5 Business Productivity Apps For Android In Huge Demand!

People leading their own business use mobile devices more often to help yourself make it successful. They don’t want to be dependent on laptops which are less handy than smartphones or tablets. Making business can also take place in restaurants or cafes, so it’s really useful to have support right in the pocket.

There are a number of apps available today to improve business productivity and communication. These time management applications and productivity tools are available across many devices including Android and IOS.

Business Productivity Apps For Android

Using these time management and productivity tools can help to improve your overall efficiency but it can be tough to pick the best one available for android. Here are some of the top productivity apps available for android that are heavily downloaded in the market.

Cal by Any.do

Cal is a new calendar application that is designed well and as a whole host of great features. It doesn’t have any advertisements and has integration with any.do tasks. It also has many colorful images and panels that you can use in your calendar design to stay more organized. When you combine this calendar app with a task List you can have an automated schedule and ongoing to do list you can have a full service calendar and to-do list schedule for your time management needs.


Timecamp is designed to be the ultimate time management suite. Not only can you manage multiple projects but you can provide invoicing, reports, productivity verification, attendance as well as add on integration with multiple time tracking apps. You can track all of your finances as well as keep track of all of your time in one place. This is one of the best applications for both managers and for individual employees/freelancers.

Business productivity Apps
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If you’re leading your own business, you definitely want to keep your money under control. That’s why expense trackers was invented – to help you know how much money your company spent. Expensify is a cloud-based solution which let you scan receipts easily using your phone or tablet based on Android. Track your expenses regardless of location and don’t worry about the finances anymore!

Meeting Application

Manage your events easily with Meeting Application for Android! Contact with all the participants, send them notifications about changes – just stay organized completely with conferences and other meetings regardless of time and location. Just few clicks and you know that everything is under your control. Personalized profiles connected with social networkings help you and your employees stay in touch all the time.


If you’re leading your own business, you have to be sure that you have your data safe and under control. Box provides you a handy, reliable and cloud-based storage system, so even when you’re outside the office, all your important files are going with you. No more problems with calling your employees to send you something – just take a look to your pocket!

5 Business Productivity Apps For Android In Huge Demand!

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