Regain Control Over Your Time With The Best Productivity Tracker Apps

Productivity is currently one of the most popular issues in today’s world. Not only in work but also in the personal lives of many people. In the fast-paced environment, everyone wants to do as much as possible in the shortest time. And as the need for productivity tools has arisen, the sector has been evolving and new solutions come to life every day. They help to manage time, improve efficiency, and optimize work.

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How to Track Productivity?

Productivity may seem to be an abstract concept hard to measure. But if you have clearly defined goals and know what you want to achieve, you can easily track your efficiency.

Here are the four main ways of tracking productivity:

1) For traditionalists, simple timesheet or a piece of paper and a pen will work out. You can write down your tasks in a table or list with the time you spent performing them.

2) Time tracking software will work best for people who want to keep track of work hours, track billable hours, and see how much time they spend on particular activities.

3) To-do apps that are digital forms of the traditional pen-and-paper lists. Some are simple apps whereas others offer rich management features.

4) Advanced task management apps with project management functionalities. These tools allow for full management of work. So you can improve not only your productivity but also optimize work and automate repetitive processes, workflow, and other activities.

5) Goal trackers for monitoring habits and motivationg yourself both at work and in private life.

There are different schools of productivity tracking. Some people support traditional forms whereas others prefer technological solutions. And there are those who mix the two forms.

Additionally, one of the popular forms of tracking productivity are add-ons and integrations that let you combine different tools to improve your efficiency.

The Best Productivity Tracking Apps

If you’re looking for the best productivity tracker to help you measure your performance, track time, habits, and goals, but also improve your work efficiency, here are the best productivity tracking apps.

Every app on the list is different, has distinctive features, and serves a different purpose. They are all the top-rated time management and productivity apps that users love. We hope you’ll love them too!

1. TimeCamp

timecamp screenshot

Purpose: tracking work hours, billable time, and productivity with reports and timesheets

TimeCamp is a time tracking software for freelancers, small and large teams, and everyone who wants to become productive, profitable, and accountable. TimeCamp allows you to track your and employee’s work to improve workflow, communication, and collaboration in your team. Its automatic tracking features make it a great centralized system for project management.

TimeCamp keeps all your projects in one place. As a time tracker app, it teaches time management by showing bottlenecks, distractions, and weak spots in your work.

Here are the main features that let you measure and improve productivity:

  • Automatic time tracker records time usage of each application running on your computer including names of documents, and URL, with the handy desktop app
  • You can work on productivity by monitoring productive and nonproductive activities
  • All the data on your work is available in the form of reports – easy to analyze and helpful in allocating resources
  • Measures the working time by particular categories
  • Graphical timesheets integrated with calendar view
  • Timesheets with approvals
  • Attendance management
  • Available for Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has native mobile apps available for iOS and Android, and as a Chrome extension
  • GPS tracking lets you monitor the time of employees work
  • TimeCamp integrates with other productivity tools


  • Free – $0 for unlimited users
  • Basic – $6.30/user per month (paid annually)
  • Pro – $9/user per month (paid annually)
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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2. Trello

Trello - dashboard

Purpose: tracking work progress with Kanban boards

Trello is a digital whiteboard for managing tasks and projects. It lets you organize, manage, and plan tasks. It enables individuals to design their work and personal responsibilities, build workflows for entire teams, and coordinate complex projects.

The software is easy-in-use and has a friendly interface. Despite its simple design, Trello offers many useful functionalities.

You can create various boards for different teams with as many task lists as you need. Directly on the board, you are able to add as many cards as you want, and adjust their settings, repeat them for recurring tasks, comment, share files, and use many other fancy options such as adding covers, stickers, labels, make templates of your tasks and more.

Trello is a lightweight app that lets you visualize projects with simple Kanban boards, and quickly see the progress of work and the team’s workflow.

Additionally, Trello has an extensive list of power-ups that enhance work and collaboration. So as a stand-alone tool, Trello is already great but with the add-ons, you can integrate your favorite apps and be more productive.

And the big TimeCamp and Trello power-up automatically tracks your time so you can focus on projects.

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  • Free version with limited features
  • Business Class -$9.99
  • Enterprise – $20.83 for larger businesses

3. Toggl

Toggl free time tracking app

Purpose: tracking time in a simple way

Toggl is one of the most popular time tracking apps. And if you’re looking for a solution that would help you measure your productivity in a simple way without too many extra features, Toggl is the right choice. It doesn’t have such detailed features as most of the time tracking software but it’s praised for its ease of use, transparency, and intuitiveness.

You can subscribe to paid versions of Toggl for extra options, however, the free plan already has all the features needed for a simple time tracking.

