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Podio is a project management tool that is perfect when it comes to communication with coworkers and task organization. Podio has also been considered as a social medium that it owes to social activity streams that show comments, likes, and status updates. Moreover, the tool’s users have complete flexibility defining the content structure, reports, and overviews. You are also granted the possibility to customize workflows around how you run projects, all to keep your team working efficiently. But Podio offers also a wide range of integrations so that it not only help you manage projects efficiently but can become a real productivity machine, extremely useful for your business. Now, let us guide you through the best Podio extensions!

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Podio extensions that enhance the way your business works!


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Among all the time trackers that offer Podio extensions, TimeCamp is one of the most often chosen in the users’ recommendations. The integration allows to synchronize Podio tasks and items and adds them to the project’s structure in TimeCamp, so you can track time for them without losing any important data. Based on the time tracked for Podio projects, it allows the managers to generate a wide range of reports that provide a clear overview of how the team is performing. It’s a huge help for teams no matter of size they are and what they expect from time tracking software. Additionally, you can invite your team members assigned to the task so they could monitor their time as well.



Check TimeCamp and Podio integration!

How to set up the integration:

1. Log in to TimeCamp 2. Go to Settings – Add-ons & Integrations 3. Select the Podio option from the menu and click the “Enable the integration” button. 4. You will be redirected to your Podio page and asked for a confirmation. Click on the “Grant access” button. You will be redirected back to TimeCamp. 5. Select which of your workspaces you want to synchronize with TimeCamp. 6. Integration will automatically synchronize your tasks in organization with your projects in TimeCamp and you will be able to track time for each task easily.

Enjoy using and do not hesitate to give us any feedback.

Google Drive

When it comes to file storage services, Google Drive is an unquestionable market leader. It’s actually one of the main GSuite components, allows you to collaborate on documents in the cloud. It allows all the allowed users to get access to the files related to the particular projects and share them with e.g. customers. This Podio extension allows you to add files to Podio directly from Google Drive and share them within the project. Once the file is attached, you can discuss and collaborate on them, without sharing the endless chain of emails. What is more, you can create tasks in Podio that already have the Google Drive files attached.

google drive



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Nobody likes doing the same thing twice, three times and more… That’s why the automation tools were created, to streamline the workflow and save time that can be used for more productive activities. Zapier, exactly, is a workflow automation tool that connects Podio and the work apps you use every day. Integrating with around one thousand various apps, Zapier is a real live-saver, eliminating time-consuming tasks and upgrade Podio’s features. Even not tech-savvy people will quickly find out how it works because this extension doesn’t require coding skills – Zapier just seamlessly integrates your Podio with the chosen apps. Simple as that!


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Every company deserves a high transparency level. And if the project management structure in Podio is not enough, consider implementing more tools – there’s never too many of them ;). Plecto provides your team with dashboards full of useful data on how the members are performing to help them become even more productive and motivated. It simply visualizes the KPIs and tracks them in real-time. This feature seems to be extremely useful for every sales team, acknowledging the employees of the individual and overall statistics. No matter the industry you’re company is, it’ll benefit for sure from using this Podio extension!

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And if two apps are not enough for your company to manage projects effectively, consider implementing Gantt Charts provided by SmartGantt! This Podio extension gives you even better overview of team’s workflow and changes made in projects in Podio. How does it work? It just allows you to visualize your projects, deliverables, and tasks all together in one, clear, and simple to use Gantt chart. It also shows all Podio apps in a single view, so that it provides your team with the useful data they deserve without any effort.

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Backup and Restore for Podio

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All Podio service work in the cloud. But if you’re afraid of losing the data and require having unlimited access to all the features from anywhere, consider giving this extension a try. Don’t worry choosing it isn’t like buying a pig in a poke! This tool just backs up all your Podio data (and to believe them, it’s really even every single comment!), keeps it on the remote servers with heavy encryption. What is more, they give you a dedicated Google Drive folder, so that you have access to your data every time you demand it.

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If you’ve ever considered any integrated email and marketing platform, just go for it and give Mailchimp a try. It’s a one, complete solution and no matter how big your business is, you’ll benefit from implementing it. Mailchimp for Podio offers you syncs the contacts and campaigns between these two tools and displays all MailChimp campaign reports inside Podio. Simple and super useful!

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Do you want us to recommend any other Podio extension or even have built one? Leave it in the comments – we’ll give it a try and if find it useful, we’ll add it to the post!

Best Podio Extensions!

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