Best Smartsheet Integrations for Your Team!

A high performing team needs a reliable toolkit to streamline the workflow these days. Fewer and fewer companies are using analog solutions to manage the projects, the older, non-tech-savvy managers often choose them, but still right in what they’re doing or by small businesses that can’t afford or don’t feel the need to implement something more advanced. But thankfully, the market is full of tools that seamlessly incorporate into the team’s workflow, no matter the size and tech skills. One of them is Smartsheet, collaboration software that can perform as a complete solution for your business. Since it’s been integrated with TimeCamp, let us introduce you to the most often recommended Smartsheet integrations that will enhance the workflow of your team!

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is an entire collaboration system. The name speaks for itself – thanks to the wide range of features, it just makes work smarter and helps teams achieve more in less time. Basically, Smartsheet is the platform for planning, capturing, managing, automating, and reporting on work. It makes the work-related processes clear and transparent because the tasks can be browsed in many different views: Gantt charts, cards, even the calendar view. It also automates the workflow thanks to repetitive tasks, so if you do the same things often, you don’t need to waste time creating the new cards. What is more, dashboards and reports in Smartsheet are shareable, which makes teamwork even more transparent. And it also has a lot of useful integrations that make the tool even more helpful!

Why should you consider integrating Smartsheet with other tools?

  • To expand the features Smartsheet offers,
  • to add the features Smartsheet lacks, like time tracking or different ways of data analysis,
  • to get a closer look at your team’s work,
  • to replace the numerous emails with handy, easy to use tools.

Best Smartsheet integrations for Your Team!


As we mentioned before, TimeCamp integrates with Smartsheet directly and incorporates the time tracking feature to your favorite collaboration system. With just a few steps, you’ll be able to track the team’s working hours, create the comprehensive reports based on time logged, and analyze the productivity and efficiency of your team. What is more, budgeting feature helps you estimate the time and money budget for each Smartsheet project and then make the revisions and changes if the situation requires such adjust. To integrate TimeCamp with Smartsheet, you need to be an at least Basic subscriber.

Here you can read more about the integration, and you’ll find the step-by-step guide on how to create the integration.

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Convinced? Sign up for a free account and enjoy how easy Smartsheet time tracking can be!

Backup Tool

View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Many people raise concerns about using online tools, especially when it comes to data security. They’re afraid of losing the data gathered, particularly the confidential one, like employees’ personal details. It wouldn’t be nice to lose the projects’ details and arrangements as well. Forewarned is forearmed; that’s why it’s good to connect your Smartsheet with a Backup Tool, the app written by Smartsheet team (but they also point out that the tool is quite experimental and it’s not officially tested).

Using it, you can back up safely all your resources or save them offline to your local storage. However, it’s written in Java, so using it requires technical expertise to configure and deploy the tool.



View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Since it’s the most popular automation software on the market, there’s no need to introduce the tool so profoundly! It just connects your Smartsheet to thousands of other apps to increase its abilities and add the features Smartsheet lacks.

Basically, if the app you use doesn’t integrate with other tools and has a Zapier integration, you’ll likely be able to establish a connection between them. It provides the users with actions called Zaps, that works on the principles of “if this, then that.” And the most is you don’t have to write a single line of code to make the integration – just a few clicks and the Zaps are set up in minutes!


PS. Did you know that TimeCamp also offers a Zapier integration?


View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Okta is an identity management service, Single Sign-On provider that saves us from the struggle of remembering all our account names and their passwords. With Okta, you can log into Smartsheet with your corporate credentials, and there’s no need to enter the details each time. This Smartsheet addon prevents employees from being distracted because they won’t be overwhelmed by managing multiple URLs, passwords, and usernames anymore and will be able to focus more on work.



View in Smartsheet Marketplace

If the report views offered by Smartsheet are not enough, try to add the integrations! And one of them is Qlik, made by Smartsheet Team, which provides users with a different way of presenting data for better workflow and progress analysis. Qlik offers you features like drag and drop for creating custom data visualizations, pulling data from multiple sources for creating comprehensive analysis and turn your data reports into stories for better insights sharing.

What is more, Qlik analyzes data in real-time, so you don’t have to worry that you provide your employees with outdated reports.



View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Smartsheet allows you to discuss project-related issues in the project view, but if it’s not enough, choose a team communication tool integration. And one of the most popular solutions is obviously Slack! With this integration, you’ll get notified each time when something changes in the projects you’re assigned to. More Smartsheet actions you can do directly in Slack are: receive and review Smartsheet updates, review (and approve) the approvals, receive the notifications both in direct messages and public channels, notifications with a link back to Smartsheet. What an easement!



View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Have you ever wanted the app that creates the forms from provided data straight from your Smartsheet account? Here it is! GoForms collects the data using mobile forms and sends it everywhere you want without requiring coding skills from you. With this tool, you can generate a unique form based on the Smartsheet event and assign a person to it. What is more, it works no matter where you are or if you have Internet access. The data is saved offline, and once you go back online, it synchronizes immediately, so you don’t have to worry about losing the results.


Outlook or Gmail, choose your favorite one!

View in Smartsheet Marketplace: Outlook | Gmail

Smartsheet also provides the integrations with the most popular email clients – Gmail and Outlook. Smartsheet actions you can perform within them are:

  • adding the emails as rows to the sheet,
  • adding the email attachments as rows,
  • creating new rows in Smartsheet straight from the email client,
  • edit Smartsheet rows directly in Gmail or Outlook,
  • import the contacts to the Smartsheet account.

With these integrations, you’ll be able to share projects within the provider and avoid endless email chains to discuss the changes. Smart and useful as hell!


4EF Time Slot Booking Add-on

View in Snartsheet Marketplace

This integration is the effect of COVID-19 requirements of physical distancing. It was created by 4EF, one of Smartsheet’s Platinum Solutions Partners. Basically, it shows and maintains the number of people that are allowed to be in the office during a specific time slot. That feature is especially useful for companies that return their employees to the office gradually. The user can book the time slot they want. To come to the office, and they get an email confirmation to prevent fake reservations. What is more, the algorithm counts how many time slots per day the company can afford and how long it should they take.

This integration works for a free plan, but it’s recommended to upgrade Smartsheet to the premium one.



View in Smartsheet Marketplace

Meetings are considered a waste of time these days, but they can be effective if performed appropriately. To help the participants become more focused on the meeting highlights instead of changing the conversation subject to these that are not work-related, try another Smartsheet integration – LucidMeeting, a meeting management tool. With this Smartsheet add-on, you’ll be able to attach the sheets to meeting agendas, update the sheets during the meeting in real-time and then work on reviewed sheets in the meeting records.

Try this integration to keep the meetings on track!


I hope you’ll find these Smartsheet integrations useful for your business! Integrating your favorite project management software with these tools will help your team perform better, smarter, and finish the tasks faster.

Are you a Smartsheet user, and we didn’t include your favorite integration? Tell us in the comment!

Best Smartsheet Integrations for Your Team!

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