You can track time with the cloud-based timer, mobile, and desktop time trackers. The tracked time with activities is available in the dashboard with a summary view. Tags and colors help to visualize work and give a quick insight into the specific pay period. You can manage projects, clients, teams, and settings. Also, the Pomodoro timer is available on the desktop app.

Toggl is a fancy time tracking app perfect for small teams and individuals who want to track hours spend on work and boost productivity.


  • Starter – $9
  • Premium – $18
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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3. Zapier


Purpose: automation of work

Zapier is not a productivity tracker but it enormously enhances work. It connects your apps and automates repetitive tasks to optimize workflows.

Zapier provides its users with Zaps. Zap is a connection between two apps working on the principle of trigger-action, which in other words means simply “if this, then that”. Whenever the trigger event happens, Zapier makes the action event happen. The possibilities are incredibly vast and you can mix it all up and customize however you like.

Zapier can be connected with thousands of productivity tools, time tracking apps, and many more.

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  • Free with limited features
  • Premium – pricing starts at $20 per month

4. FocusMe

FocusMe productivity tracker

Purpose: time tracking app for boosting focus

FocusMe is a powerful time management app that helps to stay focused. It blocks any type of distractions that you find harmful to your productivity, and tracks time you spend on your activities.

Here’s what you can do with FocusMe productivity tracker:

  • Plan focus sessions with an automatic scheduler
  • Set time limits for distracting platforms, apps, or websites
  • Set daily limits on opening an email, website, etc.
  • Track time with the Pomodoro timer
  • See time spent on all activities and the number of launches in reports
  • You can even have the app prevent itself from being uninstalled

FocusMe works with macOS, Windows, and can be used on almost any browser.


  • Monthly subscription – $5.99
  • Yearly subscription – $39.99
  • Lifetime access – $149.99 one-time purchase
  • Custom pricing for businesses

5. PomoDoneApp

PomoDoneApp productivity tracker

Purpose: tracking time with Pomodoro timer

PomoDoneApp is a time tracker app for the Pomodoro technique. It’s easy in use, minimalistic time tracking app.

In PomoDoneApp, you track time in the 25-minutes intervals with 5 minutes of break. The task list lets you select items and track time against them.

The app is available on the web, on desktop (Windows, Mac), and for mobile devices (Android, iOS). Simple but effective productivity tracker.


  • Free 1-week trial is available
  • Lite plan – $2.29 per month with limited functionalities
  • Premium – $6.87 per month

6. Habitica

Habitica productivity tracker

Purpose: gamified task manager for tracking goals and habits

Habitica is one of the best productivity tools for people who want to create good habits in a fancy way. The app takes you to the old pixel-like world in which you’re a hero fighting through daily, weekly, and long-term goals, habits, and to-do lists.

For every goal achieved you receive points, discover new animals, and can buy a weapon to gain strength. The more you fail at your tasks, the more strength you lose. And the challenge is to keep your character alive.

It’s a fantastic way to develop a new habit or work on a project and skills in a game-like way. In particular, if you’re a fan of games.

Moreover, you can use it with other team members to gamify your projects.

Pricing: There are four types of optional Habitica subscriptions: $4.99 every month; $14.99 every three months; $29.99 every six months; and $47.99 every year, which is a 28% discount (Prices may vary by location.)

7. RescueTime

RescueTime productivity tracker

Purpose: time management app with distraction blocker

RescueTime is a suitable app for busy people who like challenges, but also enjoy writing down their achievements to maintain control over all tasks. It’s a simple combination of a time tracker and a website blocker. You can use it to get full control of your attention in an easy way.

With RescueTime, you can automatically track how much time you spend on apps, websites, and documents, and later see the information about your work in reports.

Additionally, you can block distracting websites, work in sessions, set daily limits on apps and sites, customize what gets blocked, or schedule focused time directly in your calendar.

RescueTime is available as a web tracker time app, desktop app (Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome), mobile app (iOS, Android), and browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Brave.

Pricing starts at $6.50/month

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8. Hive

hive screen

Hive is a powerful project management tool used by teams around the world ranging from Anheuser Busch to Comcast. The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which can be organized neatly into projects and assigned to individuals with due dates. From there, you can sort actions into a variety of flexible project views, including Gantt, Kanban, Table, Portfolio, and Summary view.

Hive also has additional apps including Resourcing, Timesheets, and Time Tracking, which make it ideal for large teams or agencies doing project-based work.

Pricing: Hive’s prices start at $12 per month per user for the base package, and features both a desktop and mobile app.

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How Do You Track Productivity?

Mix it all up, customize, and try different solutions. Tracking productivity doesn’t have to be boring! What do you think about tracking productivity? Do you have your favorite tools and methods for improving your efficiency?

We hope our list of productivity trackers will help you find the right app. Happy productivity tracking!

Regain Control Over Your Time With The Best Productivity Tracker Apps

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