Best QuickBooks Integrations for Easy Accounting!

SaaS services conquer the market and become more and more popular these days. It is no different when it comes to the accounting software; many businesses decide to implement online solutions and keep their data safely stored in the cloud. Admittedly, there are a significant number of companies that prefer traditional offline solutions. But going with the times and eco trends that are growing popular, paperless solutions seem to be a perfect choice. Last week we presented Xero, now it’s time for another fantastic accounting tool for your consideration. Let us tell you something about Quickbooks and recommend some of its most useful add-ons!

What is Quickbooks?

To put it simply, Quickbooks is accounting software that helps you to know where your money is going. Alongside Turbotax (a tool for tax return calculations) and Mint (budget management tool), it creates a complete financial suite made by Intuit inc., a financial service provider.

Quickbooks provides your company with (bolded features are the same for each pricing plan):

  • invoicing and payments,
  • tracking incomes and expenses,
  • bills management and payments,
  • sales and tax tracking,
  • receipts capturing and organizing,
  • reporting,
  • projects’ profitability tracking,
  • inventory management,
  • time tracking and attendance (available since they incorporated TSheets, I’ll mention it later),
  • and many more.

Quickbooks offers 3 different pricing plans (price per month):

  • Essentials – 25$ – includes basic reports,
  • Plus – 70$ – enhanced reports, up to 1099 contractors, up to 5 users & basic permissions,
  • Advanced – 150$ – offers 25 users and custom roles, 25 users & custom roles, customized reporting fields, management reports & charts, automated approvals & reminders, dedicated account team, restoring company data, and more.

You can give the first two pricing plans a try signing up for a free 30-day trial, but to try the last one scheduling a product demo is required.

As you can see, choosing Quickbooks can significantly improve the bookkeeping at your business. It stores your data in the cloud, so you can enjoy the paperless workflow without worrying about missing them. What is more, there are plenty of Quickbooks apps and integrations that streamline the cash flow-related processes. You also have the option to capture a backup of your QuickBooks Online files in case something goes wrong. The integrations introduced below are organized according to the Quickbooks App marketplace categories and are chosen based on the users’ rating.

Best QuickBooks Integrations for easy accounting!

Quotes Calculation

Quickbooks offers apps helpful for calculating the cost of services. It is especially helpful for contractors and freelancers who want to bill their customers accurately. What is more, these apps can estimate if the rate for the service you offer is acceptable and in case it’s lower than you expected, you can show your own quotation as proof you deserve more for your job.

  • Quotient
  • QuoteWerks
  • ContractorTools

quotient quickbooks


If you need Quickbooks integration for getting funded, you’re in the right place. These apps estimate your creditworthiness and if your business is valid, they provide you with the money you’ve requested. Once you get those apps and connect them with Quickbooks, they request your business details, review them, and send you the credit decision. Thanks to the fast and trustworthy service, if the decision is approved, you’ll get the funds the next business day. Worth to mention that these apps don’t store your bank account credentials.

  • Fundbox
  • BlueVine
  • Funding Gates
  • Quickbooks Capital
  • SaaSOptics
  • FundThrough
  • fundpnb

fundbox quickbooks

Making/Receiving Payments

Billing customers and getting paid is a piece of cake in Quickbooks. However, if the financial control offered by the tool’s features is not enough, there are plenty of payment apps in the marketplace. The tools integrate with Quickbooks directly and automatically sync with it, so once a new bill is created or payment (both domestic and international) is sent out, you don’t have to waste time on double data entry. What is more, you can keep track of your bills and payments whenever you are, using mobile apps. Both you and customers/vendors are happy using these tools because they get an easy way to pay the bills and your books are always up to date.

