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The area of internet blogging and marketing is drastically expanding each and every year. Companies are looking for competent writers that would promote their products and services through various articles and posts. However, more and more content creators start to believe in themselves and in the power of the market. In result, they begin their very own freelancing careers.

That’s right. If you are a manager or a company’s CEO and you are looking for new ways to promote your business, you can always try and hire a person that would manage the company’s blog and keep an eye on the social media. But you may soon find out that it’s not all that easy to find a reliable marketer that would write only for you. Most of the time, you will have to look for freelancers.

Why is that? Freelancing offers more opportunities for the creative minds – not only financial ones but most importantly, those that broaden one’s horizons. After all, if you write for several agencies, you touch more topics and learn more in the process. And while you gain experience and knowledge, your value as a freelancer significantly increases. So, it seems that it’s more profitable to start a freelancing career, as well as it is for the companies to hire freelancers for a short period of time to use their help in promoting their projects and services.

No wonder that so many people decide to start working remotely. Here you will find more reasons for such decision.  Also, if after reading this article you will start to think about becoming a freelancer, here you will find  How To Make First Steps Towards Remote Work

Although there are thousands of experienced and skilled freelancers on the web, as well as those inexperienced but talented (and also those, who are not exactly the right people for the job) it still may be a challenge to find the perfect candidate for your project. But worry not! TimeCamp is here to help. Here are some of our propositions for places where you can look for the best freelancers, who are experts even in the rarest topics.

40+ Resources To Help You Find the Ideal Remote Location Jobs!

More than 40 websites for both freelancers and employers who are looking for good people. We have gathered them all because we understand how troublesome it may be to find freelancers when our company operates in the business niche. Well, worry no more! Take a look at the links, and you will surely find something (and somebody) that will fit into your projects perfectly. Here are some examples:

People Per Hour

Since the Internet connection has been available worldwide, working remotely became more and more popular. With just a few clicks People Per Hour connects the freelancers with potential customers. Build your own profile and wow the clients – add some photos or videos, write a compelling introduction and the rest will follow!

remote location jobs


Truelancer provides best remote and freelancing jobs from trusted employers. Start posting your services and get hired by the companies in the simple and safe way. The platform provides dozens of categories to ensure the freelancers will match them with their skills. With this marketplace finding an online job is a piece of cake!

remote location jobs


Are you a professional developer, designer or finance-related worker who’s looking for the new job opportunities? Gain access to the elite network of top talent and get hired by the greatest companies. Toptotal carries out a few steps selection to offer their customers the talented and highly experienced freelancers.

remote location jobs


Workhoppers lets the companies contacted experienced freelancers from their cities. This marketplace provides the proven matching algorithm. It searches for the people who declared the skills that are required by the companies to get the job done. Then the sides contact directly and discuss details of the work. No middleman, the hiring process is easy and completely clear!

remote location jobs

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Check TimeCamp’s list of 123 Top Influencers in the Project Management Industry in 2016

Most of these people cut their teeth on project management. Their experience and knowledge are undeniable. We can’t promise that each and every one of them is still active in the business, but the list is definitely worth checking. By the each name you will find linking to their social media, so checking their competencies and making contact won’t be a problem.

We would also like to recommend another list, this time concerning online consultants experienced mostly in technical and marketing outsourcing. It’s not that simple to find an expert in that field. Luckily, TimeCamp’s done it for you! Whenever your business is in need, these people can offer a valuable advice. Give it a try and –

Find an Online Outsourcing Consultant if You Need One!

Summing Up

Those are just some examples of the sources where you can find quite a lot of useful offers from the people with knowledge on practically any topic. If you follow our blog, you may soon find here a list of the most popular Facebook and LinkedIn groups where freelancers gather and offer their services. We are currently searching for those. If you have some propositions, share them in the comments. We would also gladly welcome feedback concerning the resources that we shared today. Are they helpful? Tell us what you think!

Best Sources To Search For Freelancers!

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