Best Wrike Integrations for Your Team!

The project management software market is growing steadily. Marketplaces like Capterra or G2Crowd are full of different apps, better or worse equipped, suited for various types of companies and industries. Plenty to choose from, but it also means a real war between the brands focused mostly on drawing the potential customers’ attention. That’s why the teams behind these products are continuously trying to find a niche or make their tools as much comprehensive as possible. And the good example of the second one is Wrike – no doubts one of the most widely known project and task management tools. Today we’d like to introduce you to this tool and recommend the most useful Wrike integrations to expand its features even more!

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a complete platform to bring your projects together. No matter the size your business is, it helps you automate and deliver the highest work results and follow the changes step by step. All the work-related issues your team used to solve sending the endless chain of emails because Wrike has all the features to collaborate effectively. The work progress and assignees can be followed thanks to the Custom Workflows view. As they say, this tool just keeps the conversation in context – and they’re true because they offer many Wrike apps that help teams stay on the same page, reducing additionally the number of unproductive meetings. What is more, Wrike has tailored plans for various types of teams (marketing, creative, sales, etc.) that represent the different needs to find the product meets their needs.

You can download Wrike for both desktop and mobile. The free version is for the teams up to 5 members. Unfortunately, the integrations are not available in the free plan, integrating Wrike with most of these integrations require at least the Business paid plan.

Wrike integrations to help your team stay on the same page!

Time tracking: TimeCamp

To make the project management process complete, it’s good to know how much time our team spends usually on finishing the tasks. It helps to allocate the time and budget properly for ongoing and future projects. Connect Wrike with TimeCamp to experience an entirely new way of resource planning. The integration is direct, so you don’t need any third-party apps to get started tracking time for your tasks.

Once you create the integration, you’ll be able to track time for any Wrike items and processes – projects, tasks, conversations, and many more. But hours logging is just the only one feature that can be useful for Wrike users – TimeCamp also offers a wide range of reports to let you know how much time exactly you and your team spend usually on collaborating in Wrike. What is more, you can invoice your customers based on time tracked for each Wrike project. As you can see, once you connect Wrike with TimeCamp, you’ll enjoy the even smoother workflow!

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Business Intelligence: Tableau

Business Intelligence is somewhat new, but once you implement it in your company, you’ll never use the traditional methods. It provides the historical, current, and predictive data that streamline the business processes like the analysis of daily workflow. Of course, Wrike provides its users with reporting features, but they also recommend the integration with Tableau for a better, wider perspective and advanced analytics. Everything for more transparency – you can share the reports with the teams within the company. What is more, if collaborating in Wrike is the part of a bigger process, you can also incorporate the data from other sources and include them in one, comprehensive report. The only minus is the Wrike Enterprise plan is required to run this integration (but it’s actually understandable because the bigger teams use that deep level of analytics mostly).

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Email integration: Gmail

I suppose that nobody can deny the fact that Gmail is the most often used email client these days. And that’s why most of the often-used tools integrate with this Google app. Wrike also offers the opportunity to bring collaboration into this most popular email app and increase the team’s productivity, by the way. With this Wrike integration, you can work on the tasks without leaving Gmail because it allows you to create tasks straight from Gmail (it turns the messages into tasks), collaborate on them in Gmail directly, view and edit them with images and text formatting. Create the integration and find out how much time it can save for your business!

best wrike integrations gmail

File Storage: Dropbox

We live in times when the hard disks are becoming less commonly used, now the cloud solutions are more popular. Of course, it’s the matter of trust in the Internet reliability, but due to its high accessibility, the companies implement these apps more willingly. Wrike also offers the integrations with file storage tools and one of them is Dropbox. This extension gives you a free 2GB storage space for your files, so you can save more space in Wrike. Basically, you can attach anything from Dropbox to Wrike. But it’s not over! Once you make some changes in documents in Dropbox, the updates are visible in Wrike, so you won’t miss anything important.

wrike dropbox

Chat/Messaging: Slack

Last time we experienced the increase of switching to remote work models, especially because of the COVID19 situation. That’s why we recommend this Wrike app especially for distributed teams (and the one with TimeCamp as well ;)). Connect Wrike with Slack for making collaboration even more transparent, giving your team a place to discuss the work-related issues without sending countless emails. Once you integrate these two apps, you’ll be able to convert Slack messages into Wrike tasks using popup and then collaborate on them, track them, and create the reports. This integration also sends you the notifications once something changed in Wrike, so you’re up to date with project workflow. Basically, you can work in Wrike without leaving Slack, so it helps you not only to manage tasks easier but also saves you many precious hours.

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CRM: Salesforce

Wrike is often used by sales teams and here Salesforce integration comes with a helping hand. Wrike integrates with Salesforce seamlessly, giving you a wider perspective on managing the customers. Assign the owners for the task they’re responsible to end the chaos and keep the team members updated. All the changes in customer-related processes will become more visible and accountable. All the data recorded and gathered can be shared as reports to let both team managers and team members know how they’re performing.

best wrike integrations salseforce

Are you a Wrike user and use these integrations? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Best Wrike Integrations for Your Team!

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