Bread With Water Or Meat With Potatoes, Or A Few Words About Employer Branding

A Few Words About Employer Branding

If you think that finding a job is difficult, you should reconsider your opinion. The nowadays’ labor market differs significantly from the one known to our parents and grandparents. It provides us with a variety of choices and possibilities thanks to modern technologies, tools such as TimeCamp, which enable remote employment, smooth billing, online training courses, etc. Thus, employers are those who are in trouble. They also benefit from these solutions but they are the ones who have to make the greatest effort because fully-fledged employees have a choice. They won’t work for a company which offers poor working conditions or tries to save on their laborers. They will offer their services to employers who will satisfy their expectations. That is why success-oriented and profit-oriented companies need to take care of what is called “employer branding” to attract highly qualified workers.

How It Works?

For the uninitiated, employer branding is the way one’s company is perceived by prospective and current employees. It concerns matters such as company’s mission, culture, compensation, and more. Therefore, what your company is, in fact, expected to ensure/deliver/offer/and so on?

  1. Development – people want to know whether they would have a chance to boost some new skills in one way or another or enhance the already existing ones. To enable the personal development, which should be done in your company’s best interest, provide your personnel with the possibility to attend training courses, send to business/academic conferences, encourage the need for self-improvement by rewards in the form of, for example, wage subsidies.
  2. Appreciation – make sure that subordinates’ hard work is adequately appreciated. More effective are those who know that their activities bring some results. Some benefits to the company as well as themselves. But they need to be told so, showed. Neglect showing your approval and your company will probably experience the decrease in productivity and, consequently, revenues.
  3. The sense of missionit is vital to set a goal, some objectives, clearly define the mission of your business organization. And it is crucial to make your employees perceive it as something of great value. To engage them in it to the fullest. A subordinate who considers their tasks of no or almost no importance will perform their duties sloppily.
  4. Relaxation – it is also worth remembering that they should not be overwhelmed with work. While posting a job offer, don’t forget to mention that job applicants can expect common rooms in your company, social packages (discounts on swimming pools, gyms, etc.), integration trips. A happy employee is a productive one.
  5. Bad vibes – the last significant factor is the atmosphere. Nobody wants to be surrounded by negative emotions. The air saturated with bad vibes will be taut and befuddled.

Okay. Now, when we know what a prospective employee may pay attention to while applying for a job, it is significant to focus on where we should work on the image of our company. Some options are more obvious, some are less. We can divide them into external and internal.


a) Social Media (Linkedin, Gumtree, Facebook) – social networks are the power. If you don’t have an account on a portal such as Facebook, you don’t exist. Thus, you drastically limit your chances to recruit employees. They like to know more about their prospective supervisors just like they wish to get some information about the applying employee.

b) Interest groups – do you need a qualified worker in a given field? There is no better way as to post a job offer on, for instance, a thematic forum. You can be sure someone will respond.

c) Conferences/training courses/etc. – Those are full of people with certain skills, or at least with candidates eager enough to improve those which they already have.

d) Advertisements – good old ads. It is the most common way of offering employment.


a) Fun at work – provide people with the possibility to blow off steam.

b) Emotional control – make sure the atmosphere is positive.

c) Internal charity events – such occurrences surely will improve the image of your company as you will show you “care”.

d) Self-motivation – motivate yourself, maybe others will take an example and try to do the same.

e) Rewards for employees – reward your employees, and they will reward you with their hard work.


If your company is to be profitable, make sure you hire the best. But to do so, make sure they will find your job offers interesting and appealing by working on your employer branding.

Bread With Water Or Meat With Potatoes, Or A Few Words About Employer Branding

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