: Free

🔌 Text to Speech

Listen to the web pages content

text to speech chrome extension for productivity

We often excuse ourselves from reading, simply explaining it by the lack of time. But imagine how many minutes (or even hours) during the day we spend commuting (even in COVID), staring at the computer or mobile device screen, or doing other things that don’t require our full attention?

Luckily, there’s a Chrome extension that converts the texts to speech so that you can listen to, e.g., your favorite blog articles while doing something else. It helps us keep up with the updates and saves the eyes from hours of looking at the screen.

I know it sounds quite like an invitation to multitask, but let’s face it, many of us listen to music while working. So, the result is quite the same, but the medium differs – instead of beloved songs, we can keep up with news feeds or listen to a blog post that has been published on one of the web pages we’re following.

🔌 Taskade

Manage tasks and daily workflow straight from the browser

taskade chrome extensions for productivity

Taskade is a useful Chrome extension that works mainly as a project management tool. But with its extra functionality can replace other tools like to-do list maker or web clipper with its extra functionality.

With Taskade, you can turn the internet browser content into new tasks and add them to a chosen workspace. The web app works in real-time, so you can ensure all your teammates will be up-to-date with the workflow changes or new ideas added to the projects.

Price: Free

🔌 Save to Facebook

Save exactly what you want from your Facebook feed

dingo chrome extension for productivity

I can recall many times when I saw an inspiring idea among the blog or social media posts but instantly forgot it. Luckily, Save to Facebook is a real life-saver, not only by name. It allows users to save Facebook news feed items as bookmark links to come back and read them later.

Price: Free

🔌 Diigo Web Collector

Must-have web clipper tool for all your devices

If you need to bookmark something from your Google Chrome browser window, use Diigo web collector. It’s a smart Chrome extension that allows you to save the web pages or search engines’ content to read it later. With Diigo, you can add sticky notes and highlights to web pages.

Also, if you’re a social junkie, with this Chrome extension, you can share the content you find on Twitter or Facebook.

Price: Free

🔌 Google Dictionary

Simply click on a word to view its definition

google dictionary chrome extension

Tired of copy-pasting unknown words to online dictionaries? Try the dictionary Chrome extension that allows you to double click the word or phrase you don’t know and check its meaning.

You can also see the full definition in the Google Dictionary toolbar.

Price: Free

🔌 Smallpdf

A PDF processing power tool

smallpdf chrome extension

PDF format is a world standard for documents. I’m sure most of you use them daily, both while receiving and creating. With a PDF converter chrome extension, you’ll be able to convert any file from various formats to a PDF, both text and image ones.

For maximum productivity, Smallpdf allows you to convert multiple files simultaneously.

Price: Free

🔌 uVPN

Internet connection tool for secure browsing

uvpn chrome extension

How many times you’ve tried to browse the content you needed, but it wasn’t available in your country? With a VPN Chrome extension, you’ll be able to access any website you want and save more free time for what really matters. You can also try other VPN applications to secure your privacy online.

Price: Free, the limited version only; 30-day free trial, paid plans start at $8.99 per month

🔌 Does the browser offer Google Workspace Chrome extensions?

Unfortunately, Chrome doesn’t offer any extensions for Google Workspace. We could expect at least Google Calendar or Google Docs, but honestly, I don’t know how these extensions would work. There are plenty of other Chrome extensions for productivity that support this collaboration platform’s features.

Maybe Chrome developers also considered them redundant? Anyway, don’t waste your time looking for these Chrome extensions in the Web Store market.

Summing up

Staying productive doesn’t require maximum effort or spending gazillions on fancy tools. With these best Chrome extensions for productivity, you’ll be able to save precious time for what really matters. They automate many tedious processes like managing tasks or saving web content and, what’s more, are available straight from your browser and a new tab.

Do any Chrome extensions for productivity come to your mind?

Please share them in the comments section!

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity Owls (and not only)

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