What Is The Best Project Management Software for Small Creative Teams?

What Does It Mean to Have Small Creative Team?

Having a small creative team is probably the best thing that can happen to a project manager; not only in marketing or advertising sectors. These people are engaged in their work and have heads full of ideas. They bring freshness and innovation to the business contributing to its success.

Managing a small creative team, even though challenging, is exciting and much more enjoyable than working with a regular team. But when you work with a regular team, your and your subordinate’s work may become boring. Repeating tasks, monotonous activities, projects not allowing self-development and career progress – it’s easy to lose the spirit and engagement.

If your team is bored as much as you are, you can easily transform it into a small creative team by adding a little bit of positive energy in various forms. You can introduce diversity into the daily schedule, shift tasks between people, implement new management and work techniques, strategies or methodologies, and engage them into your role of the leader.

Creative team means a friendly and good atmosphere, diversity, and fast problem-solving. It also means that you can become a creative project manager. It’s nothing else but having a dream team!

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How to Keep Your Small Creative Team Organized?

On the one hand, managing a team of highly creative individuals is very enjoyable and pro-developmental for both sides. On the other hand, controlling a group of people who very often are the driving force of the company’s success requires almost perfect organization. Especially if you work with people of different mindsets, personalities with visionary ideas.

And there are two crucial aspects which you should pay attention to when it comes to keeping your small creative team organized. Without them, your team will plunge into chaos.

Exchanging Information Via Flawless Chat Software

Exchanging information is extremely crucial in the business world. Particularly between teams and individual members. Proper information exchange enhances communication and collaboration. These are essential for smooth workflow and team management. If your team doesn’t collaborate on ideas and doesn’t provide full information on project stages or all other important data, it’s easy to get lost and fall out of track.

One of the best tools ever created to enhance information exchange is chat. But you have to be careful when you’re choosing a chat software because not all of them are suitable. The market offers a wide choice of chat but we recommend HeySpace. Why? Because it’s an innovative task management software with extensive features of chat.

Thanks to such a tool you can not only easily chat and connect with your team but also manage and track their tasks. Everything in just one place, no more switching between different apps and tabs!

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Necessity of Tracking Time

Beside being able to communicate with your team via a unified communication channel, it’s important to manage all resources, including time. Why is it so significant? Because when your team tracks their time, you can get insight into everybody’s work. It’s a great way to manage projects in terms of resource and time allocation, budget control, payroll and workflow management.

When you have a small creative team, you will need a tool which enables you to be flexible and manage projects without any boundaries. That’s why you should opt for a time tracking software with extensive features, which is easily adjustable. Don’t forget about integrations, so your team can conveniently carry out their tasks and projects.

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To Sum Up

Managing small creative teams is difficult but you can tremendously enhance it by applying the right methods and tools. In today’s fast, constantly changing business world it’s the only way towards innovation and productivity.

It’s also worth mentioning that every person on your creative team needs an individual attention, simply to give their best at work. You should consider managing people as individuals as well as a team. They will appreciate it and so will you.

What Is The Best Project Management Software for Small Creative Teams?

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  1. While I completely agree that task and time tracking is beneficial and well served by means of specialist software, I would caution against utilising chat software to dominate team communications. Face to face communications is without a doubt more effective and subject to clearer interpretation than an electronic exchange.

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