Best way to save time & work more efficient remotely

Let’s think what is the difference between collaborating in the same room efficiently versus collaborating remotely using Internet tools.

Of course the answer is simple, we have the same workspace, that we can interact easily, we see the same things, we see & hear each other.

But there is a number of great tools, that can virtualize our collaboration. Here is the list:

Warbench – virtual desk
A friend of mine recommended me an app called Warbench. It lets you be more productive during your Skype, Hangouts and conference calls. It turns your browser into an online bench and just drop the files you are discussing there. Everything is synchronized in real time and it works really really well.

We’ve never had so effective collaboration session with remote team members! Warbench is saving us time and quality of remote collaboration.

They have nice video showing that the same collabration session can be 70% shorter with Warbench than using email, Skype.

* desk & workspaces
* files
* notes
* screen sharing
* drawings

Skype, Hangout, Facetime – communication
Choose what you like the best.

Best way to save time & work more efficient remotely

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