Business Process Automation for IT: Benefits, Tips and Tools!

Are you a member of the IT industry? Do your developers and programmers spend a lot of time doing manual work and finishing projects at the last moment? Don’t worry; your team is not the only one – according to studies, all problems related to service outages result from unannounced configuration changes, so a lot of time is lost on putting the pages and services into a normal order.

To improve your activities in such situations, give a try automation solutions and workflow software.

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Business Process Automation for IT: Tips, Tools, and Benefits! 

The term itself is closely connected with the existence of applications that automate all processes related to business operations in the IT industry. Many of them, such as development or testing repeated regularly, are tedious, and their automation makes them less onerous. In addition, it is a matter of saving time and reducing expenditure, as well as a better allocation of human resources.

Everything is done virtually, in the cloud ─ IT automation means the end of wasting time on unproductive meetings and sending the endless series of emails.

Why Should I Start Using Business Process Automation Software?

  • its use saves time and costs because we don’t waste them on the activities that your computer can do for you; 
  • the risk of human error is reduced;
  • workflow automation – these tools improve human resources management and collaboration;
  • they are versatile – one tool or a combination of two tools includes functions that are useful for many activities;
  • using them, we can perform many similar processes at once – e. g. share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at once;
  • they are easy to use – in order to use automation software, it is sufficient to have a simple knowledge of the use of online software (even for people who are not tech-savvy).

Business Process Automation For IT


Do you want to know how much time your employees spend on a variety of tasks? Are you tired of constant looking at the watch and other such manual solutions? TimeCamp just is for you! Monitor the time and use of your computer and draw conclusions from detailed performance and productivity reports. TimeCamp can be integrated with all of the following tools to provide your company with the highest quality workflow automation!

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Do you feel that the tools and their combinations that you use in your agency are not enough to help you finish your projects on time? Use Zapier! This business process automation software allows you to build Zaps that enable one to automate the most important processes for their business or to use applications already available in the Zapier’s library. Integrate Zapier with TimeCamp and find out how long it takes for you to workflow automation!

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Developer tools


It is the most popular platform for developers. Thanks to it, whole teams can work on a specific project, share files, keep track of changes in tasks and the status of the whole project. To make the use of Github more efficient, it is worth integrating this tool with the application for measuring time. TimeCamp offers two options for integration:

Check out Github time trakcing integration | TimeCamp and Github Integration with Zapier 


Fully-featured open source coding platforms. Whether your team uses Agile, Waterfall or Conversational Development, Gitlab is an ideal tool for workflow automation. Visualize your work, set priorities and follow the progress of the whole team. Integrate the Gitlab with TimeCamp and find out how much time your team spends on performing tasks.

Check out Gitlab time tracking integration | TimeCamp and Gitlab Integration with Zapier

Visual Studio Team Services

Common code writing can be made much easier with Microsoft’s automation software. Visual Studio Team Services is a platform for code-writing in any language and delivering expected results faster. Follow all design changes from idea to final result using Kanban or Scrum methods. Integrate your VSTS with TimeCamp and find out how much time your team spends on completing all their tasks.

Check out TimeCamp and Visual Studio Team Services Integration | TimeCamp and Visual Studio Team Services Integration with Zapier


Project Management


If you are looking for the ideal project management tool for your software development team, Jira will meet all your expectations. Thanks to Scrum and Kanban boards, agile teams can focus on their tasks. Create roadmaps, follow the progress of team members and share all your plans with all stakeholders. By simply integrating with TimeCamp, you will have an eye on how much time your employees spend on performing their duties.

Check out TimeCamp and JIRA Integration | TimeCamp and JIRA Integration with Zapier


If you are looking for both useful and good looking project management software for your team, Asana is a tool for you. With this application, you can control the chaos in projects, assign tasks to a specific person and track progress. No matter how big your team is, Asana will fully meet your expectations ─ especially when you integrate it with TimeCamp and start monitoring your employees’ productivity.

Check out TimeCamp and Asana Integration | TimeCamp and Asana Integration with Zapier


Are you tired of colorful cards, each of which means a different project to be implemented? Replace the offline solution with an online board. Trello offers project management via an online board with personalized lists and charts corresponding to individual tasks. No matter how big your team is, Trello deadline will no longer be a problem – especially when you integrate it with TimeCamp and use the power-up solution!

Check out TimeCamp and Trello Integration | TimeCamp and Trello Integration with Zapier


It is business automation software, which will help you improve project management in your agency. No matter how big your team is, Wrike will meet every requirement: it is a simple, intuitive and safe program. Thanks to it, everyone will stay up to date with the ongoing tasks, and the project manager will be able to control the employees’ approach to their duties. Integrate Wrike with TimeCamp and find out how much time your team spends on completing each project!

Check out TimeCamp and Wrike Integration | TimeCamp and Wrike Integration with Zapier


Manage your IT team’s projects in a new, intuitive way! Easy Redmine automation software facilitates all DevOps processes, task management, resource management, sales and customer care. This tool is fully customizable so that you can tailor it to your team’s needs. Use EasyRedmine’s integration with TimeCamp to fully understand your employees’ productivity levels.

