What Makes A Great Creative Project Manager?

If you’re a Project Manager, you know that your work requires lots of originality and inventiveness. Today’s constantly developing modern market poses new challenges to your job. For this reason, it is important to always stay creative and have new ideas. In order to achieve this, you will need to possess various skills. On the other hand, it is important to avoid certain behaviors and mindsets.

Skills A Great Project Manager Should Have

Being creative when it comes to project management does not require too much battle with yourself. With a little bit of motivation and engagement, you can easily become more creative at your work. Below are the top skills a great creative project manager should have. 

  1. Empathy. Since you work with other people, with whom very often you create a team, it is extremely important to be open to others’ emotions. Emotional intelligence and understanding your employees’ will make the work of all the team’s more efficient. Recognizing the value of emotions will create a positive and friendly bond between you and co-workers.s Moreover, remember to always be honest and tell your team the truth, whether it is bad or good. This will make the relationship even stronger. As a result, the creativity of everyone in the company will increase.
  2. Create a good plan. You should know exactly what you are aiming at while creating the plan for your project or product. Establish priorities, the plan’s details, objectives, and activities. Having a good plan for the project is the beginning of a creative process of implementing it in life.
  3. Engage your team. Being a project manager doesn’t mean only managing people. You have to be able to engage people in your tasks. Firstly, because you will not be able to work on your own. Secondly, because cooperation improves the creativity of everyone.
  4. Communication skills. Communication is one of the main factors contributing to project manager being creative. If you can communicate well, then your projects may never achieve the expected results. Additionally, the lack of communication skills may lead to misunderstandings. In consequence, your team may carry out the tasks in an inappropriate way.


Make sure to always convey your messages in such a way that everyone understands them. Make your statements clear. Ask, if anyone in your team has questions concerning the project. It will make communication between you and your team much more effective.

What To Avoid As A Project Manager?

Once you know what strong skills are needed to become a great creative project manager, it is good to know what to avoid. Not all practices are good for project management. And you should pay particular attention to the following:

  1. Don’t get things done no matter what. Achieving your goal regardless of the circumstances is a great way to lose your creativity. Sometimes it is good to let go and spend more time on the project, instead of going for it without a success. Such actions will discourage your team and make work more difficult.
  2. Evading new challenges. If you don’t rise the game, you will not boost creativity. You will always stay in one place and become stagnant. Find new challenges and try to set better and higher goals. This is concerned not only with you but also with your team. In order for you to become more creative, you need to let your team work creatively too.

To Sum Up

project manager creative

A great creative project manager is a person open to new things and wanting to always become better at work. Let’s sum it up with Ed Burgoyne’s words from adsubculture.com:

“Creative project management is not a linear process, it maybe concurrent and irritative. It is  perpendicular to normal project management thinking. It is ok to run projects by employing methodology from a range of areas. There is no one set of “best practices” for managing creative projects. People who succeed in this area are people who understand the mechanics, that are empowered, empathetic, learners, teachers, guiders, communicators, critical thinkers, and strategists.”


What Makes A Great Creative Project Manager?

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