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Managing a successful ad agency can be troublesome, it requires great organizational skills, advanced multi-tasking abilities and exceptional attention to details. As the projects pile up, we have to make sure that our company’s positive reputation won’t go to waste. We can either hire more employees or consultants, which may cause an opposite effect, introducing chaos and disagreement into our company, or we can look for a solution that will surely and swiftly streamline our operations and sort out all the work in our agency.

This solution is, of course, appropriate software. Software that will enable us to coordinate the activities of our agency from one central dashboard. Today we are presenting some really well-developed software tools that may prove to be helpful with running a marketing agency. They are sorted in a random order. We consider all of them to be equally important. The choice in the end always depends on the clients and the features they are looking for.

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Our time tracking app will help you with the management of your company. The detailed reports on the tracked time will give you an insight into your team’s cooperation and progress on every project. Also, all the paperwork will be reduced thanks to features like:

  • Graphical timesheets
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Reports
  • Invoices
  • Online payments
  • Tasks synchronization
  • Integrations
  • And more. You will find the full list of our features here.

TimeCamp Computer Time


A software designed to quickly find, analyze, and share the content about particular topics. It can also be used to measure the content’s effectiveness wherever it is shared – on websites, blogs, newsletters and social media platforms. It is integrable with social media channels, web analytic tools, and content management systems.

Some of its features include: – Identification of trending topics – Self-learning content discovery engine – Analytics engine – Mobile app for all devices – Publishing and promoting content across all channels with a single click.



Brand24 is used by thousands of brands of all sizes, all over the world. Brand24 gathers the information about a company, its product, and competitors – the identification and analysis of customer satisfaction is a key factor in the company’s development. Instead of browsing the internet for comments about our brand, we have all of them displayed in one place. Then it is easier and faster to adapt to customers’ needs and, what is equally important, respond as soon as possible to the negative feedback. The interface is elegant and intuitive, this software is definitely worth recommending.

Features: – Mentions feed & alerts (notifications in real time, whenever our brand is mentioned on the internet) – Discussion Volume Chart (identify sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect the company image) – Data exporting (Automated PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics with key statistics) – Marketing Analytics – Influence Score (calculating authority index) – Filtering (for narrowing down results to suit the way we work)



Usually in the agency we have to deal with many tasks at once – handle the marketing content, status updates, analytics on multiple channels and for many clients. All this stuff can become troublesome if it is not properly organized. Marketo enables users to sort out and monitor all our cases, simplifying work and providing solutions and tools to deal with the complicated projects.

Features: – Email, inbound, social and event marketing – Reporting and analytics – Unlimited users – Marketing budgeting – Landing pages and forms



Software that’s been developed for the last 15 years and has contracts with some huge brands like, for example, Adidas. WorkZone is a project management and client collaboration tool that helps to manage projects more effectively. It has an elegant interface and intuitive dashboard, so every member of the team can check the progress of projects that they are working at. This solution offers features like:

– Individual to-do lists – Project overview dashboard – Group calendar – Project templates – Email alerts – Automated reports

Workzone To-Do List

Traffic Live 

Traffic Live is a part of Deltek – an enterprise software and information solutions provider which is on the market for more than 30 years! This software clarifies the process of project development, enabling better team collaboration, efficiency, and quality. It helps users to plan, bill, and deliver with an efficiency that would otherwise be hard to achieve. Features include:

– Automatically book and schedule resources – Template library – Task splitting, drag-and-drop reallocation – Custom client invoices and expense reporting

Comindware Project  

Comindware Project is a collaboration and project management tool for mid to large-size businesses in all types of industries. It provides a real-time view on the project’s phases and delivery dates, calculating the actual resources while tracking the completion progress. Thanks to the unified workspace for data and document sharing that this tool delivers the team collaboration is more efficient.

  • Features include:
  • Configurable reports
  • Real-time project visibility
  • Automated priority-based planning
  • Project and timesheet reports
  • Real-time Gantt Chart
Comindware Project


Workamajig provides access to all the important options and features for project managing enabling team to collaborate on one platform, boosting its productivity. Business operation functions like accounting, client services, media, production, traffic and resource management are all available from a single platform. Automatization of the manual processes optimizes user’s time management.

Features include: – Shared schedules with calendar and Gantt chart views – Storing creative assets, client feedback, project specs, and briefs – Integration with TRATA and SmartPlus – Simple accounting software for billing and reporting



Designed for mid and big-sized companies, Workfront is used by a variety of markets, including healthcare, financial services, public sector, and, of course, marketing and advertising. It helps with team management and work organization. The visibility into all the projects and other work that this software provides creates a workplace harmony and increases efficiency.

Features include:

  • Project reports & dashboards
  • Centralized marketing request management
  • Real-time project visibility
  • Issue tracking
  • Time usage and expenses


Howlr is a private social network designed for team collaboration. Team members can use it to share ideas and brainstorm over certain projects across departments. Everything is secured and private, without the risk that it would leak out.

What Howlr offers: – Posting status, links, images, and videos – Streamlining internal communication – Encouraging and cultivating agency life online and offline – Instant feedback from the team on every proposed idea


Yammer improves communication in a company with a full range of features. Users can create groups for a more collaborative workspace where they can organize project details, share files, and gather feedback. It can also be used as an instant messaging service for private conversations and provides an inbox to store and organize all the messages, conversations, announcements, and attached files.

Some of the offered features: – Enterprise microblogging – Instant private messaging, one-to-one, one-to-many – Office 365 integration – High-level security – Searchable knowledgebase

Best Software for Marketing Agency

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