  • Bill Pay
  • Synder
  • Beanworks
  • Plooto
  • Veem
  • Melio Sync
  • Checkbook
  • Deluxe eChecks quickbooks

Customer management

Managing customers creates tons of paperwork. To fit into the eco-friendly trends, it’s good to make the effort of turning the business paperless. Quickbooks online integrates directly with many CRM tools that keep the all the customers’ details in one, safe place. It’s a huge help especially for sales departments because thanks to the CRM apps for Quickbooks sales reps and managers can combine data to create and customize invoices, track payments for each client as well as vendor transactions, and many more. What is more, using CRM for Quickbooks, they get instant access to the accounting data and customers’ history.

  • Method: CRM
  • Insightly
  • WORKetc
  • Capsule CRM
  • iEnterprise CRM
  • ConvergeHub
  • Legrand CRM
  • RepairShopr

method crm quickbooks

HR Management

Businesses are driven by customers’ interests, but they wouldn’t exist without the employees and their hard work. That’s why the back-office issues should be treated well, using proper HR management tools. Quickbooks integration for HR helps you manage the team without leaving your favorite accounting tool. It eases the payroll headache, calculating the payments, and filling the documents automatically with employees’ data. Moreover, the data sync to Quickbooks in real-time, so you can be sure you’re always up-to-date with the rates and be sure the paydays are accurate to the employees’ work.

  • Quickbooks Payroll (native)
  • Performance Reviews by JuvodHR
  • Human Interest
  • Zenefits
  • EverythingHR
  • HQ Gateway
  • InStaff
  • HR Cloud Onboard and HRIS

human interest quickbooks

Project Management

Each accounting activity can be considered as a single task and a part of the bigger picture. And this point of view leads us to other apps for Quickbooks category – project management tools. When it comes to Quickbooks, each customer may be a project divided into smaller tasks – actions performed for that client, assigned to the appropriate team member. This way of data presenting helps you see clearly the steps of working on a client, organize and prioritize them. On the other hand, integrating Quickbooks Online with PM tools gives you a more holistic approach and helps the managers better figure out the team’s capacity.

  • AeroWorkflow
  • Clio
  • JetPack Workflow
  • Mavelink
  • Breezeworks
  • Accelo
  • Scoro
  • BQE Core
  • Karbon

mavelink quickbooks

Time tracking (and sending invoices)

Bookkeeping seems to be one of the most time-consuming business activities. But have you ever wondered how much time exactly you spend in Quickbooks online? There’s a much easier way to check it than glancing on the clock or writing down the clock in and clock out hours. The market is full of various time trackers that offer Quickbooks Online integration. Plenty of them are packed with comprehensive reports, billable/non-billable time, sending invoices and attendance features that create a perfect connection with Quickbooks payroll feature. Each data entry in Quickbooks appears as a time entry in the chosen time tracker, so you’ll be able to find out how accounting-related activities affect your and employees’ productivity.

  • Timecamp
  • TSheets (acquired by Intuit)
  • Ebility
  • Minute7
  • Bigtime
  • Clockshark
  • OnTheClock
  • TimeClock Wizard
  • Harvest

timecamp quickbooks


Quickbooks online provides its users with reports on bookkeeping activities, but if you need more comprehensive stats on how your team is performing, consider integrating it with analytics tools. This kind of app for Quickbooks syncs the accounting entries and turns them into reports full of insights. These tools offer various ways of presenting stats about team performance: graphs, charts, and dashboards. Some of them also prepare forecasts and budget estimates. They’re super useful for measuring KPIs and the team’s performance!

  • Syft
  • Qvinci
  • Fathom
  • Liveplan
  • Cashflow Tool
  • CashFlow Frog
  • MoreReporting
  • Float
  • SpotlightReporting
  • Businest

syft quickbooks

Whether your business needs the feature that Quickbooks Online lacks or you just want to find out if these apps suit you. there are plenty of integrations to choose from. Please note that all these tools require paid plans, but fortunately, they’re offering a free trial so that you can give them a try before subscribing.

Best QuickBooks Integrations for Easy Accounting!

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