Check out TimeCamp and Redmine Integration | TimeCamp and Redmine Integration with Zapier

Team Collaboration and Workflow Automation


Make your team not only work on tasks but also work together! All your projects are in one place, ready to be completed successfully. Take advantage of various communication and personalization possibilities of your Podio, so that everyone knows what exactly to do and when to deliver the results of their doings. Integrate Podio with TimeCamp and let your employees closely monitor the time they spend on completing their tasks.

Check out TimeCamp and Podio integration | TimeCamp and Podio integration with Zapier


Has your team communication problems? Slack is the perfect solution for you! It is an easy-to-use team collaboration platform enabling free communication between your employees. This tool is especially useful when managing a team of both stationary and remote employees. Ending the misunderstandings – Slack will make corporate conversations a pleasure. And if you want to know how much time you spend on internal communication, integrate Slack with TimeCamp!

Check out TimeCamp and Slack Integration | TimeCamp and Slack Integration with Zapier


File Storage

Google Drive

How often you and your team exchange files? Aren’t you tired of sending them by email? It deserves the best solution! Google Drive is the most popular file storage software on the market, thanks to which you will never again use a flash drive or any other such manual way of file exchange. Integrate your GD with TimeCamp and find out how much time it takes to exchange and catalog data.

Check out TimeCamp and Google Drive Integration with Zapier


Make the management of your files more efficient with Box, a simple cloud-based file storage app. With this application, every team member has easy and secure access to all files, whether working in the office or remotely, e.g., in a cafe or at home. By integrating Box with TimeCamp, you will be able to determine how much time it takes to manage your company documents!

Check out TimeCamp and Box Integration with Zapier


Need additional storage space for your files? Use Dropbox and don’t worry about the hard drive capacity of your computer. The application stores your data in the cloud, so you can access it at any time and anywhere. Integrate Dropbox with TimeCamp and learn how much time you spend on managing your files!

Check out TimeCamp and Dropbox Integration with Zapier


If you are looking for a fully secure file sharing platform and automation software for your team, Egnyte is what you need. With Enterprise File Sync and share (EFSS), you can collect, edit and interact with data in the cloud or through a desktop application. And if you want to know how much time it takes to work with files, integrate Egnyte with TimeCamp and enjoy full productivity!

Check out TimeCamp and Egnyte Integration with Zapier


BitBucket is a Git-based source code repository hosting service that allows developers to work together on projects. BitBucket provides features for continuous integration and deployment, which allows developers to automate the build, test, and release process for their code. BitBucket integrates with a variety of tools, such as: Jira, Slack or TimeCamp which provides tracking time on different tasks and projects. It helps you to monitorize progress of your projects and also improve your productivity and efficiency. 

Check out TimeCamp and BitBucket time tracking integration


business process automation for it



Each company needs the best billing software. Xero allows you to easily monitor cash flow, regardless of where you work and which device you use. Send invoices to your customers and find out when they have been opened. Xero also imports all your banking transactions, so your expenses are under control. Integrate Xero with TimeCamp and find out how much time you have to deal with billing issues during the day!

Check out Direct TimeCamp and Xero Integration | TimeCamp and Xero Integration with Zapier


Track all your expenses and keep full control over your company and how it’s performing. All your data is stored in the cloud, so you have full access to it anywhere and anytime. Bill your customers and immediately send them personalized invoices with full-featured accounting automation software. Integrate Quickbooks with TimeCamp and learn how productive your employees are in accounting.

Check out Direct TimeCamp and Quickbooks Integration | TimeCamp and Quickbooks Integration with Zapier


If you and your employees don’t like accounting, Freshbooks is a program for you! Simply bill all your customers and make sure your company works smoothly and properly. Take advantage of simple business process automation software and do what you like, not what you need! Integrate Freshbooks with TimeCamp and find out how much time you and your team spend on accounting activities.

Check out TimeCamp and Freshbooks Integration with Zapier 


Helpdesk automation software


It’s an intuitive, full-featured customer support software. Keep all conversations with customers in one place, automate all repetitive processes such as starting a conversation. Collaborate easily with all members of your team and don’t worry about data loss – everything works in the cloud. Integrate Freshdesk with TimeCamp and find out how much time you spend on talking to your customers. 

Check out TimeCamp and Freshdesk Integration | TimeCamp and Freshdesk Integration with Zapier


When it comes to customer service, your team deserves the best automation solutions. Freshservice is dedicated to IT companies and offers services such as service desk, project management, asset management, reports – all in one place to better manage the entire customer contact process. Add TimeCamp Freshservice time tracking integration and start tracking all your activities!

Check out TimeCamp and Freshservice Integration | TimeCamp and Freshservice Integration with Zapier


Today’s success depends primarily on the performance of IT companies’ employees, but also on the tools they use to improve all IT operations. New technologies make it much easier to automate repetitive operations, saving time and costs. It may take some time to implement automation software in your company, but the result will certainly exceed your expectations!


Business Process Automation for IT: Benefits, Tips and Tools!

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