Best Time Management Tips For Small Business! [DOWNLOAD EBOOK]

We all know how hard it is to find some extra time, especially when you’re a business owner or freelancer. Managing a team or being a solopreneur can be demanding, we often deal with serious problems like allocating the resources or tracking the budget devoted to each project.

The “time flies” proverb is still a live issue, and we experience it every day, trying to fight with hours we are running out of. The law of physics is indisputable, but there is a way to bend the rules. One we should do is to incorporate good habits and change the approach to time management!

Better said than done, right? But first we have to realize the essence of the problem, which causes wrong time management practices. Having too many responsibilities? Wasting time on unproductive activities? Or maybe not controlling what the employees are really doing at work? There may be many reasons, but pointing at the most appropriate one is the first step to succeeding!

Best Time Management Tips For Small Business!

Ready for the change?

We have collected all the best time management tips together to make a complete guide for businesses and freelancers! We want to helps the entrepreneurs find an appropriate way to manage the most valuable resources which are time and money. Read it and managing projects and budget, time tracking and productivity will not keep secrets from you anymore!

The first chapter of our guide is devoted to the best project management practices. Find out which methodology is the best for your company and the kind of work you’re delivering. We have also included a case study about creating our project management method and the reasons why it succeeds.

The second chapter talks about all the things connected to time tracking, which is essential to improve the team’s productivity. For these people who are still not convinced to use this kind of software in their company, we provided some benefits and profits coming from utilizing the desktop time tracker in the daily working routine. This chapter also describes the steps of implementing time tracking or task and time management software in business as well as the mistakes made in this process. Then it delivers the way how to acquaint the employees with a time tracker and explain to them it’s not to control but to motivate them.

In the third chapter, we’d like to share the experience of our customers how time tracking helps them track the budget and stop overspending. This case study is inspiring, so read it carefully!

The last, fourth chapter, introduces some useful knowledge about remote working. We provide a bunch of tips for these people who decided to work from home and want to make themselves more productive during the working hours and deliver the highest quality of the results!

Hope these tips will be working for you and your company – they’re based on our knowledge and experience, so trust us, they’re proven and collected in the most accessible form. We’ll be delighted if you’ll embed the SlideShare on your website and help us share the best time management hacks for teams and freelancers among your readers. Don’t be afraid and download it to read the e-book on your mobile devices as well!

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Best Time Management Tips For Small Business! [DOWNLOAD EBOOK]

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